Nicene And Post Nicene Fathers First Series St Augustine

Author: Philip Schaff
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1602066000
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Nicene And Post Nicene Fathers First Series St Augustine from the Author: Philip Schaff. "The Council of Nicaea in 325 AD marked the beginning of a new era in Christianity. For the first time, doctrines were organized into a single creed. The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers did most of their writing during and after this important event in Church history. Unlike the previous era of Christian writing, the Nicene and Post-Nicene era is dominated by a few very important and prolific writers. In Volume VI of the 14-volume collected writings of the Nicenes and Post-Nicenes (first published between 1886 and 1889), readers will find Saint Augustines exegesis on the Gospels and the Sermon on the Mount, which strove to interpret and draw meaning out of the text without incorporating the author's personal agenda or bias. Also included in this volume are a selection of Augustines sermons."

The City Of God Books 11 22

Author: Saint Augustine
Publisher: New City Press
ISBN: 1565485793
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The City Of God Books 11 22 from the Author: Saint Augustine. Along with his Confessions, The City of God is undoubtedly St. Augustine’s most influential work. In the context of what begins as a lengthy critique of classic Roman religion and a defense of Christianity, Augustine touches upon numerous topics, including the role of grace, the original state of humanity, the possibility of waging a just war, the ideal form of government, and the nature of heaven and hell. But his major concern is the difference between the City of God and the City of Man – one built on love of God, the other on love of self. One cannot but be moved and impressed by the author’s breadth of interest and penetrating intelligence. For all those who are interested in the greatest classics of Christian antiquity, The City of God is indispensible. This long-awaited translation by William Babcock is published in two volumes, with an introduction and annotation that make Augustine’s monumental work approachable. Books 11-22 offer Augustine’s Christian view of history, including the Christian view of human destiny. The INDEX for Books 1-22 (both volumes of The City of God) is contained in this edition.

Rome The Coming Of The King

Author: M C Scott
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 140904291X
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Rome The Coming Of The King from the Author: M C Scott. Sebastos Pantera, known to his many enemies as the Leopard, is the spy the Emperor Nero uses only for the most challenging and important of missions. Hunting alone, trusting no-one, he must find the most dangerous man in Rome's empire and bring him to bloody justice. But his prey is cunning, subtle and ruthless. Saulos has pledged to bring about the destruction of Rome and her provinces and now fate, good luck and planning have given him the means to do so. It will take the strategies of a master hunter to combat the brilliance of Saulos' plan, but Pantera has a new ally, a king in the making who could change the future of his people; a man he can finally trust. If they work together, they could bring a province back from the edge of ruin. But first, they must attempt the impossible; an assault on an invulnerable fortress, where failure means death to them both.

Shepherd S Notes City Of God

Author: Dana Gould
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 1433671905
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Shepherd S Notes City Of God from the Author: Dana Gould. Shepherd's Notes- Christian Classics Series is designed to give readers a quick, step by step overview of some of the enduring treasures of the Christian faith. They are designed to be used along side the classic itself- either in individual study or in a study group. The faithful of all generations have found spiritual nourishment in the Scriptures and in the works of Christians of earlier generations. Martin Luther and John Calvin would not have become who they were apart from their reading Augustine. God used the writings of Martin Luther to move John Wesley from a religion of dead works to an experience at Aldersgate in which his "heart was strangely warmed." Shepherd's Notes will give pastors, laypersons, and students access to some of the treasures of Christian faith.

International Children S Bible

Author: Thomas Nelson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418568511
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International Children S Bible from the Author: Thomas Nelson. The original International Children's Bible®-celebrated as the first Bible translation just for kids-is now available in this special edition with an affordable $16.99 hardcover and $12.99 softcover! Ideal for early readers, this translation gives children ages six to twelve a Bible translation of their very own. This edition features: The full text of the International Children's Bible® translation A 20-page dictionary to help children expand their biblical vocabulary A colorful Books of the Bible contents page Four pages of full-color maps

Rome Book I Enhanced Ebook

Author: Marilyn Chase
Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press
ISBN: 1429116331
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Rome Book I Enhanced Ebook from the Author: Marilyn Chase. Rome—I contains 12 PowerPoint slides, 12 reproducible pages, and a richly detailed teacher's guide. Among the topics covered in this volume are the geography of Italy in the 6th century B.C., Rome's Etruscan heritage, Roman government and religion, Roman law, the Roman army, and Julius Caesar.

