Textbook Of Environmental Studies For Undergraduate Courses

Author: Erach Bharucha
Publisher: Universities Press
ISBN: 9788173715402
Size: 22.82 MB
Format: PDF
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Textbook Of Environmental Studies For Undergraduate Courses from the Author: Erach Bharucha. The Importance Of Environmental Studies Cannot Be Disputed Since The Need For Sustainable Development Is A Key To The Future Of Mankind. Recognising This, The Honourable Supreme Court Of India Directed The Ugc To Introduce A Basic Course On Environmental Education For Undergraduate Courses In All Disciplines, To Be Implemented By Every University In The Country. Accordingly, The Ugc Constituted An Expert Committee To Formulate A Six-Month Core Module Syllabus For Environmental Studies. This Textbook Is The Outcome Of The Ugc S Efforts And Has Been Prepared As Per The Syllabus. It Is Designed To Bring About An Awareness On A Variety Of Environmental Concerns. It Attempts To Create A Pro-Environmental Attitude And A Behavioural Pattern In Society That Is Based On Creating Sustainable Lifestyles And A New Ethic Towards Conservation. This Textbook Stresses On A Balanced View Of Issues That Affect Our Daily Lives. These Issues Are Related To The Conflict Between Existing `Development Strategies And The Need For `Conservation . It Not Only Makes The Student Better Informed On These Concerns, But Is Expected To Lead The Student Towards Positive Action To Improve The Environment. Based On A Multidisciplinary Approach That Brings About An Appreciation Of The Natural World And Human Impact On Its Integrity, This Textbook Seeks Practical Answers To Make Human Civilization Sustainable On The Earth S Finite Resources. Attractively Priced At Rupees One Hundred And Fifteen Only, This Textbook Covers The Syllabus As Structured By The Ugc, Divided Into 8 Units And 50 Lectures. The First 7 Units, Which Cover 45 Lectures Are Classroom Teaching-Based, And Enhance Knowledge Skills And Attitude To Environment. Unit 8 Is Based On Field Activities To Be Covered In 5 Lecture Hours And Would Provide Students With First Hand Knowledge On Various Local Environmental Issues.

Environmental Studies

Author: B. S. Chauhan
Publisher: Firewall Media
ISBN: 9788131803288
Size: 14.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Environmental Studies from the Author: B. S. Chauhan. This book is intended to meet the academic requirements of the subject 'Environmental Studies' for undergraduate students in Indian and overseas universities. The contents have been prepared keeping in mind the widest possible variations in the background of the users.The entire UGC syllabus and supplementary materials are in the nine chapters. Chapter 1 describes the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. Chapter 2 and 3 comprehensively elaborate the forest, water, minerals, food, energy and land resources. Chapter 4 explains various aspects of biodiversity. Chapter 5 discusses the science of ecology and concepts of ecosystem. Chapter 6 is an exhaustive description of environmental pollution, its sources, effects and control measures. The sustainable development has been discussed in Chapter 7. Issues on environment and health, human rights, AIDS, women & child welfare and role of IT industry have been addressed in great length in Chapter 8.Key features of this book include authentic, simple to the point and latest account of each and every topic besides well sketched illustrations and various case studies. The book also contains glossary of terms which can be of particular use to students with little or no science background, and appendices and abbreviations commonly used in describing environmental studies

A Textbook Of Environmental Studies

Author: CHAWLA
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 1259051331
Size: 55.47 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A Textbook Of Environmental Studies from the Author: CHAWLA. This book on Environmental Studies by Dr. Shashi Chawla is designed to develop visual and spontaneous learning through a simple and holistic approach. The author has presented the global subject of environmental studies in the Indian context with ample Case Studies and examples from India. Several memory aids along with well labeled illustrations and flowcharts will make the book easy to read, understand and implement by students. feature • Multitude of flowcharts and illustrations for clear understanding of concepts • Thoughtful and balanced mix of latest Case Studies and facts pertaining to • environmental concerns • Excellent pedagogy: • Theory Questions: 162 • Solved Examples: 26 • Case Studies: 41 • Fill-in the Blanks: 119 • Match-ups: 20 • Multiple Choice Questions: 102 • True & False: 85 • Total - 555

Environmental Studies

Author: Anindita Basak
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 8131785688
Size: 75.36 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Environmental Studies from the Author: Anindita Basak. Environmental Studies covers the course requirements for undergraduate students of all disciplines. It aims to educate the readers about nature, ecosystems, natural resources, biodiversity, pollution, and the current challenges faced by environmentalists. It integrates the social impact associated with environmental issues through national and international case studies.

Perspectives In Environmental Studies

Author: Anubha Kaushik
Publisher: New Age International
ISBN: 8122417558
Size: 32.70 MB
Format: PDF
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Perspectives In Environmental Studies from the Author: Anubha Kaushik. Environmental Studies Pertain To A Systematic Analysis Of The Natural And Man-Made World Encompassing Various Scientific, Economic, Social And Ethical Aspects. Human Impacts Leading To Large-Scale Degradation Of The Environment Have Aroused Global Concern On Environmental Issues In The Recent Years. The Apex Court Has Hence, Issued Directive To Impart Environmental Literacy To All.In This Book The Fundamental Concepts Of Environmental Studies Have Been Introduced And Analyzed In A Simple Manner Strictly As Per The Module Syllabus Designed By The Ugc For Undergraduate Courses In Science, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce, Management And Law. Besides The Undergraduate Students Of All Disciplines The Book Will Also Be Useful For Those Appearing In Various Competitive Exams Since Environmental Issues Now Find A Focus In Most Of Such Examinations. The Contents Of The Book Will Be Of Interest To All Educationists, Planners And Policy Makers.Key Features Of The Book Include A Simple And Holistic Approach With Illustrations, Tables And Specific Case Studies Mainly In The Indian Context. The Basic Terminologies Have Been Defined In The Text While Introducing The Topics And Some Useful Terms Mentioned In The Text Have Been Explained In The Glossary For An Easy Grasp By Students Of All Disciplines.

Environmental Studies

Author: Dr. Suresh K. Dhameja
Publisher: S K Kataria and Sons
ISBN: 9788188458776
Size: 31.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Environmental Studies from the Author: Dr. Suresh K. Dhameja.

Environmental Studies

Author: Arun K Tripathi
Publisher: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
ISBN: 8179935825
Size: 54.97 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Environmental Studies from the Author: Arun K Tripathi. This book contains more than 1400 multiple choice questions covering various environment-related topics, such as ecology and environment, biodiversity, natural resources, eco-marketing, environmental finance, air pollution, and water pollution. The first chapter is a comprehensive introduction to environmental studies. The book will prove beneficial for academicians, students pursuing courses on environmental studies, professionals, aspirants of various competitive exams, and stakeholders in the environment sector. It can also be handy for various quiz programmes.