No Fretful Sleeper

Author: Paul Millar
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 1869405412
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No Fretful Sleeper from the Author: Paul Millar. There is no place in normal New Zealand society for the man who is different', wrote William Harrison (Bill) Pearson. One of New Zealand's most distinguished fiction writers and sharpest critics, Pearson's life was also fraught with contradiction and secrecy, largely because of his homosexuality. Born in Greymouth in 1922, he grew up in a society dominated by a rugged ideal of New Zealand manhood; not an easy childhood or adolescence for an unusually sensitive boy who preferred intellectual pursuits to sports. He went to university and Dunedin Training College, then taught at Blackball School - a period from which he drew the material for his celebrated novel, Coal Flat. After serving in the Second World War he received his PhD from the University of London - where distance gave him a clear critical perspective on this country of 'fretful sleepers' - then returned to New Zealand as a scholar and lecturer, writer and editor. Bill Pearson's life is emblematic of vital elements in twentieth-century New Zealand society: intellectual culture, left-wing politics and the growing acceptance of homosexual identity and Maori and Pacific Island culture. Drawing on Pearson's own unpublished writing and extensive research, Millar has written an extraordinary biography of a courageous non-conformist, a man fully awake to the vulnerability of his society's freedoms.

Conversation In A Train And Other Critical Writings

Author: Frank Sargeson
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 1869405552
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Conversation In A Train And Other Critical Writings from the Author: Frank Sargeson. Frank Sargeson wrote fiction for over half a century as well as occasional criticism in many forms and on many topi. Writers considered include D. H. Lawrence, Sherwood Anderson, Henry Lawson and Olive Schreiner besides fellow New Zealanders such as Katherine Mansfield, Janet Frame, Dan Davin, James Courage, Bill Pearson, and Ronald Hugh Morrieson. He was particularly concerned with societies which grew on the nineteenth-century European colonial frontiers, and with the writers they produced. A comprehensive bibliography of Sargeson's non-fiction prose is included.

A History Of New Zealand Literature

Author: Mark Williams
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316546195
Size: 28.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A History Of New Zealand Literature from the Author: Mark Williams. A History of New Zealand Literature traces the genealogy of New Zealand literature from its first imaginings by Europeans in the eighteenth century. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction that charts the growth of, and challenges to, a nationalist literary tradition, the essays in this History illuminate the cultural and political intricacies of New Zealand literature, surveying the multilayered verse, fiction and drama of such diverse writers as Katherine Mansfield, Allen Curnow, Frank Sargeson, Janet Frame, Keri Hulme, Witi Ihimaera and Patricia Grace. Written by a host of leading scholars, this History devotes special attention to the lasting significance of colonialism, biculturalism and multiculturalism in New Zealand literature. A History of New Zealand Literature is of pivotal importance to the development of New Zealand writing and will serve as an invaluable reference for specialists and students alike.

Bloomsbury South

Author: Peter Simpson
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 177558853X
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Bloomsbury South from the Author: Peter Simpson. ‘Why was it then that out of the hundreds of towns and universities in the English-speaking lands scattered over the seven seas, only one should at that time act as a focus of creative literature of more than local significance; that it should be in Christchurch, New Zealand, that a group of young writers had appeared who were eager to assimilate the pioneer developments in style and technique that were being made in England and America since the beginning of the century...and to give their country a new conscience and spiritual perspective?’ – John Lehmann For two decades in Christchurch, New Zealand, a cast of extraordinary men and women remade the arts. Variously between 1933 and 1953, Christchurch was the home of Angus and Bensemann and McCahon, Curnow and Glover and Baxter, the Group, the Caxton Press and the Little Theatre, Landfall and Tomorrow, Ngaio Marsh and Douglas Lilburn. It was a city in which painters lived with writers, writers promoted musicians, in which the arts and artists from different forms were deeply intertwined. And it was a city where artists developed a powerful synthesis of European modernist influences and an assertive New Zealand nationalism that gave mid-century New Zealand cultural life its particular shape. In this book, Simpson tells the remarkable story of the rise and fall of this ‘Bloomsbury South’ and the arts and artists that made it. Simpson brings to life the individual talents and their passions, but he also takes us inside the scenes that they created together: Bethell and her visiting coterie of younger poets; Glover and Bensemann’s exacting typography at the Caxton Press; the yearly exhibitions and aesthetic clashes of the Group; McCahon and Baxter’s developing friendship; the effects of Brasch’s patronage; Marsh’s Shakespearian re-creations at the Little Theatre. Simpson recreates a Christchurch we have lost, where a group of artists collaborated to create a distinctively New Zealand art which spoke to the condition of their country as it emerged into the modern era.

