Global E Litism

Author: Gili S. Drori
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780716756736
Size: 61.85 MB
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Global E Litism from the Author: Gili S. Drori. There is no question that technological advances in the early twenty-first century have ushered in a new kind of freedom that makes products and ideas available to groups of people all over the world. Nevertheless, there is a large gap between those who have access to information and communication technologies, such as the Internet, and those who do not. In Global E-Litism, Gili S. Drori expertly explores this global digital divide and simultaneously examines the cultural and political processes contributing to the growing technological disparity between developed and developing countries and the worldwide implications of these processes.


Author: George Ritzer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118687132
Size: 52.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Globalization from the Author: George Ritzer. Updated to reflect recent global developments, the second edition of Globalization: A Basic Text presents an up-to-date introduction to major trends and topics relating to globalization studies. Features updates and revisions in its accessible introduction to key theories and major topics in globalization Includes an enhanced emphasis on issues relating to global governance, emerging technology, global flows of people, human trafficking, global justice movements, and global environmental sustainability Utilizes a unique set of metaphors to introduce and explain the highly complex nature of globalization in an engaging and understandable manner Offers an interdisciplinary approach to globalization by drawing from fields that include sociology, global political economy, political science, international relations, geography, and anthropology Written by an internationally recognized and experienced author team

Science In The Modern World Polity

Author: Gili S. Drori
Publisher: LIT Verlag M├╝nster
ISBN: 9780804744928
Size: 78.73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Science In The Modern World Polity from the Author: Gili S. Drori. This work uses cross-national and longitudinal empirical research to explain the rise, nature, and impact of science as an authoritative worldwide institution. The authors analyze the ever-increasing investment in science, the diffusion of scientific discourse, and the hegemony of scientific organizations.

World Society

Author: Georg Kr├╝cken
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019161565X
Size: 45.97 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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World Society from the Author: Georg Kr├╝cken. John W. Meyer's work broke new grounds in institutional thought in sociology and made him a central thinker for the emerging interdisciplinary field of neoinstitutionalism, while at the same time establishing institutional thought's comparative variant, world society theory. His scholarship plays a prominent role in contemporary social theory, and has shaped research areas such as international relations and globalization, organization theory, and management studies. One of the results of Meyer's wide-ranging and interdisciplinary influence is that his work has appeared in a diverse range of outlets. This book brings together some of John W. Meyer's widely-scattered work, reviewing four decades of scholarship, and adding several original pieces from Meyer's current work. It gathers substantive commentary on social processes, from stratification to globalization to socialization, as well as on key social institutions, from science to religion to law to education. In its expansive review, this book is both about neoinstitutional thought in general and world society theory in particular. This book is both by John W. Meyer and about John W. Meyer: to the compilation of Meyer's canonized and current work, Georg Kr├╝cken and Gili S. Drori add an essay on the theoretical and empirical contribution of Meyer's institutional theory, placing it within the broader context of contemporary social theory, globalization research, and organizational studies in both in the United States and Europe.

International Management Of Hazardous Wastes

Author: Katharina Kummer
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 9780198298274
Size: 33.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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International Management Of Hazardous Wastes from the Author: Katharina Kummer. The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal celebrates its tenth anniversary in 1999. As the only treaty addressing international transfer and environmentally sound management of hazardous wastes at the global level, the Basel Convention has gained universal recognition as the key legal instrument in this field. The anniversary presents an opportunity to assess its evolution , and to consider challenges for the future. Other existing relevant legal instruments have also evolved further, and new ones have been adopted. This book analyses the relationship of the Basel Convention with other pertinent legal rules, and proposes means to form a comprehensive global regulatory regime for hazardous waste management on the basis of the Convention. Since the book was first published, a number of important developments have taken place. Chief among these is the adoption of an amendment to the Basel Convention which provides fora ban on exports of hazardous wastes from OECD to non OECD countries. A tendency to impose similar restrictions can also be observed in other relevant legal instruments. The introduction to this book has therefore been revised by way of a substantial new preface to give an overview of the important developments since 1994, and their impact on the overall analysis.

