The Girl In The Picture

Author: Denise Chong
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 144068412X
Size: 44.36 MB
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The Girl In The Picture from the Author: Denise Chong. On June 8, 1972, nine-year-old Kim Phuc, severely burned by napalm, ran from her blazing village in South Vietnam and into the eye of history. Her photograph-one of the most unforgettable images of the twentieth century-was seen around the world and helped turn public opinion against the Vietnam War. This book is the story of how that photograph came to be-and the story of what happened to that girl after the camera shutter closed. Award-winning biographer Denise Chong's portrait of Kim Phuc-who eventually defected to Canada and is now a UNESCO spokesperson-is a rare look at the Vietnam War from the Vietnamese point-of-view and one of the only books to describe everyday life in the wake of this war and to probe its lingering effects on all its participants.

The Girl In The Photograph

Author: Gabrielle Donnelly
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780425170588
Size: 43.45 MB
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The Girl In The Photograph from the Author: Gabrielle Donnelly. The death of her father leaves smart, pretty, sassy Allegra O'Riordan with many questions about her past, but most vexing, her mother's story, which she has never heard. Reprint. PW. NYT. K. LJ.

The Girl In The Photograph

Author: Kate Riordan
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1405917431
Size: 24.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Girl In The Photograph from the Author: Kate Riordan. For fans of Kate Mosse and Kate Morton comes a haunting novel about two women separated by decades but entwined by fate. When Alice Eveleigh arrives at Fiercombe Manor during the long, languid summer of 1933, she finds a house steeped in mystery and brimming with secrets. Sadness permeates its empty rooms and the isolated valley seems crowded with ghosts, none more alluring than Elizabeth Stanton whose only traces remain in a few tantalisingly blurred photographs. Why will no one speak of her? What happened a generation ago to make her vanish? As the sun beats down relentlessly, Alice becomes ever more determined to unearth the truth about the girl in the photograph - and stop her own life from becoming an eerie echo of Elizabeth's . . . Lifelong fans of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca will adore Kate Riordan's exquisite novel, The Girl in the Photograph. Praise for The Girl in the Photograph: 'Full of slow-burning tension' Essentials 'A sweeping saga of secrets and ghosts' Good Housekeeping 'A well executed, brooding, creepy atmosphere' Sunday Mirror 'A prickly story full of tension' Sunday Express Kate Riordan is a writer and journalist. She started out as an editorial assistant at the Guardian, followed by a stint as deputy editor for the lifestyle section of Time Out. She now works freelance and lives in the Cotswolds, where she is currently working on her next novel.

The Girl In The Photograph

Author: Kirsty Ferry
Publisher: Choc Lit
ISBN: 1781893659
Size: 50.30 MB
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The Girl In The Photograph from the Author: Kirsty Ferry. What if the past was trying to teach you a lesson? Staying alone in the shadow of an abandoned manor house in Yorkshire would be madness to some, but art enthusiast Lissy de Luca can’t wait. Lissy has her reasons for seeking isolation, and she wants to study the Staithes Group – an artists’ commune active at the turn of the twentieth century. Lissy is fascinated by the imposing Sea Scarr Hall – but the deeper she delves, the stranger things get. A lonely figure patrols the cove at night, whilst a hidden painting leads to a chilling realisation. And then there’s the photograph of the girl; so beautiful she could be a mermaid … and so familiar. As Lissy further immerses herself, she comes to an eerie conclusion: The occupants of Sea Scarr Hall are long gone, but they have a message for her – and they’re going to make sure she gets it.

The Girl In The Photograph

Author: Lygia Fagundes Telles
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 1564788202
Size: 66.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Girl In The Photograph from the Author: Lygia Fagundes Telles. Complex and hauntingly beautiful, Lygia Fagundes TellesÕs most acclaimed novel is a journey into the inner lives of three young women, each revealing her secrets and loves, each awaiting a destiny tied to the colorful and violent world of modern Brazil. Sensual and wealthy Lorena dreams of a tryst with a married man. Unhappy Lia burns with a frantic desire to free her imprisoned fiancŽ. Glamorous Ana Clara, unable to escape her past, falls toward a tragedy of drugs and obsession. Intimate and unforgettable, The Girl in the Photograph creates an extraordinary picture of the wonder and the darkness that come to possess a womanÕs mind, and stands as one of the greatest novels to come out of Brazil in the late twentieth century.

Train Your Gaze

Author: Roswell Angier
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1474239161
Size: 11.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Train Your Gaze from the Author: Roswell Angier. Focusing on the presence of the photographer's gaze as an integral part of constructing meaningful images, Roswell Angier combines theory and practice, to provide you with the technical advice and inspiration you need to develop your skills in portrait photography. Fully updated to take into account advances in creative work and photographic technology, this second edition also includes stunning new visuals and a discussion on the role of social media in the practice of portraiture. Each chapter includes a practical assignment, designed to help you explore various kinds of portrait photography and produce a range of different styles for your creative portfolio.

Nora S Song

Author: Darrel Rachel
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595128653
Size: 14.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Nora S Song from the Author: Darrel Rachel. Nora Reiger is haunted by a series of frightening dreams, dreams that seem to be related to her past, a past that her mother denied to her. As she struggles to come to grips with the dreams she is drawn into the tragic past of her family and is faced with a threat to her own survival.

Author: Маркус Зузак
Publisher: Family Leisure Club
ISBN: 6171203424
Size: 66.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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from the Author: Маркус Зузак.

Innocence Lost A Childhood Stolen

Author: Philip Sherman Mygatt
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1622873009
Size: 24.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Innocence Lost A Childhood Stolen from the Author: Philip Sherman Mygatt. On July 14th, 1942, me, my mother, father, precious little brother, Chaim Kabliski, Aunt Ania, Uncle Addam and my cousins, Adiya and Aaron, were all forcibly evicted from their beautiful apartment in Warsaw by heartless, well-armed German soldiers with snarling dogs and crammed into a cattle wagon along with eighty other suffering souls. When we arrived at a camp called Auschwitz/Birkenau, they were all murdered in gas chambers, burned in ovens like trash and their ashes unceremoniously spread like fertilizer on a nearby field. Only through a miracle did I survive. I want you to hear my story so the world will never forget. Those horrible people may have stolen my childhood, but they can’t steal my memories. So, let me begin. Keywords: Holocaust, Jewish, WWII, Polish, Auschwitz