The Earliest Christian Hymnbook

Publisher: James Clarke & Co
ISBN: 0227903072
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The Earliest Christian Hymnbook from the Author: . That the earliest followers of Jesus wrote poetry, hymns, and odes is evident already in the New Testament. This volume is a translation of The Odes of Solomon, a collection of early Christian hymns or odes; some are obviously Christian, others perhaps Jewish. The beauty of these poems is a tribute to the depth of spirituality in early communities of Christians, some of whom were perhaps also Jews or converted Jews. Professor Charlesworth offers an inviting introduction and a translation of this work that is both engaging and true to the original languages. The Index of Ancient Sources provides the reader access to the wide range of references in the notes.

Hymns And The Christian Myth

Author: Lionel Adey
Publisher: UBC Press
ISBN: 9780774802574
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Hymns And The Christian Myth from the Author: Lionel Adey. From its beginnings in the Bible, Christian hymnology has fulfilled three functions -- praise, recital and teaching of the Myth, and collective and personal adoration as well as the foundation and worship of the church. In Hymns and the Christian Myth Lionel Adey demonstrates that over the centuries shifts emphasizing particular elements of the Christian faith accord with the interests and concerns of the times in which the hymns were composed. Using a broad range of texts, Adey deals with major themes of every period from biblical times to the early twentiet century. In tracing the changes in representation of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Four Last Things in early and medieval Latin hymns, post-Reformation chorales and psalm-based hymns, and English hymns from the time of Watts, the book shows an increasing sense of personal response to the Incarnation and Passion of Christ and of participation in His redemptive work. Chapters on hymnody of the Nativity and Passion illustrate the tendency of monastic poets (the Learned tradition) to focus on dogma, mystery, and paradox, and carolists (the Popular tradition) to convey devotional tenderness. Those on hymnody of the Holy Spirit illustrate a shift through the medieval period from representing pentecostal events to exploring their spiritual meaning. During the Reformation and the Evangelical Revival, the weight of hymnody shifts first to the Father and then to the Son's Passion and Atonement, applied personally and inwardly re-lived by the convert. Most consistently, hymnic representations of the Last Things shift their focus from collective to individual judgement, from death as sleep until the general awakening to death as instant passage to reunion with family and friends. As a hymnologist rather than a theologian, Adey makes no pronouncements on the truth of Christian beliefs. His focus is on how poets have expressed them over two millenia. As such, the book will interest not only students of religion but also those in such related disciplines as literature, psychology, history, and sociology.

Sacra Scriptura

Author: James H. Charlesworth
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567296687
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Sacra Scriptura from the Author: James H. Charlesworth. Many of the writings deemed 'apocryphal' and 'pseudepigraphical'were in circulation in the early centuries of Judaism and Christianity. Their influences and impacts on the development of early communities, and the development of Jewish and Christian thoughts, have not yet been sufficiently examined. While this judgment is especially true for the so-called Christian Apocrypha, it also applies for other writings that were not included in the Jewish and Christian Bibles and nor in other sacred collections of Scripture,like Rabbinics and Patristics. Most of these ancient writings functioned, to some degree, as sacred texts or scripture-sacra scriptura-in the communities in which they were produced and in others to which they circulated.This volume focuses on how some of these forgotten voices were heard within numerous early religious communities, helping to remove the distressing silence in many areas of the ancient world.

Critical Reflections On The Odes Of Solomon

Author: James H. Charlesworth
Publisher: Sheffield Academic Pr
ISBN: 9781850756606
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Critical Reflections On The Odes Of Solomon from the Author: James H. Charlesworth. The Odes of Solomon is recognized as the earliest Christian hymnbook. Questions, however, abound. Are the Odes essentially Jewish, Jewish-Christian, gnostic, or simply Christian? There is wide agreement that the Odes are related in some way to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gospel of John. Charlesworth argues that the Odes were composed in an early form of Aramaic-Syriac and, like the Psalter, in poetic parallelism. Pointing to parallels with the Thanksgiving Hymns and other Qumran texts, he concludes that the Odist had probably been an Essene before he became a Christian, a member of the Johannine community.

The Book Of Hebrews

Author: Robert C. Girard
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN: 1418587117
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The Book Of Hebrews from the Author: Robert C. Girard. More than any other New Testament book, Hebrews helps you understand the pivotal relationship between the Old and New Testaments. Yet some of the ancient-and most foundational-concepts of our faith can be difficult to understand here in the 21st century. With The Smart Guide to the BibleTM: The Book of Hebrews, you'll discover the power of being inseparably linked with the historic, living Savior, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Be Smart About: The Foundations of Christianity The Jewish Sacrificial System The Power of Jesus Jesus as High Priest The Position of Jesus The Work of the Holy Spirit And More!

Hidden Gospels

Author: Philip Jenkins
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199923914
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Hidden Gospels from the Author: Philip Jenkins. This incisive critique thoroughly and convincingly debunks the claims that recently discovered texts such as the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, and even the Dead Sea Scrolls undermine the historical validity of the New Testament. Jenkins places the recent controversies surrounding the hidden gospels in a broad historical context and argues that, far from being revolutionary, such attempts to find an alternative Christianity date back at least to the Enlightenment. By employing the appropriate scholarly and historical methodologies, he demonstrates that the texts purported to represent pristine Christianity were in fact composed long after the canonical gospels found in the Bible. Produced by obscure heretical movements, these texts have attracted much media attention chiefly because they seem to support radical, feminist, and post-modern positions in the modern church. Indeed, Jenkins shows how best-selling books on the "hidden gospels" have been taken up by an uncritical, drama-hungry media as the basis for a social movement that could have powerful effects on the faith and practice of contemporary Christianity.

A Challenge To Islam For Reformation

Author: G├╝nter L├╝ling
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe
ISBN: 9788120819528
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A Challenge To Islam For Reformation from the Author: G├╝nter L├╝ling. As a Protestant theologian and diciple of renowned critics of Christianity, Albert Schweitzer and Martin Werner, the Author wanted since long to contribute to the breakthrough of their resolute nontrinitarian position which has throughout the twentieth century by all and every Western Christian university theology been silenced by pretending tacitly and tenaciously the non-existence of their strong argument.