Europe In The Eighteenth Century 1713 1789

Author: M.S. Anderson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317879643
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Europe In The Eighteenth Century 1713 1789 from the Author: M.S. Anderson. For 1st and 2nd year undergraduate courses in Modern European History in departments of history. Also, higher level courses on enlightenment.This book provides a wide-ranging account and discussion of the history of Europe from 1713-1789. As well as political events, problems and institutions, it looks at the economic life of the continent, social structures and problems and intellectual and religious life. It also covers all aspects of Europe's relations with the rest of the world during a key period in European history.

Europe In The Eighteenth Century 1713 1783

Author: Matthew Smith Anderson
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman Ltd
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Europe In The Eighteenth Century 1713 1783 from the Author: Matthew Smith Anderson. The first edition of this book was hailed by the journal History as 'much the best English textbook in the field', and the third, fully revised, edition is likely to keep it so. Professor Anderson surveys all aspects of European life in the eighteenth century. As before, most of the discussion is on a continent-wide basis; the British Isles are treated as an integral part of the continent; and the book is particularly strong in the attention it devotes to the important but often neglected nations of eastern Europe. It also deals with the European colonial empires, and with the extra-European cultural influences that now affected the life the continent. Furthermore, this edition draws together all the recent important scholarship on the period.

Political Repression In 19th Century Europe

Author: Robert Justin Goldstein
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135026696
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Political Repression In 19th Century Europe from the Author: Robert Justin Goldstein. Originally published in 1983. The nineteenth century was a time of great economic, social and political change. As Europe modernized, previously ignorant and apathetic elements in the population began to demand political freedoms. There was pressure also for a freer press, for the rights of assembly and association. The apprehension of the existing elites manifested itself in an intensification of often brutal form of political repression. The first part of this book summarizes on a pan-European basis, the major techniques of repression such as the denial of popular franchise and press censorship. This is followed by a chronological survey of these techniques from 1815 – 1914 in each European country. The book analyzes the long and short-term importance of these events for European historical development in the 19th and 20th centuries.

War Diplomacy And The Rise Of Savoy 1690 1720

Author: Christopher Storrs
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139425193
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War Diplomacy And The Rise Of Savoy 1690 1720 from the Author: Christopher Storrs. This book deals with the crucial relationship between war and state formation in early modern Europe by considering the role of the Duchy of Savoy and the rise of this hitherto weak state into one of the regular members of the anti-French coalitions of the eighteenth century. Through his participation in the Nine Years War (1688–97) and the War of the Spanish Succession (1701–14), Victor Amadeus II, duke of Savoy, acquired a reputation for unrivalled 'Machiavellian' diplomacy on the international stage. The book puts this diplomacy in context, and considers how the duke raised men and money (at home and abroad), the administrative changes forced by war, the resulting domestic pressures, and how these were dealt with.

Europe 1450 To 1789 Gabrieli To Lyon

Author: Jonathan Dewald
Publisher: Scribner
ISBN: 9780684312033
Size: 46.98 MB
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Europe 1450 To 1789 Gabrieli To Lyon from the Author: Jonathan Dewald. Online version of the 6-volume work, published: New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 2004.