Famous Fables 2

Author: Selections from Grimms
Publisher: Ratna Sagar
ISBN: 9788170702054
Size: 52.16 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3341
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Famous Fables 2 from the Author: Selections from Grimms. These supplementary readers are based on structural control and graded vocabulary to help reinforce the children s language skills. They are ideal for Indian children for whom English is a second language.

Furry Fables 2 Cat Tales Magical Fables Inspirational Stories Positive Energy

Author: Tygo Lee
Publisher: eBookIt.com
ISBN: 145662704X
Size: 29.60 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1928
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Furry Fables 2 Cat Tales Magical Fables Inspirational Stories Positive Energy from the Author: Tygo Lee. In Furry Fables 2, spark your imagination once again with these enchanting cat tales that indirectly touch on many of the common challenges and significant aspects of our own daily lives, such as the effects of the lifestyle we choose, our inner happiness, family unity, caring for others, appreciating our differences, friendship bonds, making the most of every moment, and death with dignity. With storylines ranging from the the serious to the comical, each of the magical fables has a different theme and principal character that comes in contact and interacts with other beings of the human, animal, and plant worlds. These inspirational stories will motivate you to contemplate your own life’s circumstances, so as to improve your relationships with those around you and live more happily and peacefully. Furry Fables 2—a part of Tygo Lee’s unique collection of entertaining and inspirational stories, magical fables, fairy tales, cat tales, and reflections—where fantasy is magically transformed into reality.

In La Fontaine S Labyrinth

Author: Randolph Runyon
Publisher: Rookwood Press
ISBN: 9781886365162
Size: 41.75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 349
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In La Fontaine S Labyrinth from the Author: Randolph Runyon. Runyon demonstrates the intimate connectedness between each fable and the next as well as the sequential unity of each of La Fontaine's masterpieces. (Poetry)

Aesop S Fables Grades 2 5

Author: Kathryn Wheeler
Publisher: Key Education Publishing
ISBN: 1602681376
Size: 12.29 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2690
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Aesop S Fables Grades 2 5 from the Author: Kathryn Wheeler. Foster fluency and comprehension with students in grades 2-3 using Partner Read-Alouds: Aesop's Fables. This 64-page book contains high-interest, low-readability passages that make reading fun. It includes 11 leveled stories, each for 3 days of reading together. Day 1 provides an opportunity for teachers to discuss new vocabulary words and the elements of fables. Day 2 allows for students to read, switch roles with their partners, and complete the Checking for Details question sheet. Day 3 instructs students to switch roles again and complete the Thinking About the Story question sheet. The book supports NCTE standards.

Chinese Fables

Author: Shiho S. Nunes
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462911722
Size: 18.49 MB
Format: PDF
View: 4222
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Chinese Fables from the Author: Shiho S. Nunes. **Winner of the 2014 Aesop Prize for Children's and Young Adult Literature** **Winner of the 2013 Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award for Fables, Folklore & Fairytales** **2014 Creative Child Magazine Book of the Year Award Winner** For thousands of years, Chinese storytellers have delighted listeners with stories about the value of virtues like honesty, respect, courage and self-reliance. Chinese Fables collects nineteen of these wonderful tales, some of them dating back to the third century BCE, and retells them in contemporary English for a modern audience. Each of these stories offers a nugget of ancient folk wisdom and shares aspects of Chinese culture and lore. All of the tales express the foibles and wisdom of human experience with great humor and affection. And although the lessons are universal, the wit and flavor are uniquely Chinese. Beautifully illustrated by a master Chinese artist using a patchwork of ancient tones and textures, with a deft touch of humor, this book will give great joy to children and adults alike. Chinese children's stories include: The Practical Bride Stealing the Bell Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy Cooking the Duck Scaring the Tigers The Dragon Slayer

The Fables Of La Fontaine

Author: Andrew Calder
Publisher: Librairie Droz
ISBN: 9782600004640
Size: 47.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3058
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The Fables Of La Fontaine from the Author: Andrew Calder. Tel Socrate, La Fontaine a invité ses lecteurs à participer à son observation de l'humanité et à porter un regard détaché et lucide sur celle-ci.

Epic Tales 2 Magical Fables Inspirational Stories Benny The Bold The Feline Kingdom

Author: Tygo Lee
Publisher: eBookIt.com
ISBN: 1456624350
Size: 21.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2497
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Epic Tales 2 Magical Fables Inspirational Stories Benny The Bold The Feline Kingdom from the Author: Tygo Lee. A Modern Epic Classic! When chivalry was a virtue… Get ready to meet up with the unsettling Bailey the Bad-Breath Bear and a very unnerving mob of Yapper Poodles! With its enchanting lands and many personable talking animals, birds, and reptiles—this second book of magical fables will inspire you to move forward in your life with strength and determination no matter what unspeakable challenges you may face. Don’t miss out on the tension-filled drama, action, and adventure! In Epic Tales 2, each of the two extended fairy tales revolves around the Feline Kingdom and its brave, mystical warrior hero—Benny the Bold. The stories are grounded on universal values which guide us in making the right choices and doing the right thing even under trying circumstances. In this second book of the series, we learn that many times serious conflict can be avoided by using reason, choosing our words carefully, and being patient and steadfast when dealing with difficulties. Epic Tales 2— a part of Tygo Lee’s unique collection of entertaining and inspirational stories, magical fables, fairy tales, cat tales, and reflections. While enjoying the imaginative, thought-provoking stories in this book, you’ll surely come to agree that chivalry is still a virtue today. Long live Benny the Bold!