Fiction From Georgia

Author: Elizabeth Heighway
Publisher: Dalkey Archive Press
ISBN: 1564787168
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Fiction From Georgia from the Author: Elizabeth Heighway. This volume brings together stories from nineteen of the most influential contemporary authors to have emerged from the Republic of Georgia. Spanning fifty years, but with a particular emphasis on post-independence fiction, this collection features a diverse range of styles and voices, offering a window onto a vibrant literary scene that has been largely inaccessible to the English-language reader until now. With stories addressing subjects as diverse as blood feuds, betrayal, sex, drugs, and Sergio Leone, it promises to challenge any existing preconceptions the reader might hold, and make available a rich and varied literary tradition unjustly overshadowed by the other ex-Soviet republics, until now.

Georgia Voices Fiction

Author: Hugh Ruppersburg
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9780820314334
Size: 29.97 MB
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Georgia Voices Fiction from the Author: Hugh Ruppersburg. Since the early 19th century, Georgia has produced an impressive number of distinguished fiction writers, from Joel Chandler Harris, Carson McCullers and Flannery O'Connor to such present-day voices as Alice Walker, Ferrol Sams and Pat Conroy. Contains 39 stories and excerpts from novels.

Stories Wanting Only To Be Heard

Author: Stephen Corey
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820342548
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Stories Wanting Only To Be Heard from the Author: Stephen Corey. Founded at the University of Georgia in 1947 and published there ever since, The Georgia Review has become one of America's most highly regarded journals of arts and letters. Never stuffy and never shallow, The Georgia Review seeks a broad audience of intellectually open and curious readers--and strives to give those readers rich content that invites and sustains repeated attention and consideration. Pulitzer Prize winners and never-before-published writers are equals during the journal's manuscript evaluation process, whose goal is to identify and print stories, poems, and essays that promise to be of lasting merit. The year 2012 marks the sixty-fifth anniversary of The Georgia Review, and Stories Wanting Only to Be Heard will acknowledge that milestone by presenting a selection of the remarkable short fiction published across the decades. The collection includes the work of well-known writers, many of whom were not yet so well known when first selected for publication by The Georgia Review, and also highlights compelling work from writers whose names may not be as familiar but whose stories are equally compelling and memorable. The stories collected here--each one vivid, distinctive, and worthwhile to read--stand as testament to the significance of The Georgia Review's decades of work to identify and promote writing of exceptional quality. Publication of this book was made possible, in part, by the President's Venture Fund through generous gifts of the University of Georgia Partners.

Georgia Stories

Author: Ben Forkner
Publisher: Peachtree Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781561450671
Size: 72.60 MB
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Georgia Stories from the Author: Ben Forkner. "...Georgia writers in the short story have produced an unusual number of original voices in an outspoken, independent tradition which somehow, against the odds, continues to kick and curse and sing and thrive." When we think of the Old South and its literature, we think of romance-of moonlight and magnolias and courtly cavaliers dueling and battling for fair and fiery maids. In his introduction, editor Ben Forkner explains that most nineteenth-century southern novels fostered this romantic image in the form of great sweeping sagas with larger-than-life heroes and heroines. However, countering this tradition are the short gems of Georgia, which represent a frontier culture and a pioneering literature that was "vigorous and vivid and enduring at a time when the great mass of southern fiction, with few exceptions, has precious little to praise or to preserve." Whereas the majority of nineteenth-centry novels have faded into oblivion, the Georgia short story has thrived. In the work of Joel Chandler Harris and Augustus Baldwin Longstreet, the lives of the middle and lower classes, black and white, are presented with realism, humor, and healthy self-mockery that have reverberated through both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, influencing the fiction of Flannery O'Connor and Erskine Caldwell, Carson McCullers and Alice Walker. Wealth and poverty, humor and tragedy, the Old South and the New-although we may still not understand what makes up the Southern identity, surely in Georgia Stories, we recognize its distinctive presence.

Origins Of Futuristic Fiction

Author: Paul K. Alkon
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820337722
Size: 50.72 MB
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Origins Of Futuristic Fiction from the Author: Paul K. Alkon. For nearly two thousand years, the future was a realm reserved for prophets, poets, astrologers, and practitioners of deliberative rhetoric. Then in 1659 the French writer Jacques Guttin published his romance Epigone, which carried the subtitle "the history of the future century." Unlike the stories of space travel that were popular at the time, or the tales of travel to distant earthly lands which had long been a familiar literary genre, Guttin's romance described human societies displaced by time as well as by space and heroes not of his own day but of a future age. Paul Alkon's Origins of Futuristic Fiction examines the earliest works of prose fiction set in future time, the forgotten writings of the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries that are the precursors of such well-known masterpieces of the form as H.G. Wells's The Time Machine, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, and George Orwell's 1984. The first secular story to break the imaginative barrier against tales of the future, Epigone marked the emergence of a form unknown to classical, medieval, or renaissance literature. Guttin's courageous displacement of narrative into future time was followed by writers such as Samuel Madden, Louis-Sebastien Mercier, Cousin de Granville, Mary Shelley, and Emile Souvestre, who wrote books with such titles as Memoirs of the Twentieth Century, The Year 2440, The Last Man, and The World As It Will Be. Most extraordinary, though, may be Felix Bodin's great metafictional Le roman de l'avenir, "the novel of the future." Both a narrative of the future and a poetics of the new genre, this book identified in the previous isolated works set in future time a situation rarely encountered in literary history, in which the possibility for a new form clearly existed without yet being altogether achieved. In the introduction to his uncompleted novel, Bodin presented his vision of the futuristic novel as a literature of realism, morality, and fantasy. His remarkably astute attempt to define the aesthetics of a major transformation in the relation between literature and time still stands as the basis for the poetics of futuristic fiction. Tracing the early literary history of what became a major form of modern fiction, Origins of Futuristic Fiction examines the key works of the earliest writers of the genre not for what they betray of past expectations but for what they reveal about the formal problems that needed to be resolved before tales of the future could achieve their full power in the works of later novelists.

