Financial Statement Analysis

Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
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Financial Statement Analysis from the Author: GOKUL SINHA. The book, now in its Second Edition, gives a clear and in-depth analysis of financial statements and provides a harmonious blend of concepts and practices as followed by Indian companies. In this edition, the new format for income statement prescribed in Part II of Schedule VI of the Companies Act, 1956 has been incorporated. Implications of these changes on the analysis and interpretation of the statement have also been discussed. This textbook is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Commerce and Management. In addition, the book will be immensely useful to financial analysts, bank managers for credit analysis, professional accountants and business executives. KEY FEATURES  Provides interpretation of data derived from financial statements.  Gives an easy method, developed by NCAER, to predict corporate failure.  Compares firms of different countries and their financial performances.  Contains more than 172 examples of various types to help students prepare for exams.

Financial Statement Analysis

Author: Martin S. Fridson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471264606
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Financial Statement Analysis from the Author: Martin S. Fridson. Praise for Financial Statement Analysis A Practitioner's Guide Third Edition "This is an illuminating and insightful tour of financial statements, how they can be used to inform, how they can be used to mislead, and how they can be used to analyze the financial health of a company." -Professor Jay O. Light Harvard Business School "Financial Statement Analysis should be required reading for anyone who puts a dime to work in the securities markets or recommends that others do the same." -Jack L. Rivkin Executive Vice President (retired) Citigroup Investments "Fridson and Alvarez provide a valuable practical guide for understanding, interpreting, and critically assessing financial reports put out by firms. Their discussion of profits-'quality of earnings'-is particularly insightful given the recent spate of reporting problems encountered by firms. I highly recommend their book to anyone interested in getting behind the numbers as a means of predicting future profits and stock prices." -Paul Brown Chair-Department of Accounting Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU "Let this book assist in financial awareness and transparency and higher standards of reporting, and accountability to all stakeholders." -Patricia A. Small Treasurer Emeritus, University of California Partner, KCM Investment Advisors "This book is a polished gem covering the analysis of financial statements. It is thorough, skeptical and extremely practical in its review." -Daniel J. Fuss Vice Chairman Loomis, Sayles & Company, LP

Financial Statement Analysis

Author: Peter M. Bergevin
ISBN: 9780130325341
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Financial Statement Analysis from the Author: Peter M. Bergevin. For one-semester, undergraduate-level courses in financial statement analysis. Filling an important gap in business education, this text is devoted to stressing the relationship between the business environment and corporate financial statements. It emphasizes the role of research and the Internet in the analysis, and enables readers to synthesize facts, principles and methods of analysis. A straightforward, student-centred manner should actively involve students in the learning process and develop their analytical skills, creativity and resourcefulness.

Financial Statement Analysis

Author: K.R. Subramanyam
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
ISBN: 0077746414
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Financial Statement Analysis from the Author: K.R. Subramanyam.

Business Analysis Valuation Using Financial Statements

Author: Paul M. Healy
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 128562484X
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Business Analysis Valuation Using Financial Statements from the Author: Paul M. Healy. Financial statements are the basis for a wide range of business analysis. Managers, securities analysts, bankers, and consultants all use them to make business decisions. There is strong demand among business students for course materials that provide a framework for using financial statement data in a variety of business analysis and valuation contexts. BUSINESS ANALYSIS & VALUATION: USING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, 5E allows you to undertake financial statement analysis using a four-part framework—(1) business strategy analysis for developing an understanding of a firm's competitive strategy; (2) accounting analysis for representing the firm's business economics and strategy in its financial statements, and for developing adjusted accounting measures of performance; (3) financial analysis for ratio analysis and cash flow measures of operating; and (4) prospective analysis. Then, you'll learn how to apply these tools in a variety of decision contexts, including securities analysis, credit analysis, corporate financing policies analysis, mergers and acquisitions analysis, and governance and communication analysis. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.