Principles Of Knowledge Representation And Reasoning

Author: James Allen
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Pub
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Principles Of Knowledge Representation And Reasoning from the Author: James Allen. The proceedings of the Second International Conference on [title] held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 1991, comprise 55 papers on topics including the logical specifications of reasoning behaviors and representation formalisms, comparative analysis of competing algorithms and formalisms, and ana

Wto Appellate Body Repertory Of Reports And Awards

Author: Appellate Body Secretariat
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521866026
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Wto Appellate Body Repertory Of Reports And Awards from the Author: Appellate Body Secretariat. The WTO Appellate Body is responsible for deciding appeals relating to disputes among the WTO's 148 Members. The Repertory contains excerpts from WTO Appellate Body Reports, dating from the first Report adopted in May 1996, through to the sixty-eighth Report adopted in May 2005.


Author: Lee Kennett
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476793131
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G I from the Author: Lee Kennett. Lee Kennett provides a vivid portrait of the American soldier, or G.I., in World War II, from his registration in the draft, training in boot camp, combat in Europe and the Pacific, and to his final role as conqueror and occupier. It is all here: the "greetings" from Uncle Sam; endless lines in induction centers across the country; the unfamiliar and demanding world of the training camp, with its concomitant jokes, pranks, traditions, and taboos; and the comparative largess with which the Army was outfitted and supplied. Here we witness the G.I. facing combat: the courage, the heroism, the fear, and perhaps above all, the camaraderie—the bonds of those who survived the tragic sense of loss when a comrade died. Finally, when the war was over, the G.I.’s frequently experienced clumsy, hilarious, and explosive interactions with their civilian allies and with the former enemies whose countries they now occupied.

Investigations In Algebraic Theory Of Combinatorial Objects

Author: I.A. Faradzev
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401719721
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Investigations In Algebraic Theory Of Combinatorial Objects from the Author: I.A. Faradzev. X Köchendorffer, L.A. Kalu:lnin and their students in the 50s and 60s. Nowadays the most deeply developed is the theory of binary invariant relations and their combinatorial approximations. These combinatorial approximations arose repeatedly during this century under various names (Hecke algebras, centralizer rings, association schemes, coherent configurations, cellular rings, etc.-see the first paper of the collection for details) andin various branches of mathematics, both pure and applied. One of these approximations, the theory of cellular rings (cellular algebras), was developed at the end of the 60s by B. Yu. Weisfeiler and A.A. Leman in the course of the first serious attempt to study the complexity of the graph isomorphism problem, one of the central problems in the modern theory of combinatorial algorithms. At roughly the same time G.M. Adelson-Velskir, V.L. Arlazarov, I.A. Faradtev and their colleagues had developed a rather efficient tool for the constructive enumeration of combinatorial objects based on the branch and bound method. By means of this tool a number of "sports-like" results were obtained. Some of these results are still unsurpassed.

G I Joe 2014 2

Author: Karen Traviss
Publisher: IDW Publishing
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G I Joe 2014 2 from the Author: Karen Traviss. THE FALL OF G.I. JOE! Scarlett's last chance to save the G.I. JOE team's existence is threatened on all sides-- the U.S. government, shady spy organizations, two warring factions in a nation in the throes of civil war... plus the benevolent peace-keeping forces of Cobra?!