Pieces Of Georgia

Author: Jen Bryant
Publisher: Yearling
ISBN: 0375890920
Size: 42.18 MB
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Pieces Of Georgia from the Author: Jen Bryant. Like her mother, Georgia McCoy is an artist, but her dad looks away whenever he sees her with a sketchbook. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what it was like when her mother was still alive . . . when they were a family . . . when they were happy. But then a few days after her 13th birthday, Georgia receives an unexpected gift–a strange, formal letter, all typed up and signed anonymous–granting her free admission to the Brandywine River Museum for a whole year. And things begin to change. An accessible novel in poems, Pieces of Georgia offers an endearing protagonist–an aspiring artist, a grieving daughter, a struggling student, a genuine friend–and the poignant story of a broken family coming together. From the Hardcover edition.

Reading Women A Book Club Guide For Women S Fiction

Author: Nanci Milone Hill
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1591588065
Size: 22.97 MB
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Reading Women A Book Club Guide For Women S Fiction from the Author: Nanci Milone Hill. An indispensable guide for anyone who runs or participates in a book group, this title provides the structure and fun facts needed to examine the genre of women's fiction. • Each entry provides an author biography, a book summary, bibliographic material, discussion questions, and read-alike information for each book • Includes discussion questions not found elsewhere

Newcomer S Guide To Georgia

Author: Don O'Briant
Publisher: John F. Blair, Publisher
ISBN: 0895874504
Size: 51.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Newcomer S Guide To Georgia from the Author: Don O'Briant. Newcomer's Guide to Georgia is a one-stop overview of the Peach State from historic, haunted Savannah to cutting-edge Atlanta, from the fast-flowing rivers of the Blue Ridge to leisurely Geechee country and the Golden Isles. You'll learn all the basics about Georgia's landscape, climate, history, government, economy, sporting life, recreational opportunities, festivals, cuisines, universities, museums, and mysteries.

Georgia In Fiction

Author: Source: Wikipedia
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 9781233170128
Size: 13.71 MB
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Georgia In Fiction from the Author: Source: Wikipedia. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 53. Chapters: Films set in Georgia (U.S. state), Song of the South, I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, Deliverance, Driving Miss Daisy, Band of Brothers, Sherman's March, The Last Song, Gone with the Wind, Glory, Grant County, Georgia, Dance of the Dead, The Muppet Movie, Idlewild, Big Momma's House, Daddy's Little Girls, The Gift, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Beauty Shop, Undertow, The Neon Bible, Murder in Coweta County, Warm Springs, My Past Is My Own, Dutch, Riverbend, Rambling Rose, Randy and The Mob, Wise Blood, Andersonville, Swamp Water, Love Crimes, I'd Climb the Highest Mountain. Excerpt: Connection Timeout Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American historical epic film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer-winning 1936 novel of the same name. It was produced by David O. Selznick and directed by Victor Fleming from a screenplay by Sidney Howard. Set in the 19th century American South, the film stars Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland, and Hattie McDaniel, among others, and tells a story of the American Civil War and Reconstruction era from a Southern point of view. The film received 10 Academy Awards (8 competitive, 2 honorary), a record that stood for 20 years. Ben-Hur surpassed it in 1960. In the American Film Institute's inaugural Top 100 Best American Films of All Time list of 1998, it was ranked fourth. Gone With the Wind is considered one of the top rated romance films and an enduring symbol of the golden age of Hollywood. The film was the longest American sound film made up to that time - 3 hours 44 minutes, plus a 15 minute intermission, and was among the first of the major films shot in color (Technicolor), winning the first Academy Award for Best Cinematography in the category for color films. It became the highest-grossing film of all-time shortly after its release, holdi...

Contemporary American Women Fiction Writers

Author: Laurie Champion
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313316272
Size: 22.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Contemporary American Women Fiction Writers from the Author: Laurie Champion. Covers more than sixty women who published significant fiction after 1945, with a brief biography, exposition of major works and themes, survey of critical reception, and references to primary and secondary sources for each.