The Commercialisation Of New Zealand

Author: Brian Easton
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 1869407954
Size: 49.94 MB
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The Commercialisation Of New Zealand from the Author: Brian Easton. The Commercialisation of New Zealand examines the origins, theory, history and politi of the dramatic change in economic policy in New Zealand, from Robert Muldoon's interventionalism to Roger Douglas's commercialisation. It is illustrated with case studies including broadcasting, cultural policy, education, environment and heritage, the system of government, health, the labour market and science.

Encyclopedia Of Literature And Criticism

Author: Martin Coyle
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134977107
Size: 42.15 MB
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Encyclopedia Of Literature And Criticism from the Author: Martin Coyle. This Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive guide yet both to the nature and content of literature, and to literary criticism. In ninety essays by leading international critics and scholars, the volume covers both traditional topics such as literature and history, poetry, drama and the novel, and also newer topics such as the production and reception of literature. Current critical ideas are clearly and provocatively discussed, while the volume's arrangement reflects in a dynamic way the rich diversity of contemporary thinking about literature. Each essay seeks to provide the reader with a clear sense of the full significance of its subject as well as guidance on further reading. An essential work of reference, The Encyclopedia of Literature and Criticism is a stimulating guide to the central preoccupations of contemporary critical thinking about literature. Special Features * Clearly written by scholars and critics of international standing for readers at all levels in many disciplines * In-depth essays covering all aspects, traditional and new, of literary studies past and present * Useful cross-references within the text, with full bibliographical references and suggestions for further reading * Single index of authors, terms, topics

Hyperreality And Global Culture

Author: Nicholas Perry
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134846762
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Hyperreality And Global Culture from the Author: Nicholas Perry. This book explores a world where the boundaries between reality and representation have become blurred, a world where LA Law is used to train lawyers. Drawing on examples from around the globe, Nick Perry presents a fascinating and entertaining analysis of both familiar objects and situations as well as the more unusual and absurd. Meals served in British pubs, motor-cycle gangs in downtown Tokyo, Australian movies, are just some examples used by the author in his engaging exploration of modern sense of the 'unreal'. Hyperrealities also engages with well known theorists of contemporary culture, from Baudrillard and Umberto Eco to Jameson and Sartre.

Picking Up The Traces

Author: Lawrence Jones
Publisher: Victoria University Press
ISBN: 9780864734556
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Picking Up The Traces from the Author: Lawrence Jones. The story of the generation of New Zealand writers who came of age in the 1930s and who deliberately and decisively changed the course of literature is told in this book, shedding important new light on the key participants, including Allen Curnow, Denis Glover, and Robin Hyde. The movement is traced through small circulation magazines and small press publications from 1932 to 1941. The repudiations and loyalties by which the movement defined itself are explored, including its opposition to the literary establishment and to late Georgian verse, its naming of its precursors and allies from the 1920s, and its choice of overseas models such as the British Moderns and the new American short-story writers for the creation of a new literature. Also covered is the anti-myth the Phoenix and Caxton writers created to oppose the cultural myths supported by the literary establishment and the writers' responses to the worldwide social upheavals of the period--the Depression, the international crises of 1935 to 1939, and World War II.