Granta 128

Author: Sigrid Rausing
Publisher: Granta
ISBN: 1905881827
Size: 15.20 MB
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Granta 128 from the Author: Sigrid Rausing. When every inch of land has been conquered, when every place has been mapped, what is left to explore? This issue of Granta goes into the American wild, metaphorical and real. 'I found in my absence that I had missed two visitors: one left me nothing I could know them by; the other must have been a woman, judging by the gift of wood-shavings and pale grasses she had picked and twisted into a bouquet that lingered on my table.' - Andrew Motion, 'A Meeting of Minds with Henry David Thoreau' And Martin Amis, Thomas McGuane, Melinda Moustakis, Adam Nicolson, Mona Simpson, Claire Vaye Watkins, Callan Wink and others.

Granta 28

Author: Bill Buford
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780140123609
Size: 78.32 MB
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Granta 28 from the Author: Bill Buford. Essays and stories deal with violence in China, travel, South African architecture, the past pilgrimages, death, and fame

Granta 4 Sp Ken

Author: Aase Berg
Publisher: Albert Bonniers Förlag
ISBN: 9100135666
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Granta 4 Sp Ken from the Author: Aase Berg. Följ med till den andra sidan. Det spökar pĂ„ sidorna i Granta #4. FrĂ„n krigets Irak, som hemsöker marinsoldaten i Phil Klays novell, till Sara Stridsbergs krisdrabbade amerikanska spökstad, Ulrika KĂ€rnborgs kollapsade paraguayanska utopi och Johanne Lykke Holms kusliga seans i centrala Köpenhamn. Aase Berg och Fredrik Sjöberg gör upp med tro och vidskeplighet, Karin Tidbeck tar strid för hĂ„rt drivna spökskrivare och Janine di Giovanni möts av de döda nĂ€r hon Ă„tervĂ€nder till Sarajevo nĂ€stan tjugo Ă„r efter belĂ€gringen. Svenska Granta Ă€r del av ett internationellt nĂ€tverk med engelsksprĂ„kiga Granta som nav. Tidskriften grundades av studenter i Cambridge i slutet av 1800-talet. År 1979 fick den sin nuvarande form som en arena för nyskriven skönlitteratur och litterĂ€ra reportage. I dag finns Grantaredaktioner i ett tiotal lĂ€nder vĂ€rlden över, frĂ„n Kina till Brasilien. ÖversĂ€ttare: Klara Lindell, ÖversĂ€ttare: Örjan Sjögren, ÖversĂ€ttare: Lina Wolff, ÖversĂ€ttare: Marianne Mattsson, ÖversĂ€ttare: Birgitta Wernbro-Augustsson, ÖversĂ€ttare: Niclas Hval, ÖversĂ€ttare: John-Henri Holmberg, ÖversĂ€ttare: Anna-Karin Palm

Equal Danger

Author: Leonardo Sciascia
Publisher: Granta Books
ISBN: 1783780207
Size: 59.23 MB
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Equal Danger from the Author: Leonardo Sciascia. District Attorney Varga is shot dead while picking a sprig of jasmine. Then Judge Sanza is killed. Then Judge Azar. Is this string of murders an individual vendetta or a more sinister plot? The charming Inspector Rogas is determined to find out. The pursuit of truth and justice are Rogas's vocation, but his work is frustrated by a system which defies his understanding. He needs a key, a way in, a map, and he is sure that his chief suspect Cres can provide it... The book, written in 1971, uncannily prefigures the Red Brigade's subsequent killing of magistrates and the Catholic-Communist pact of the late 1970s in Italy. Developed under Sciascia's hand in the spirit of a parody, Equal Danger has come to be regarded as a wide-ranging political thriller, one of the masterpieces of the genre.

The Literature Of The Indian Diaspora

Author: Vijay Mishra
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134096925
Size: 79.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Literature Of The Indian Diaspora from the Author: Vijay Mishra. The Literature of the Indian Diaspora constitutes a major study of the literature and other cultural texts of the Indian diaspora. It is also an important contribution to diaspora theory in general. Examining both the ‘old’ Indian diaspora of early capitalism, following the abolition of slavery, and the ‘new’ diaspora linked to movements of late capital, Mishra argues that a full understanding of the Indian diaspora can only be achieved if attention is paid to the particular locations of both the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ in nation states. Applying a theoretical framework based on trauma, mourning/impossible mourning, spectres, identity, travel, translation, and recognition, Mishra uses the term ‘imaginary’ to refer to any ethnic enclave in a nation-state that defines itself, consciously or unconsciously, as a group in displacement. He examines the works of key writers, many now based across the globe in Canada, Australia, America and the UK, – V.S. Naipaul, Salman Rushdie, M.G. Vassanji, Shani Mootoo, Bharati Mukherjee, David Dabydeen, Rohinton Mistry and Hanif Kureishi, among them – to show how they exemplify both the diasporic imaginary and the respective traumas of the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Indian diasporas.

