Author: Umberto Eco
Publisher: Guernica Editions
ISBN: 9781550710632
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Encounter from the Author: Umberto Eco. "It is impossible to think about the present or the future of universities without taking into account the fact that universities live in a world dominated by mass media." - U Eco. Eco wrote this short essay when he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in letters by Laurentian University (Canada). The essay appears in English, French, and Italian.


Author: Ignacio Larrañaga
Publisher: MĂ©diaspaul
ISBN: 9782894201251
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Encounter from the Author: Ignacio Larrañaga. In the midst of various situations of life, spiritual as well as psychological, this manual is the golden way to the encounter with God from which emerges communion as the ultimate goal of our prayer.

Constructing The Colonial Encounter

Author: Niels Brimnes
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780700711062
Size: 76.33 MB
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Constructing The Colonial Encounter from the Author: Niels Brimnes. This book offers a systematic analysis of the violent clashes between the South Indian 'right' and 'left' hand caste divisions that repeatedly rocked the European settlements on the Coromandel Coast in the early colonial period. Whereas the Indian population expected the colonial authorities to intervene in the disputes, the Europeans were reluctant to get involved in conflicts which they barely understood. In the nineteenth century the significance of the divisions diminished, a development that has long puzzled historians and anthropologists. In addition, this study addresses the larger issue of the nature of colonial encounters. The rich material relating to these disputes convincingly demonstrates how Europeans and Indians, as they sought to incorporate each other into their own social structure and conceptual universe, participated in a dialogue on the nature of South Indian society.


Author: Ivy Ruckman
Publisher: Doubleday Books
ISBN: 9780385141505
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Encounter from the Author: Ivy Ruckman. A young boy's encounter with an unidentified flying object drastically alters his life.

Philosophy Of The Encounter

Author: Louis Althusser
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 9781844675531
Size: 24.86 MB
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Philosophy Of The Encounter from the Author: Louis Althusser. From Althusser's most prolific period, this book is destined to become a classic.

Global Land Use Change

Author: Billie Lee Turner
Publisher: Editorial CSIC - CSIC Press
ISBN: 9788400074739
Size: 68.14 MB
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Global Land Use Change from the Author: Billie Lee Turner.


Author: Moo-sook Hahn
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520911086
Size: 30.27 MB
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Encounter from the Author: Moo-sook Hahn. This historical novel, Encounter (Mannam), by Hahn Moo-Sook, one of Asia's most honored writers, is a story of the resilience in the Korean spirit. It is told through the experiences of Tasan, a high-ranking official and foremost Neo-Confucian scholar at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Because of Tasan's fascination with Western learning, then synonymous with Catholicism, he is exiled to a remote province for 18 years. In banishment he meets people from various social and religious backgrounds—Buddhist monks, peasants, shamans—whom he would not otherwise have met. The events of Tasan's life are effectively used to depict the confluence of Buddhist, Neo-Confucian, Taoist, and shamanistic beliefs in traditional Korea. A subplot involves three young sisters, the daughters of a prominent Catholic aristocrat, and affords the reader vivid glimpses into Yi-dynasty women's lives, particularly those of palace ladies, scholars' wives, tavern keepers, shamans, and slaves. In contrast to the long-held Confucian stereotype of female subservience, this story illustrates the richness of women's contribution to Korean culture and tradition. Encounter's detailed narrative provides a broad and informed view of nineteenth-century Korea, making it a highly useful book for courses on Korean literature and society. It will also be an engaging read for lovers of historical fiction.

Promised Land Crusader State

Author: Walter A. McDougall
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780395901328
Size: 34.86 MB
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Promised Land Crusader State from the Author: Walter A. McDougall. A look at America's foreign policy over the past two hundred years posits the theory that America is struggling with two visions of itself as reflected in its foreign policy

God And Nature

Author: David C. Lindberg
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520056923
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God And Nature from the Author: David C. Lindberg. Since the publication in 1896 of Andrew Dickson White's classic History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, no comprehensive history of the subject has appeared in the English language. Although many twentieth-century historians have written on the relationship between Christianity and science, and in the process have called into question many of White's conclusions, the image of warfare lingers in the public mind. To provide an up-to-date alternative, based on the best available scholarship and written in nontechnical language, the editors of this volume have assembled an international group of distinguished historians. In eighteen essays prepared especially for this book, these authors cover the period from the early Christian church to the twentieth century, offering fresh appraisals of such encounters as the trial of Galileo, the formulation of the Newtonian worldview, the coming of Darwinism, and the ongoing controversies over "scientific creationism.” They explore not only the impact of religion on science, but also the influence of science and religion. This landmark volume promises not only to silence the persistent rumors of war between Christianity and science, but also serve as the point of departure for new explorations of their relationship, Scholars and general readers alike will find it provocative and readable.