Effects Of Information Capitalism And Globalization On Teaching And Learning

Author: Adeoye, Blessing F.
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1466661631
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Effects Of Information Capitalism And Globalization On Teaching And Learning from the Author: Adeoye, Blessing F.. "This book examines issues concerning emerging multimedia technologies and their challenges and solutions in teaching and learning, exploring the global society's effect on learning"--Provided by publisher.

Teaching Against Global Capitalism And The New Imperialism

Author: Peter McLaren
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742510401
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Teaching Against Global Capitalism And The New Imperialism from the Author: Peter McLaren. This book will address a number of urgent themes in education today that include multiculturalism, the politics of whiteness, the globalization of capital, neoliberalism, postmodernism, imperialism, and current debates in Marxist social theory. The above themes will be linked to critical educational praxis, particularly to teaching activities within urban schools. Finally, the book will develop the basis for a wider political project directed at resisting and transforming economic exploitation, cultural homogenization, political repression, and gender inequality. Recent and widespread scholarly attention has been given to the unabated mercilessness of global capitalism. Little opposition exists as capital runs amok, unhampered and undisturbed by the tectonic upheaval that is occurring in the geopolitical landscape that has recently witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the regimes of the Eastern Bloc. As we examine education policies within the context of economic globalization, we attempt to address the extent to which the pedagogy and politics of everyday life has fallen under the sway of what we identify as cultural and economic imperialism. Finally, the book raises a number of urgent questions: What are the current limitations to educational reform efforts among the educational left? What are some of the problems associated with certain developments within postmodern education? How can a return to Marxist theory and revolutionary politics revitalize the educational left at a time when capitalism appears to be unstoppable? What actions need to be taken in both local and global arenas to overcome the exploitation that the globalization of capital has wreaked upon the world?

How Educational Ideologies Are Shaping Global Society

Author: Joel Spring
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135614121
Size: 43.20 MB
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How Educational Ideologies Are Shaping Global Society from the Author: Joel Spring. In this book Joel Spring explores three major international educational ideologies that are shaping global society: neo-liberal educational ideology, human rights education, and environmentalism. Neo-liberal ideology reflects a rethinking of nationalist forms of education as the nation-state slowly erodes under the power of a growing global civil society. Traditional nationalist education attempts to mold loyal and patriotic citizens who are emotionally attached to symbols of the state, whereas the goal of neo-liberal educational ideology is to change nationalist education to serve the needs of the global economy. These changes are fueling a clash between the ideas of free-market and consumer-based neo-liberals and those of human rights and environmental educators. Human rights education is concerned with creating activist global citizens. It is rooted in the idea that inherent in human rights doctrines is a collective responsibility to ensure the rights of all people. Environmentalism is the most radical of the ideologies because it rejects the industrial and consumerist paradigm that has dominated most economic thought, including capitalism and communism. Spring synthesizes and analyzes the effect of these educational ideologies on shaping the future of the global society. In the concluding section, he compares the effect of these ideologies on global society with the possibility of a world divided between conflicting civilizations. How Educational Ideologies Are Shaping Global Society: Intergovernmental Organizations, NGOs, and the Decline of the Nation-State features: *a critical exploration of the transition of schooling from a function of the nation-state to a globalized economic and political system; *a discussion of the major organizations and trading blocs shaping the future globalization of educational policies; *an analysis of the major competing global ideologies of education--including national and corporate models that emphasize training workers for a competitive global free market; the worldwide network of human rights and peace educators who are teaching a global set of ethics; and the environmental movement's efforts to create a common set of educational standards for sustainable development and sustainable consumption; and *an exploration of the possible future of global educational policy and school organizations. By integrating a wide range of previously scattered information within a bold new framework for understanding educational ideologies and their impact on the global society, Spring raises important questions for researchers, professionals, and students in history and philosophy of education, educational policy, educational studies, comparative education, multicultural education, curriculum studies, critical media studies, global studies, human rights education, and related areas.

Critical Education Against Global Capitalism

Author: Paula Allman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780897897433
Size: 63.49 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Critical Education Against Global Capitalism from the Author: Paula Allman. Analyzes contemporary global capitalism, and discusses why critical educators need to challenge it.

Capitalists And Conquerors

Author: Peter McLaren
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 0742572536
Size: 68.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Capitalists And Conquerors from the Author: Peter McLaren. Capitalists and Conquerors is a series of path-breaking essays in the political sociology of education on topics hotly debated within the educational community. In this volume Peter McLaren addresses some of the most daunting political challenges of the current times, including the globalization of capitalism, the United States' drive towards world domination, strategies, tactics and models of resistance to neoliberalism and the ravages of empire-building, the role of the educator as a social agent and public citizen, the purposes and possibilities of public schooling, and the struggle for socialism. As a Marxist-humanist philosopher and social theorist, McLaren is able to offer new philosophical premises and socialist principles for building an alternative to capitalism. The passion, poetry and fierce political conviction for which McLaren is known is very much present in this volume.

