Freshman For President

Author: Allyson Braithwaite Condie
ISBN: 9781590389133
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Freshman For President from the Author: Allyson Braithwaite Condie. Tired of not being noticed, fifteen-year-old Milo decides to run for president of the United States, and through the course of the campaign, he discovers that he--and other teenagers--can make a real difference.

Boys Life

Size: 45.50 MB
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Boys Life from the Author: . Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.

The Presidents Club

Author: Nancy Gibbs
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439148716
Size: 11.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Presidents Club from the Author: Nancy Gibbs. The Presidents Club, established at Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration by Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover, is a complicated place: its members are bound forever by the experience of the Oval Office and yet are eternal rivals for history’s favor. Among their secrets: How Jack Kennedy tried to blame Ike for the Bay of Pigs. How Ike quietly helped Reagan win his first race in 1966. How Richard Nixon conspired with Lyndon Johnson to get elected and then betrayed him. How Jerry Ford and Jimmy Carter turned a deep enmity into an alliance. The unspoken pact between a father and son named Bush. And the roots of the rivalry between Clinton and Barack Obama. Time magazine editors and presidential historians Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy offer a new and revealing lens on the American presidency, exploring the club as a hidden instrument of power that has changed the course of history.

The Freshman Who Hated Socrates

Author: Tom Gerety
Publisher: Amherst College Pr
Size: 56.74 MB
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The Freshman Who Hated Socrates from the Author: Tom Gerety. In fourteen years as a college president-first at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, and then for nine years at Amherst-Tom Gerety taught and worked with some of the nation's finest under-graduate students. During this time he also had an opportunity to regularly address these students, and thousands of others, through public speeches on topics of national, institutional and personal interest. This book collects nearly three dozen of these speeches-on topics ranging from teaching to residential life, from Shakespeare to the liberal arts, from war to love, and loss. Together, these essays offer insight into one of our nation's leading college presidents, and into the lives of American college students.

Conservative Reformers The Freshman Republicans In The 104th Congress

Author: Nicol C. Rae
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315503239
Size: 58.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Conservative Reformers The Freshman Republicans In The 104th Congress from the Author: Nicol C. Rae. Nicol Rae's engaging account of the Republican revolutionaries' freshman year in Congress persuasively demonstrates that the precepts set forth by Madison in Federalist 10 and 51 are still in force in our remarkably stable political system. The 73 Republican freshmen who entered the House of Representatives after the 1994 election were a well-organized group with majority status and a commitment to change. This book examines the extent to which they were successful in redirecting policy and reforming the institutions of representative government -- and the extent to which those same institutions moderated, and even frustrated, efforts to introduce radical, rapid -- indeed revolutionary -- change. Contrasts are drawn both with the role of the Republican freshmen in the Senate and with the power of the President as manifested in the 1995-96 budget battle. The book is based on interviews conducted by the author when he was an APSA Congressional Fellow in the offices of Rep. George P. Radanovich, president of the freshman Republican class, and Sen. Thad Cochran, chairman of the Senate Republican Conference.

Jfk The Life And Death Of A President

Author: William H. A. Carr
Publisher: Edizioni Savine
ISBN: 8896365961
Size: 19.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Jfk The Life And Death Of A President from the Author: William H. A. Carr. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (1963): What is it that sets apart one man from all others and destines him to be the leader of a great nation? Are there any qualities that mark off a youth in his college days, or even earlier, as a potential great man ? In this revealing and vivid story of the boyhood and maturing years of one of the great men of our age, the author explores these and many other provocative questions. This is the first biography of President Kennedy which tells the whole story — from his immigrant Boston ancestors through his three years in the world’s most demanding political office — to his tragic death and its dramatic consequences.

50 Years Of Peril

Author: Byron S. Brown
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1524699608
Size: 52.46 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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50 Years Of Peril from the Author: Byron S. Brown. “Byron Brown has written an excellent semi-autographical message that resonates with the reader. His excellent details in explaining his story, his journey, his troubles and his ultimately successful outcome all within the backdrop of a memoir of respect and admiration for his father is yet another masterpiece accomplished by the author. Mr. Brown laments in the story the loss of his father in a tragic accident. Although no fault of the senior Mr. Brown, the tragic event led to many perils and “what-ifs” for the son. Yet, in Fifty Years of Peril: One Day of Illumination that Made the Difference, Byron Brown writes fearlessly in telling his story. This project was designed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the death of Mr. Samuel George Brown, Byron’s father. It is indeed an honor and a tribute to the man that Byron missed while growing up. For the reader of this story, you are in for a treat.” Stephen J. LaBrie, MBA, Howard University.