Come And See Exile And Return

Author: Joseph L. Ponessa
Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing
ISBN: 9781937155995
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Come And See Exile And Return from the Author: Joseph L. Ponessa. In this study, Tobit, Judith, Esther, Ezra, Nehemiah, and 1 and 2 Maccabees tell us about the ways in which god worked in the lives of the Jewish people as they returned from their exile in Babylon. About the Series: Especially designed for families to do together, "Come and See" Catholic Bible Study series presents the rich heritage of the Catholic Faith in clear and simple language. With its practical direction for leaders, easy-to-use workbook format, and appealing design, this Bible study series is ideal for use in the classroom, home study, or parish catechesis.

A Golden Chain

Author: William Perkins
Publisher: Ravenio Books
Size: 80.77 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A Golden Chain from the Author: William Perkins. This theological classic is organized as follows: To the Christian Reader I. Of the Body of Scripture, and Theology II. Of God, and the Nature of God III. Of the Life of God IV. Of God’s Glory, and Blessedness V. Concerning the Persons of the Godhead VI. Of God’s Works, and His Decree VII. Of Predestination and Creation VIII. Of Angels IX. Of Man, and the Estate of Innocency X. Of Sin, and the Fall of Angels XI. Of Mans Fall and Disobedience XII. Of Original Sin XIII. Of Actual Sin XIV. Of the Common Punishment of Sin XV. Of Election, and of Jesus Christ the Foundation Thereof XVI. Of the Union of the Two Natures in Christ XVII. Of the Distinction of Both Natures XVIII. Of Christs Nativity and Office XIX. Concerning the Outward Means of Executing the Decree of Election, and of the Decalogue XX. Of the First Commandment XXI. Of the Second Commandment XXII. Of the Third Commandment XXIII. Of the Fourth Commandment XXIV. Of the Fifth Commandment XXV. Concerning the Sixth Commandment XXVI. Of the Seventh Commandment XXVII. Of the Eighth Commandment XXVIII. Concerning the Ninth Commandment XXIX. Of the Tenth Commandment XXX. Of the Use of the Law XXXI. Of the Covenant of Grace XXXII. Of the Sacraments XXXIII. Of Baptism XXXIV. Of the Lords Supper XXXV. Of the Degrees of Executing God’s Decree of Election XXXVI. Concerning the First Degree of the Declaration of God’s Love XXXVII. Concerning the Second Degree of the Declaration of God’s Love XXXVIII. Concerning the Third Degree of the Declaration of God’s Love XXXIX. Of Repentance and the Fruits Thereof XL. Of Christian Warfare XLI. Of the First Assault XLII. Of the Second Assault XLIII. Of the Third Assault XLIV. Of the Patient Bearing of the Cross XLV. Of the Calling Upon God XLVI. Of Christian Apology, and Martyrdom XLVII. Of Edification, and Almes Among the Faithful XLVIII. Of the Fourth Degree, of the Declaration of God’s Love: And of the Estate of the Elect After This Life XLIX. Of the Estate of the Elect at the Last Day of Judgement L. Of the Estate of the Elect After Judgement LI. Concerning the Order of the Causes of Salvation, According to the Doctrine of the Church of Rome LII. Concerning the Decree of Reprobation LIII. Concerning the Execution of the Decree of Reprobation LIV. Concerning a New Devised Doctrine of Predestination, Taught by Some New and Late Divines LV. Of the State and Condition of the Reprobates When They Are Dead LVI. Of the Condemnation of the Reprobates at the Last Judgement LVII. Of the Estate of the Reprobates in Hell LVIII. Of the Application of Predestination