Freedom Of Religion And The Secular State

Author: Russell Blackford
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470674032
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Freedom Of Religion And The Secular State from the Author: Russell Blackford. Religious freedom is the prototypical liberal freedom, a cornerstone of modern political rights. Freedom "of Religion and the Secular State" examines the concept of religious freedom, focusing on today's hot-button issues, including blasphemy and religious vilification; the teaching of biological evolution in schools; the health and welfare of children (particularly where religious beliefs clash with modern forms of medical treatment); claims by some religious organizations for a right of conscientious objection (e.g., doctors who refuse to perform abortions); and the recognition of Sharia law in Western societies. Such issues are topical, controversial, and intransigent. Somewhere at the core of contention lies fear of overweening government power, used to impose a favored understanding of the world - or another, transcendent, world - or to persecute those with a different understanding. With a background in legal and political philosophy, philosophy of religion, and moral theory, Russell Blackford traces the historical background both of religious persecution and the modern liberal state's embrace of secularity and religious freedom. Engaging in contemporary debates, he argues for a balanced view of what religious freedom is about, and how the state should approach it.

Islam And The Secular State

Author: Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im Na
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674033760
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Islam And The Secular State from the Author: Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im Na. What should be the place of Shari'a - Islamic religious law - in predominantly Muslim societies of the world? In this book, a Muslim scholar and human rights activist envisions a positive and sustainable role for Shari'a, based on a profound rethinking of the relationship between religion and the secular state in all societies.

Secular States And Religious Diversity

Author: Bruce J. Berman
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 0774825154
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Secular States And Religious Diversity from the Author: Bruce J. Berman. Nation-states have seen the rise of religious pluralism within their borders, brought about by global migration and the challenge of radical religious movements. This book explores the meaning of secularism and religious freedom in these new contexts. The contributors chart the impact of globalization, the varying forms of secularism in Western states, and the different kinds of relations between states and religious institutions in the historical traditions and contemporary politics of Islamic, Indic, and Chinese societies. They also examine the limitations and dilemmas of governmental responses to unprecedented diversity, and grapple with the question of how secular states deal (and should deal) with such pluralism.

A Secular Europe

Author: Lorenzo Zucca
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191644757
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A Secular Europe from the Author: Lorenzo Zucca. How to accommodate diverse religious practices and laws within a secular framework is one of the most pressing and controversial problems facing contemporary European public order. In this provocative contribution to the subject, Lorenzo Zucca argues that traditional models of secularism, focusing on the relationship of state and church, are out-dated and that only by embracing a new picture of what secularism means can Europe move forward in the public reconciliation of its religious diversity. The book develops a new model of secularism suitable for Europe as a whole. The new model of secularism is concerned with the way in which modern secular states deal with the presence of diversity in the society. This new conception of secularism is more suited to the European Union whose overall aim is to promote a stable, peaceful and unified economic and political space starting from a wide range of different national experiences and perspectives. The new conception of secularism is also more suited for the Council of Europe at large, and in particular the European Court of Human Rights which faces growing demands for the recognition of freedom of religion in European states. The new model does not defend secularism as an ideological position, but aims to present secularism as our common constitutional tradition as well as the basis for our common constitutional future.

Religious Liberty And The Secular State

Author: John M. Swomley
ISBN: 9780879753733
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Religious Liberty And The Secular State from the Author: John M. Swomley. This book examines the political and religious context in which the Constitution and The Bill of Rights were adopted. Swomley reasons that those who wrote and adopted the Constitution and First Amendment intended a strict separation of church and state, a government that would neither aid nor impede religion. Religious Liberty and the Secular State refutes Chief Justice Rehnquist's position that the framers of the Constitution did not intend to ban all religious aid, only preferential aid. Swomley also refutes Rehnquist's claim that the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment was intended to prevent the establishment of a single national church. Swomley concludes that the Constitution was intended to prevent the federal government from establishing one or more churches and to prevent the tax support of churches on any basis. This book exposes the Supreme Court's erosion of the Establishment Clause while emphasizing the Free Exercise Clause. Swomley also explores civil religion, secular humanism, and the current counter-revolution against separation of church and state led by some religious and political conservatives who would profit from government aid. He also lists the benefits churches would realize under a secular government.

Religion And Personal Law In Secular India

Author: Gerald James Larson
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253214805
Size: 49.54 MB
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Religion And Personal Law In Secular India from the Author: Gerald James Larson. Most of the papers presented at a conference held at Bloomington in 1999; some previously published.

Religion Violence And The Secular State

Author: John C. Caiazza
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351588737
Size: 71.37 MB
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Religion Violence And The Secular State from the Author: John C. Caiazza. Religion, Violence, and the Secular State assesses contemporary religious violence in the context of tensions between state secularism and religious ethics, and ultimately concludes that the West must reemphasize its own religious tradition in order to successfully combat the rise of a violent fundamentalism. The book presents an argument in three parts: first, an examination of the nature of religious violence; second, the effects of the present secularism of the American state on our ineffective ethical framework; and third, an advocacy for both the reasonableness of religious belief and the value of religiously based ethics (i.e., Jewish, Christian, and Muslim) as an influence within the modern state. The conclusion is that, with the arrival of violent Islam in the West, the presence of (traditional) religious influence in the United States needs to be reemphasized to combat religious terrorism. Islam represents a challenge to America and the West as a religious ideal that can only be successfully met by an energetic renewal of our own religious resources.

Religious Politics And Secular States

Author: Scott W. Hibbard
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801899201
Size: 19.53 MB
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Religious Politics And Secular States from the Author: Scott W. Hibbard. Religious Politics and Secular States fills this gap by situating this trend within long-standing debates over the proper role of religion in public life.

Religious Conscience The State And The Law

Author: John McLaren
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791440025
Size: 64.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Religious Conscience The State And The Law from the Author: John McLaren. Examines claims to freedom of religion by minority, unorthodox faith groups and how these challenges to the state and the law have contributed to the development of civil rights discourse and practice.