Neoinstitutionalistische Organisationstheorie

Author: Peter Walgenbach
Publisher: W. Kohlhammer Verlag
ISBN: 9783170190887
Size: 56.41 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Neoinstitutionalistische Organisationstheorie from the Author: Peter Walgenbach. English summary: Originating from the American organisational studies the neoinstitutionalist organisational theory is one of the foremost organisational theories. At the centre of this approach lies social embeddedness of Organisations as well as the important role of the social and cultural environment for the legitimacy of organisational structures and practices of management. The book gives a comprehensive introduction to the basics of neoinstitutionalist organisational theory. Results of the empirical research as well as conceptual developments of the approach are introduced and discussed. Using contemporary problems the varying positions within neoinstitutionalism, potential links to other organisational theories and the range of possible research methods are pointed out and discussed. German description: Die in der nordamerikanischen Organisationsforschung wurzelnde neoinstitutionalistische Organisationstheorie ist derzeit eine der weltweit fuhrenden Organisationstheorien. Im Mittelpunkt dieses Ansatzes stehen die gesellschaftliche Einbettung von Organisationen sowie die zentrale Rolle des sozialen und kulturellen Umfeldes fur die Legitimitat von Organisationsstrukturen und Managementpraktiken. Das vorliegende Buch bietet eine umfassende Einfuhrung in die Grundlagen der neoinstitutionalistischen Organisationstheorie. Ergebnisse der empirischen Forschung und konzeptionelle Weiterentwicklungen des Ansatzes werden vorgestellt und diskutiert. Anhand aktueller Fragestellungen werden die unterschiedlichen Positionen innerhalb des Neoinstitutionalismus, potenzielle Schnittstellen mit anderen Organisationstheorien sowie das Spektrum moglicher Forschungsmethoden aufgezeigt und kritisch kommentiert.

Handw Rterbuch Zur Gesellschaft Deutschlands

Author: Steffen Mau
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3531189298
Size: 60.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Handw Rterbuch Zur Gesellschaft Deutschlands from the Author: Steffen Mau. Das Handw├Ârterbuch stellt in ├╝ber 65 Artikeln Grundlagen und Grundstrukturen des gesellschaftlichen Systems Deutschlands dar. Es ist ein umfassendes, zuverl├Ąssiges Grundlagenwerk f├╝r alle, die sich in Studium oder Beruf mit der Gesellschaft Deutschlands auseinandersetzen. Jedem Beitrag liegt folgende Gliederung zugrunde: Definition und Abgrenzung; sozialgeschichtlicher Hintergrund; gegenw├Ąrtige sozialstrukturelle Auspr├Ągung; sozialpolitische Relevanz. Das Gewicht liegt auf der gegenw├Ąrtigen sozialstrukturellen Auspr├Ągung des betrachteten Gegenstandes - z.B. Alltag; Arbeitslosigkeit; Armut; Bev├Âlkerung; Familie; Frauen; Gesundheit; Industrie; Informationsgesellschaft; Jugend; Kinder; Kirchen; Kriminalit├Ąt; Landwirtschaft; Lebensbedingungen; Migration; ├ľffentlichkeit; Randgruppen und Minderheiten; Rentner; Sexualit├Ąt; Stadt und Land; Umwelt; Verkehr; Wohnen.

Dieses Mal Ist Alles Anders

Author: Carmen Reinhart
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag
ISBN: 3862484386
Size: 68.84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Dieses Mal Ist Alles Anders from the Author: Carmen Reinhart. Dieses Mal ist alles anders. Die derzeitige Krise ist ├╝berhaupt nicht vergleichbar mit vergangenen Situationen ÔÇô darin sind sich die Experten einig, wann immer ein Wirtschaftssystem oder ein Staat zusammenbricht. Carmen Reinhart und Kenneth Rogoff haben die Crashs der letzten 800 Jahre analysiert. Ihr erstaunliches Ergebnis: In Wahrheit sind es doch immer die gleichen Fehler, die zum Kollaps gef├╝hrt haben.

Neo Institutionalismus

Author: Raimund Hasse
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839400287
Size: 11.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Neo Institutionalismus from the Author: Raimund Hasse. Der soziologische Neo-Institutionalismus hat seine Urspr├╝nge in der US-amerikanischen Organisationssoziologie. Im Vordergrund stehen Fragen des institutionellen Wandels und des gesellschaftlichen Umgangs mit institutionellen Vorgaben. Dabei liegt ein besonderes Augenmerk auf der gesellschaftlichen Durchsetzung und Einbettung vorherrschender Grund├╝berzeugungen rationalen Handelns. Die Insignien moderner Rationalit├Ąt werden in ganz unterschiedlichen Handlungsbereichen aufgesp├╝rt. Der Band f├╝hrt in die Grundlagen des Neo-Institutionalismus ein, er beschreibt die wichtigsten empirischen Ergebnisse und diskutiert theoretische Weiterentwicklungen. Dar├╝ber hinaus werden in der vorliegenden zweiten Auflage Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede zur Netzwerksoziologie, zu den Strukturtheorien von Giddens und Bourdieu sowie zur Systemtheorie Luhmanns benannt.