Granta 128

Author: Sigrid Rausing
Publisher: Granta
ISBN: 1905881827
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Granta 128 from the Author: Sigrid Rausing. When every inch of land has been conquered, when every place has been mapped, what is left to explore? This issue of Granta goes into the American wild, metaphorical and real. 'I found in my absence that I had missed two visitors: one left me nothing I could know them by; the other must have been a woman, judging by the gift of wood-shavings and pale grasses she had picked and twisted into a bouquet that lingered on my table.' - Andrew Motion, 'A Meeting of Minds with Henry David Thoreau' And Martin Amis, Thomas McGuane, Melinda Moustakis, Adam Nicolson, Mona Simpson, Claire Vaye Watkins, Callan Wink and others.

Tedious Brief Tales Of Granta And Gramarye

Author: Ingulphus
Publisher: The Oleander Press
ISBN: 0906672864
Size: 19.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tedious Brief Tales Of Granta And Gramarye from the Author: Ingulphus. CLASSIC EARLY HORROR IN THE STYLE OF MR JAMES BY A FRIEND AND COLLEAGUE ""This Society consisteth of seven Everlastings, who may be Corporeal or Incorporeal, as Destiny shall determine."" So dictates the first rule of The Everlasting Club, the ghastly and debauched history of which is faithfully recorded herein. Assembled alongside are further narratives of supernatural misadventure and menace, including the curious tale of the death of mathematician Thomas Allen, possible necromancer, definite murder victim; the story of the final days of alchemist Anthony Fryar, discoverer of the Magisterium - the 'master-cure for all human ailments', but sadly not soon enough; and Matthew Makepeace's cautionary tale of unforeseen regret wrought from the dark art of soul transference. These and more ghoulish, macabre classics are reproduced as originally presented in 1919, in this deliciously dark collection. Stunning, digitally re-mastered illustrations 'Ingulphus' was the pseudonym of Arthur Gray (1852-1940), Master of Jesus College, Cambridge from 1912-40. It is this location that acts as the setting for the series of stories originally written for magazines and then collected as Tedious Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye. A contemporary of M.R. James, Gray wrote these stories in similar style as a compliment to the King's College Provost. With digitally remastered illustrations and a completely re-set text, Oleander's reproduction of this long-lost and much sought-after collection of ghost stories is bound to delight lovers of this classic style of supernatural literature. OTHER RARE, CLASSIC HORROR LITERATURE FROM OLEANDER RANDALLS ROUND by Eleanor Scott (Cut & Paste 9780900891953 to search) THE HOLE OF THE PIT by Adrian Ross (Cut & Paste 9780900891861 to search) STONEGROUND GHOST TALES by EG Swain (Cut & Paste 9780906672433 to search)

Entangled Subjects

Author: MichĂšle Grossman
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9401209138
Size: 39.48 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Entangled Subjects from the Author: Michùle Grossman. Indigenous Australian cultures were long known to the world mainly from the writing of anthropologists, ethnographers, historians, missionaries, and others. Indigenous Australians themselves have worked across a range of genres to challenge and reconfigure this textual legacy, so that they are now strongly represented through their own life-narratives of identity, history, politics, and culture. Even as Indigenous-authored texts have opened up new horizons of engagement with Aboriginal knowledge and representation, however, the textual politics of some of these narratives – particularly when cross-culturally produced or edited – can remain haunted by colonially grounded assumptions about orality and literacy. Through an examination of key moments in the theorizing of orality and literacy and key texts in cross-culturally produced Indigenous life-writing, Entangled Subjects explores how some of these works can sustain, rather than trouble, the frontier zone established by modernity in relation to ‘talk’ and ‘text’. Yet contemporary Indigenous vernaculars offer radical new approaches to how we might move beyond the orality–literacy ‘frontier’, and how modernity and the a-modern are Productively entangled in the process.

Granta 28

Author: Bill Buford
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780140123609
Size: 79.85 MB
Format: PDF
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Granta 28 from the Author: Bill Buford. Essays and stories deal with violence in China, travel, South African architecture, the past pilgrimages, death, and fame

