The Great War

Author: John Howard Morrow
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415204408
Size: 36.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Great War from the Author: John Howard Morrow. Includes index . bibliography, p. [333] - 347.

The Great War

Author: Les Carlyon
Publisher: Picador Australia
ISBN: 0330424963
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The Great War from the Author: Les Carlyon. Winner of the inaugural Prime Minister's Prize for History, 2007The Great War is Les Carlyon's extraordinary account of the Anzacs on the Western Front from 1916 to 1918. This new Picador edition is designed to sit alongside a matching edition of Gallipoli, his other classic work on Australia's involvement in the First World War.Destined to become an Australian classic... "The Great War is a deeply moving monument to a generation and what they endured. Read this book and weep." (West Australian)"A remarkably lucid and powerful narrative... This is a seasoned writer at the height of his powers." (Courier Mail)"Monumental... An emotional journey back to the Western Front that is at times almost unbearably poignant... In The Great War Carlyon has succeeded triumphantly in bringing back to life the essential character of the men of the First AIF in France. The Australians who fought long ago at Mouquet Farm, Messines, Polygon Wood and Passchendaele have gone, but, thanks to Carlyon, they are still with us. To paraphrase Bean, The Great War will stand as a lasting monument to that body of great-hearted men." (The Australian)

The Great War For New Zealand

Author: Vincent O'Malley
Publisher: Bridget Williams Books
ISBN: 192727754X
Size: 68.55 MB
Format: PDF
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The Great War For New Zealand from the Author: Vincent O'Malley. Spanning nearly two centuries from first contact through to settlement and apology, ​this major work focuses on the human impact of the war in the Waikato, its origins and aftermath.

The Great War In History

Author: Jay Winter
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521616331
Size: 73.73 MB
Format: PDF
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The Great War In History from the Author: Jay Winter. A vast amount of literature has emerged on the First World War and its repercussions since the Armistice. Two leading historians therefore present this comparative analysis of the ways in which the history has been written and interpreted. Identifying three generations of historians, literary scholars, film directors and writers who have commented upon the war, they assess social and cultural interpretations as well as diplomatic and military studies, seen primarily through the eyes of French, German and British writers.

The Great War

Author: Peter Hart
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199976295
Size: 63.54 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Great War from the Author: Peter Hart. Named one of the Ten Best Books of 2013 by The Economist World War I altered the landscape of the modern world in every conceivable arena. Millions died; empires collapsed; new ideologies and political movements arose; poison gas, warplanes, tanks, submarines, and other technologies appeared. "Total war" emerged as a grim, mature reality. In The Great War, Peter Hart provides a masterful combat history of this global conflict. Focusing on the decisive engagements, Hart explores the immense challenges faced by the commanders on all sides. He surveys the belligerent nations, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and strategic imperatives. Russia, for example, was obsessed with securing an exit from the Black Sea, while France--having lost to Prussia in 1871, before Germany united--constructed a network of defensive alliances, even as it held a grudge over the loss of Alsace-Lorraine. Hart offers deft portraits of the commanders, the prewar plans, and the unexpected obstacles and setbacks that upended the initial operations.

The Great War

Author: Daniel Todman
Publisher: Hambledon Press
Size: 68.96 MB
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The Great War from the Author: Daniel Todman. A challenging new cultural history of the First World War.

Evidence History And The Great War

Author: Gail Braybon
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781571818010
Size: 15.23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Evidence History And The Great War from the Author: Gail Braybon. In the English-speaking world the Great War maintains a tenacious grip on the public imagination, and also continues to draw historians to an event which has been interpreted variously as a symbol of modernity, the midwife to the twentieth century and an agent of social change. Although much 'common knowledge' about the war and its aftermath has included myth, simplification and generalisation, this has often been accepted uncritically by popular and academic writers alike. While Britain may have suffered a surfeit of war books, many telling much the same story, there is far less written about the impact of the Great War in other combatant nations. Its history was long suppressed in both fascist Italy and the communist Soviet Union: only recently have historians of Russia begun to examine a conflict which killed, maimed and displaced so many millions. Even in France and Germany the experience of 1914-18 has often been overshadowed by the Second World War. The war's social history is now ripe for reassessment and revision. The essays in this volume incorporate a European perspective, engage with the historiography of the war, and consider how the primary textural, oral and pictorial evidence has been used - or abused. Subjects include the politics of shellshock, the impact of war on women, the plight of refugees, food distribution in Berlin and portrait photography, all of which illuminate key debates in war history.

Virginia Woolf And The Great War

Author: Karen L. Levenback
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815605461
Size: 71.42 MB
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Virginia Woolf And The Great War from the Author: Karen L. Levenback. In Virginia Woolf and the Great War, Karen Levenback focuses on Woolf's war consciousness and how her sensitivity to representations of war in the popular press and authorized histories affected both the development of characters in her fiction, nonfictional and personal writings. As the seamless history of the prewar world had been replaced by the realities of modern war. Woolf herself understood there was no immunity from its ravages, even for civilians. Levenback's readings of Mrs. Dalloway, To the Lighthouse, and The Years, in particular - together with her understanding of civilian immunity, the operation of memory in the postwar period, and lexical resistance to accurate representations of war - are profoundly convincing in securing Woolf's position as a war novelist and thinker whose insights and writings anticipate our most current progressive theories on war's social effects and continuing presence.

The Great War 1914 1918

Author: Marc Ferro
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415267359
Size: 59.37 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Great War 1914 1918 from the Author: Marc Ferro. A landmark history of the war that firmly places the First World War in the context of imperialism and gives due weight to the role of non-Europeans in the conflict.

Authority Identity And The Social History Of The Great War

Author: Frans Coetzee
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781571810670
Size: 67.95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Authority Identity And The Social History Of The Great War from the Author: Frans Coetzee. The unprecedented scope and intensity of the First World War has prompted an enormous body of retrospective scholarship. However, efforts to provide a coherent synthesis about the war's impact and significance have remained circumscribed, tending to focus either on the operational outlines of military strategy and tactics or on the cultural legacy of the conflict as transmitted bythe war's most articulate observers. This volume departs from traditional accounts on several scores: by exploring issues barely touched upon in previous works, by deviating from the widespread tendency to treat the experiences of front and homefront isolation, and by employing a thematic treatment that, by considering the construction of authority and identity between 1914 and 1918, illuminates the fundamental question of how individuals, whether in uniform or not, endured the war's intrusion into so many aspects of their public and private lives.