Khirbet Khizeh

Author: S. Yizhar
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374713855
Size: 78.18 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Khirbet Khizeh from the Author: S. Yizhar. "Exhilarating . . . How often can you say about a harrowing, unquiet book that it makes you wrestle with your soul?" —Neel Mukherjee, The Times (London) It's 1948 and the Arab villagers of Khirbet Khizeh are about to be violently expelled from their homes. A young Israeli soldier who is on duty that day finds himself battling on two fronts: with the villagers and, ultimately, with his own conscience. Published just months after the founding of the state of Israel and the end of the 1948 war, the novella Khirbet Khizeh was an immediate sensation when it first appeared. Since then, the book has continued to challenge and disturb, even finding its way onto the school curriculum in Israel. The various debates it has prompted would themselves make Khirbet Khizeh worth reading, but the novella is much more than a vital historical document: it is also a great work of art. Yizhar's haunting, lyrical style and charged view of the landscape are in many ways as startling as his wrenchingly honest view of modern Israel's primal scene. Considered a modern Hebrew masterpiece, Khirbet Khizeh is an extraordinary and heartbreaking book that is destined to be a classic of world literature.

American Wild

Author: Sigrid Rausing
Publisher: Granta Books
ISBN: 9781905881819
Size: 51.60 MB
Format: PDF
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American Wild from the Author: Sigrid Rausing. American Wild also features new writing by Martin Amis, Anne Carson, Diane Cook, Thomas McGuane, Jess Row, Mona Simpson and Callan Wink, poetry by Andrew Motion and Mary Ruefle and photography by Aaron Huey and Nicola Lo Calzo.

Granta 138

Author: Sigrid Rausing
Publisher: Granta
ISBN: 1909889040
Size: 13.26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Granta 138 from the Author: Sigrid Rausing. What are the ethics of writing about a place you visit as an outsider? With Granta's long tradition of travel writing in mind, we ask some of the foremost writers of the genre: is travel writing dead? Tara Bergin, Rana Dasgupta, Geoff Dyer, Eliza Griswold, Mohsin Hamid, Lindsey Hilsum, Colin Thubron, Pico Iyer, Ian Jack, Robert Macfarlane, Wendell Steavenson, Samanth Subramanian and Alexis Wright Plus: William Atkins investigates murder on the US-Mexico border Xan Rice goes back to school in South Africa David Flusfeder's road trip to Detroit and California in search of his father's past Xiaolu Guo leaves China's 'semi-tropical south' for the 'solemn and tough north' Janine di Giovanni's homesickness Amit Chaudhuri returns to the city of his birth New fiction from Edna O'Brien; poetry by Emily Berry and Zeyar Lynn; photography by Justin Jin, Carl De Keyzer and Andrew McConnell introduced by A Yi and Adam Marek

Kazuo Ishiguro

Author: Sean Matthews
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 144110058X
Size: 78.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Kazuo Ishiguro from the Author: Sean Matthews. Kazuo Ishiguro is one of the finest and most accomplished contemporary writers of his generation. The short story author, television writer and novelist, included twice in Granta's list of Best Young British Writers, has over the past twenty-five years produced a body of work which is just as critically-acclaimed as it is popular with the general public. Like the writings of Ian McEwan, Kazuo Ishiguro's work is concerned with creating discursive platforms for issues of class, ethics, ethnicity, nationhood, place, gender and the uses and problems surrounding artistic representation. As a Japanese immigrant who came to Great Britain in 1960, Ishiguro has used his unique position and fine intellectual abilities to contemplate what it means to be British in the contemporary era. This guide traces the main themes throughout Ishiguro's writing whilst it also pays attention to his short stories and writing for television. It includes a new interview with the author, a preface by Haruki Murakami and discussion of James Ivory's adaptation of The Remains of the Day.

The Best American Essays 2015

Author: Ariel Levy
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544579216
Size: 49.24 MB
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The Best American Essays 2015 from the Author: Ariel Levy. “Writing an essay is like catching a wave,” posits guest editor Ariel Levy. “To catch a wave, you need skill and nerve, not just moving water.” This year’s writers are certainly full of nerve, and have crafted a wide range of pieces awash in a diversity of moods, voices, and stances. Leaving an abusive marriage, parting with a younger self, losing your sanity to Fitbit, and even saying goodbye to a beloved pair of pants imbued with meaning are all unified by the daring of their creation. As Levy notes, “Writing around an idea you think is worthwhile—an idea you suspect is an insight—requires real audacity.” The Best American Essays 2015 includes Hilton Als, Roger Angell, Justin Cronin, Meghan Daum, Anthony Doerr, Margo Jefferson, David Sedaris, Zadie Smith, Rebecca Solnit and others ARIEL LEVY, guest editor, has been a staff writer at The New Yorker since 2008. She received the National Magazine Award for essays and criticism for her piece “Thanksgiving in Mongolia,” which she is expanding into a book for Random House. Female Chauvinist Pigs, Levy’s first book, has been translated into seven languages. She teaches at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and at Wesleyan University. ROBERT ATWAN, the series editor of The Best American Essays since its inception in 1986, has published on a wide variety of subjects, from American advertising and early photography to ancient divination and Shakespeare. His criticism, essays, humor, poetry, and fiction have appeared in numerous periodicals nationwide.