African American Gardens And Yards In The Rural South

Author: Richard Noble Westmacott
Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 9780870497629
Size: 37.66 MB
Format: PDF
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African American Gardens And Yards In The Rural South from the Author: Richard Noble Westmacott. Traces the meaning, artistry, and functions of the vernacular gardens produced in history and currently by some Black families in three selected regions of the South

Islands Forests And Gardens In The Caribbean

Author: Robert S. Anderson
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781405012713
Size: 68.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Islands Forests And Gardens In The Caribbean from the Author: Robert S. Anderson. The continuing struggle to preserve the ecological abundance of the eastern Caribbean is a recurrent theme in this collection of essays on the gardens (both botanical and small holdings) and the forests of such diverse islands as Martinique, St. Vincent, St. Dominigue (present Haiti) and Barbados. It pays homage to the indigenous Caribbean people and imported slaves and their descendants, who fashioned gardens in remote jungles to achieve both personal dignity and independence from the slave and post-slave plantation economy. The resilience of island ecosystems following natural disasters is documented. The book`s pioneers include botanists and gardeners from many countries, who strove to introduce food crops and medicines to the Caribbean for an ever-growing population, and enlightened local administrators, who tried to prevent the ravishes of deforestation and its consequent climate changes wherever they could. This includes, in contemporary times, Dr Earle Kirby of Kingstown, who has studied and acted on these questions all his life, and in whose honour this book is created. In conjunction with the University of Warwick, “ Macmillan Caribbean” presents the latest and most authoritative research in Caribbean Studies. The series aims to study the complexity and variety of a remarkable region and reflect the pan-Caribbean, inter-disciplinary approach of the Warwick University Centre for Caribbean Studies. It features new titles in the fields of history, sociology, economics and development, literature, anthropology and politics, as well as the re-issue of major works. Some are contributed by individual authors while others are collected papers from symposia at Warwick or elsewhere.

Better Homes And Gardens Make Ahead Meals

Author: Better Homes and Gardens
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 054445684X
Size: 76.56 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Better Homes And Gardens Make Ahead Meals from the Author: Better Homes and Gardens. Simple, smart, stress-free cooking to have dinner ready when you are Better Homes and Gardens Make-Ahead Meals is a must-have recipe collection for anyone looking to get homemade dishes on the table with ease. Filled with over 150 recipes and 100 gorgeous photos, plus tips and tricks for quick food prep and complete meals, this book makes planning dinner a breeze. Make-ahead cooking isn’t about stocking the freezer with pre-made meals that don’t keep well. This book shows cooks how to plan and prep prior to serving, through techniques like freezing carefully to preserve freshness, creating refrigerator casseroles, or using a slow cooker in the morning for dinner that night. Make-ahead cooking also saves money. For time-strapped families, these strategies can be the difference between a home-cooked meal and spending money on packaged meals or ordering in.

The Contemporary Caribbean

Author: Robert B. Potter
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317875982
Size: 51.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Contemporary Caribbean from the Author: Robert B. Potter. This text focuses on the contemporary economic, social, geographical, environmental and political realities of the Caribbean region. Historical aspects of the Caribbean, such as slavery, the plantation system and plantocracy are explored in order to explain the contemporary nature of, and challenges faced by, the Caribbean. The book is divided into three parts, dealing respectively with: the foundations of the Caribbean, rural and urban bases of the contemporary Caribbean, and global restructuring and the Caribbean: industry, tourism and politics.

Violence In Latin America And The Caribbean

Author: Tina Hilgers
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107193176
Size: 62.77 MB
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Violence In Latin America And The Caribbean from the Author: Tina Hilgers. Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean is no longer perpetrated primarily by states against their citizens, but by a variety of state and non-state actors struggling to control resources, territories, and populations. This book examines violence at the subnational level to illuminate how practices of violence are embedded within subnational configurations of space and clientelistic networks. In societies shaped by centuries of violence and exclusion, inequality and marginalization prevail at the same time that democratization and neoliberalism have decentralized power to regional and local levels, where democratic and authoritarian practices coexist. Within subnational arenas, unique configurations - of historical legacies, economic structures, identities, institutions, actors, and clientelistic networks - result in particular patterns of violence and vulnerability that are often strikingly different from what is portrayed by aggregate national-level statistics. The chapters of this book examine critical cases from across the region, drawing on new primary data collected in the field to analyze how a range of political actors and institutions shape people's lives and to connect structural and physical forms of violence.