Globalizing Education

Author: Michael W. Apple
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820471204
Size: 54.56 MB
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Globalizing Education from the Author: Michael W. Apple. Globalizing Education: Policies, Pedagogies and Politics consists of 16 chapters that discuss different aspects of education in a globalized context. Globalization and its effects on education is the focus of many publications, and this book encompasses the perspectives of various educational politicians and educators on the key issues and their implications for education in a globalized milieu. Chapter (1): The authors begin with a definition of "globalization," and an indication of the broad conceptual framework that informs the book.; (2): This chapter draws attention to the effect of globalization on young students; "it focuses on issues of pleasure, agency, and knowledge politics"; (3): The author discusses how "the new information technologies and communication have been thoroughly implicated in some of the big cultural shifts associated with globalization" (4): The authore discusses the "New Knowledge"--Education as a commodity which has negative implications for education, particularly adult education. The chapter focuses exclusively on the relation between whiteness and globalization, and contemporary concerns for social inclusion, particularly adult education and training policies; (5): Thomson discusses issues of globalization of educational process from different angle- poverty. What is found unique about this chapter is that it highlights the effect of globalization on the already struggling public school.; (6): The autor argues that governments "need to consider what social, educational, and economic objectives they want to encourage from the international trade in education, what principles should govern its regulation, and the best mechanisms to achieve these objectives."

Education Globalization And Social Change

Author: Hugh Lauder
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780199272532
Size: 43.10 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Education Globalization And Social Change from the Author: Hugh Lauder. Education is seen as central to economic competitiveness, the reduction of poverty and inequality, and environmental sustainability. The editors have selected key writings that examine the social and economic limits- and possibilities of-education in addressing these fundamental problems. This new reader establishes the field of sociology of education with a particular focus on papers that analyse the nature and extent of globalization in education. A general introduction presents the keyconcepts in the sociology of education, and outlines the major theories and debates, especially in relation to globalization. Each section is accompanied by a part opener explaining and contextualizing the readings within a larger educational and sociological context.

Tooning In

Author: Cameron White
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1461646278
Size: 14.99 MB
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Tooning In from the Author: Cameron White. A collection of eloquent essays, Tooning In critically examines and interprets the concept of 'popular culture.' Many interesting works have addressed this subject, but few have provided a critical perspective regarding the possibilities of popular culture as a tool for teaching and learning. White and Walker suggest that popular culture is a vital aspect of contemporary life and can be wielded as a tool for efficacy and empowerment, particularly among youth. The book addresses such important questions as: What is the role of popular culture in students' lives? What are the possibilities for popular culture in schooling and education? What are the differences between traditional and transformative approaches to popular culture? With essays specifically devoted to film, music, television, games, and other alternative popular culture texts, Tooning In invites readers to re-examine the fundamental aspects of popular culture as a societal force.

Schools Under Surveillance

Author: Torin Monahan
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813548265
Size: 78.61 MB
Format: PDF
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Schools Under Surveillance from the Author: Torin Monahan. Schools under Surveillance gathers together some of the very best researchers studying surveillance and discipline in contemporary public schools. Surveillance is not simply about monitoring or tracking individuals and their dataĆ¹it is about the structuring of power relations through human, technical, or hybrid control mechanisms. Essays cover a broad range of topics including police and military recruiters on campus, testing and accountability regimes such as No Child Left Behind, and efforts by students and teachers to circumvent the most egregious forms of surveillance in public education. Each contributor is committed to the continued critique of the disparity and inequality in the use of surveillance to target and sort students along lines of race, class, and gender.

Teaching And Learning Primary Science With Ict

Author: Warwick, Paul
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335218946
Size: 65.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Teaching And Learning Primary Science With Ict from the Author: Warwick, Paul. This book provides a range of insights into pupils' learning relevant to the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in primary science. The contributors, who are all experts in their field, draw on practical and theoretical perspectives and: Provide specific examples of software and hardware use in the classroom Consider innovative and creative uses of technology for pupils engaged in science activity in the primary and early years Indicate future possibilities for the use of computer-based technologies Key themes running through the book include: setting the use of ICT in primary science within theoretical perspectives on learning and on pedagogy; the importance of using ICT in developing talking and listening opportunities in the science classroom; and the potential of learning through ICT enhanced science investigations. Contemporary issues such as inclusion, creativity and collaborative learning are also examined, making Teaching and Learning Primary Science with ICT essential reading for students in science education, and for teachers who want to use new technology to improve learning in their science classrooms.