Gender Relations In Early Modern England

Author: Laura Gowing
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317862341
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Gender Relations In Early Modern England from the Author: Laura Gowing. This concise and accessible book explores the history of gender in England between 1500 and 1700. Amidst the political and religious disruptions of the Reformation and the Civil War, sexual difference and gender were matters of public debate and private contention. Laura Gowing provides unique insight into gender relations in a time of flux, through sources ranging from the women who tried to vote in Ipswich in 1640, to the dreams of Archbishop Laud and a grandmother describing the first time her grandson wore breeches. Examining gender relations in the contexts of the body, the house, the neighbourhood and the political world, this comprehensive study analyses the tides of change and the power of custom in a pre-modern world. This book offers: Previously unpublished documents by women and men from all levels of society, ranging from private letters to court cases A critical examination of a new field, reflecting original research and the most recent scholarship In-depth analysis of historical evidence, allowing the reader to reconstruct the hidden histories of women Also including a chronology, who’s who of key figures, guide to further reading and a full-colour plate section, Gender Relations in Early Modern England is ideal for students and interested readers at all levels, providing a diverse range of primary sources and the tools to unlock them.

Gender And Space In Early Modern England

Author: Amanda Flather
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 0861932862
Size: 39.58 MB
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Gender And Space In Early Modern England from the Author: Amanda Flather. A nuanced re-evaluation of the ways in which gender affected the use of physical space in early modern England.

Sibling Relations And Gender In The Early Modern World

Author: Naomi J. Miller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351900161
Size: 34.56 MB
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Sibling Relations And Gender In The Early Modern World from the Author: Naomi J. Miller. While the relationships between parents and children have long been a staple of critical inquiry, bonds between siblings have received far less attention among early modern scholars. Indeed, until now, no single volume has focused specifically on relations between brothers and sisters during the early modern period, nor do many essays or monographs address the topic. The essays in Sibling Relations and Gender in the Early Modern World focus attention on this neglected area, exploring the sibling dynamics that shaped family relations from the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries in Italy, England, France, Spain, and Germany. Using an array of feminist and cultural studies approaches, prominent scholars consider sibling ties from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives, including art history, musicology, literary studies, and social history. By articulating some of the underlying paradigms according to which sibling relations were constructed, the collection seeks to stimulate further scholarly research and critical inquiry into this fruitful area of early modern cultural studies.

Violence Politics And Gender In Early Modern England

Author: J. Ward
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230617018
Size: 50.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Violence Politics And Gender In Early Modern England from the Author: J. Ward. This book engages in an interdisciplinary study of the establishment and entrenchment of gender roles in early modern England. Drawing upon the methods and sources of literary criticism and social history, this edited volume shows how politics at both the elite and plebeian levels of society involved violence that either resulted from or expressed hostility toward the early modern gender system. Contributors take fresh approaches to prominent works by Shakespeare, Middleton, and Behn as well as discuss lesser known texts and events such as the execution of female heretics in Reformation Norwich and the punishment of prostitutes in seventeenth-century London to draw new conclusions about gender in early modern England.

Women And Gender In Early Modern Europe

Author: Merry E. Wiesner
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521778220
Size: 37.38 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Women And Gender In Early Modern Europe from the Author: Merry E. Wiesner. A major new edition of the bestselling volume in New Approaches to European History.

Shakespeare S Domestic Economies

Author: Natasha Korda
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812202511
Size: 69.14 MB
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Shakespeare S Domestic Economies from the Author: Natasha Korda. Shakespeare's Domestic Economies explores representations of female subjectivity in Shakespearean drama from a refreshingly new perspective, situating The Taming of the Shrew, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Othello, and Measure for Measure in relation to early modern England's nascent consumer culture and competing conceptions of property. Drawing evidence from legal documents, economic treatises, domestic manuals, marriage sermons, household inventories, and wills to explore the realities and dramatic representations of women's domestic roles, Natasha Korda departs from traditional accounts of the commodification of women, which maintain that throughout history women have been "trafficked" as passive objects of exchange between men. In the early modern period, Korda demonstrates, as newly available market goods began to infiltrate households at every level of society, women emerged as never before as the "keepers" of household properties. With the rise of consumer culture, she contends, the housewife's managerial function assumed a new form, becoming increasingly centered around caring for the objects of everyday life—objects she was charged with keeping as if they were her own, in spite of the legal strictures governing women's property rights. Korda deftly shows how their positions in a complex and changing social formation allowed women to exert considerable control within the household domain, and in some areas to thwart the rule of fathers and husbands.

Alcohol Sex And Gender In Late Medieval And Early Modern Europe

Author: L. Martin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1403913935
Size: 19.10 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Alcohol Sex And Gender In Late Medieval And Early Modern Europe from the Author: L. Martin. This book examines drinking and attitudes to alcohol consumption in late medieval and early modern England, France, and Italy, especially as they related to sexual and violent behavior and to gender relations. According to widespread beliefs, the consumption of alcohol led to increased sexual activity among both men and women, and it also led to disorderly conduct among women and violent conduct among men. Dr Lynn shows how alcohol was a fundamental part of the diets of most people, including women, resulting in daily drinking of large amounts of ale, beer, or wine. This study offers an intimate insight into both the altered states induced by alcohol, and, by opposition, into normal relations in family, community, and society.

Gender Sex And Subordination In England 1500 1800

Author: Anthony Fletcher
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300076509
Size: 78.99 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Gender Sex And Subordination In England 1500 1800 from the Author: Anthony Fletcher. Fletcher's account draws from a vast range of sources - literary, medical, religious and historical - to investigate the mechanisms through which men and women interpreted and understood their social worlds. He explores the early modern view of the body, of sexual desire and appetites, and of gender difference. He looks at the nature of marital relationships, and shows how subordination was implemented and consolidated through church, school, home and community. And he exposes patriarchy's tragic consequences: smothered opportunity, crushed sexuality, and a pall across many women's lives.

Debating Gender In Early Modern England 1500 1700

Author: Cristina Malcolmson
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312294571
Size: 18.16 MB
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Debating Gender In Early Modern England 1500 1700 from the Author: Cristina Malcolmson. This book explores the construction of gender ideology in early modern England through an analysis of the querelle des femmes --the debate about the relationship between the sexes that originated on the continent during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and developed in England into the Swetnam controversy. The volume contextualizes the debate in terms of its continental antecedents and elite manuscript circulation in England, then moves to consider popular culture and printed texts, its effects on women’s writing and the developing discourse on gender, and concludes by examining the ramifications of the debate during the Civil War and Restoration. Essays focus on the implications of the gender debate for women writers and their literary relations, cultural ideology and the family, and political discourse and ideas of nationhood.