Better Homes And Gardens Wonder Pot

Author: Better Homes and Gardens
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 1328761940
Size: 47.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Better Homes And Gardens Wonder Pot from the Author: Better Homes and Gardens. A must-have cookbook for busy families with 150 one-pot recipes to make cooking dinner streamlined, simple, and incredibly tasty​ Wonder Pot showcases the almost magical ease of cooking an entire meal in one item, be it a slow cooker, pressure cooker, skillet, or other common piece of kitchen equipment. Making dinner has never been easier—150 recipes feature a range of main dishes including vegetarian meals, roasted entrees, pot pies, stews, pressure cooker and slow cooker meals, and more. Make-ahead tips speed meal preparation, and nutrition information aids in meal planning. A bonus chapter of desserts—including dump cakes, cobblers, and other treats—rounds out any meal. Helpful icons highlight the type of pot to use, as well as Calorie-Smart, Fast Prep, and Dump recipes. More than 100 photos complete this stunning package, showing that cooking a one-pot dinner is both simple and wonderfully delicious.

The Caribbean

Author: Leonard Adkins
Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 1556508484
Size: 63.55 MB
Format: PDF
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The Caribbean from the Author: Leonard Adkins. This new edition has been fully updated to bring you the very latest information on hiking trails on Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Nevis, Saba, Statia and the Virgin Islands. From easy walks along sandy beaches to rugged overnight hikes and quick uphill treks with stunning vistas en route, this guide has something to suit every member of your family. Walking times for each hike are given, along with descriptions of the route. Points of interest are highlighted, including plant and animal life you might see. An introduction to each island offers tidbits of the island's h.

Beyond Restoration Ecology Sociedad Iberoamericana Y Del Caribe De Restauraci N Ecol Gica Siacre Social Perspectives In Latin America And The Caribbean

Author: Eliane Ceccon & Daniel Roberto PĂ©rez
Publisher: Eliane Ceccon
ISBN: 9879132556
Size: 12.44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Beyond Restoration Ecology Sociedad Iberoamericana Y Del Caribe De Restauraci N Ecol Gica Siacre Social Perspectives In Latin America And The Caribbean from the Author: Eliane Ceccon & Daniel Roberto PĂ©rez. This book invites us to reflect on the restoration of terrestrial ecosystems in the context of a region whose identity is still under construction, Latin America and the Caribbean, immersed in a social, economic, ecological and political crisis, whose roots originate historically and politically in colonialism and in the prevailing model of capital accumulation. For the first time, insights and practical experiences on restoration are gathered from most Latin-American and Caribbean countries. Furthermore, this book offers a social approach to restoration, which will likely become preponderant in this field and in this region. The authors claim that a Latin-American knowledge of restoration is under construction and that this discipline can be a significant tool to empower local populations, which might, in turn, lead to a collective action of change. Case studies from 11 countries of the region were compiled, involving multiple voices that emerge beyond generalist principles and with a bottom-up approach. The main idea of the book is to open a debate about the identity of ecological and social restoration in this region. This book is targeted to restoration specialists, volunteers, environmental managers, researchers, politicians and NGOs working on the complexity of socioecological restoration in a region with unavoidable social problems. It is intended for people with similar concerns to those of the chapters' authors. This work tries to integrate a movement on the rise, almost silent, born with its own narratives of successes and failures that do not hinder its development. Finally, the determination and commitment of Latin-American and Caribbean social actors to restore not only natural values but also social, ethical and cultural ones is remarkable.

Domestic Food Production And Food Security In The Caribbean

Author: C. Beckford
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137296992
Size: 11.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Domestic Food Production And Food Security In The Caribbean from the Author: C. Beckford. With the exception of Haiti, the sensationalized issues of hunger reported in certain parts of the developing world are largely unknown in the Caribbean. Despite this, there are growing concerns about the state of food security in the region, as declining domestic production and increased dependence on imported food create vulnerability. This study examines some of the contemporary issues impacting food production and food and nutrition security in the CARICOM region of the Caribbean. The authors focus on enhancing domestic food production as the most appropriate way to improve food security and discuss strategies for building capacity in local food production systems. The book is the product of over ten years of research by the authors. It will be of interest to scholars and students of Caribbean geography, cultural geography, food and agricultural geography, and food security.