Granta 4 Sp Ken

Author: Aase Berg
Publisher: Albert Bonniers Förlag
ISBN: 9100135666
Size: 31.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Granta 4 Sp Ken from the Author: Aase Berg. Följ med till den andra sidan. Det spökar pĂ„ sidorna i Granta #4. FrĂ„n krigets Irak, som hemsöker marinsoldaten i Phil Klays novell, till Sara Stridsbergs krisdrabbade amerikanska spökstad, Ulrika KĂ€rnborgs kollapsade paraguayanska utopi och Johanne Lykke Holms kusliga seans i centrala Köpenhamn. Aase Berg och Fredrik Sjöberg gör upp med tro och vidskeplighet, Karin Tidbeck tar strid för hĂ„rt drivna spökskrivare och Janine di Giovanni möts av de döda nĂ€r hon Ă„tervĂ€nder till Sarajevo nĂ€stan tjugo Ă„r efter belĂ€gringen. Svenska Granta Ă€r del av ett internationellt nĂ€tverk med engelsksprĂ„kiga Granta som nav. Tidskriften grundades av studenter i Cambridge i slutet av 1800-talet. År 1979 fick den sin nuvarande form som en arena för nyskriven skönlitteratur och litterĂ€ra reportage. I dag finns Grantaredaktioner i ett tiotal lĂ€nder vĂ€rlden över, frĂ„n Kina till Brasilien. ÖversĂ€ttare: Klara Lindell, ÖversĂ€ttare: Örjan Sjögren, ÖversĂ€ttare: Lina Wolff, ÖversĂ€ttare: Marianne Mattsson, ÖversĂ€ttare: Birgitta Wernbro-Augustsson, ÖversĂ€ttare: Niclas Hval, ÖversĂ€ttare: John-Henri Holmberg, ÖversĂ€ttare: Anna-Karin Palm

A History Of The Laws Of War Volume 2

Author: Alexander Gillespie
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847318622
Size: 47.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A History Of The Laws Of War Volume 2 from the Author: Alexander Gillespie. This unique new work of reference traces the origins of the modern laws of warfare from the earliest times to the present day. Relying on written records from as far back as 2400 BCE, and using sources ranging from the Bible to Security Council Resolutions, the author pieces together the history of a subject which is almost as old as civilisation itself. The author shows that as long as humanity has been waging wars it has also been trying to find ways of legitimising different forms of combatants and ascribing rules to them, protecting civilians who are either inadvertently or intentionally caught up between them, and controlling the use of particular classes of weapons that may be used in times of conflict. Thus it is that this work is divided into three substantial parts: Volume 1 on the laws affecting combatants and captives; Volume 2 on civilians; and Volume 3 on the law of arms control. This second book on civilians examines four different topics. The first topic deals with the targetting of civilians in times of war. This discussion is one which has been largely governed by the developments of technologies which have allowed projectiles to be discharged over ever greater areas, and attempts to prevent their indiscriminate utilisation have struggled to keep pace. The second topic concerns the destruction of the natural environment, with particular regard to the utilisation of starvation as a method of warfare, and unlike the first topic, this one has rarely changed over thousands of years, although contemporary practices are beginning to represent a clear break from tradition. The third topic is concerned with the long-standing problems of civilians under the occupation of opposing military forces, where the practices of genocide, collective punishments and/or reprisals, and rape have occurred. The final topic in this volume is about the theft or destruction of the property of the enemy, in terms of either pillage or the intentional devastation of the cultural property of the opposition. As a work of reference this set of three books is unrivalled, and will be of immense benefit to scholars and practitioners researching and advising on the laws of warfare. It also tells a story which throws fascinating new light on the history of international law and on the history of warfare itself. 'The law impacts on modern military operations at all levels. The importance of understanding the influence of international law, and the constraints, which it places upon the conduct of armed conflict, is an essential area of study. Dr Alexander Gillespie's three volume work traces the development and scope of this law from the earliest times through the modern day. In doing so he identifies constant themes and common principles in the law, as well, unfortunately, as all too common breaches. Commanders and historians, as well as lawyers, will find this book of great value. It is written in a practical and useful style and brings to light many fascinating examples of the law at work in times of war from which contemporary lessons can be learned'. Brigadier Kevin Riordan, Director General of Defence Legal Services for the New Zealand Defence Forces. 'The span of scholarship on offer in these volumes is astonishingÂ?an extraordinary gathering of historical and legal materials many of which record the most sombre and tragic events of human history - war in all its terrible forms.' Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand 'At a time of real challenge, Alexander Gillespie is to be commended for his monumental and significant contribution to our understanding of the context, practice and principles that govern war and armed conflict. This vital book is an indispensable part of any library, and will be a necessary resource for governments, NGOs, international organisers, academics and lawyers involved in the issues.' Professor Philippe Sands QC, University College London 'This is a comprehensive and comprehensible account of the laws of, against and about war. It is both authoritative and accessible - Alexander Gillespie's great achievement is to provide a map for a better future, in which the inevitable horrors of armed conflict are recognised and minimised, and those who instigate them unlawfully are punished by international courts. This is a must-read for all concerned to ensure that war laws do not end up in the graveyard of good words.' Geoffrey Robertson QC, founder and head of Doughty Street Chambers, author of Crimes Against Humanity (Penguin and The New Press)

The Granta Book Of The American Long Story

Author: Richard Ford
Size: 38.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Granta Book Of The American Long Story from the Author: Richard Ford. Presents novellas from authors such as Peter Taylor, Joyce Carol Oates, William Styron, and Eudora Welty