Dominica The Dark Island

Author: Michael Tritico
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1475924232
Size: 56.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Dominica The Dark Island from the Author: Michael Tritico. Shortly after gaining independence from Britain, the island nation of Dominica implemented a farsighted policy protecting most of its biologically diverse rainforest as a national preserve. Former US Park Service Naturalist Michael Tritico traveled to Dominica intent on resting from his highly stressful confrontations in Louisiana’s ecological wars in hope of working as a volunteer in the new Dominican Park Service. Unfortunately, and unknown to him, people allegedly working for the Ku Klux Klan had also planned to travel from Louisiana to Dominica, though their intentions were much less benign. They had a plan for capturing the island, a scheme called Operation Red Dog. Although the invaders were stopped in New Orleans, US officials had alerted Dominican authorities to be on the lookout for any possible terrorists who might have slipped through the American dragnet. Michael was faced with these bizarre circumstances immediately after landing on the island. Despite interrogations and cryptic warnings from both Dominican and American officials, he attempted to pursue his original plans, experiencing grand moments during his nine days there, such as a beautiful tour of the Indian River and the island’s first nocturnal zombie hunt. In this memoir, he recalls his time on the island and reflects on what it has to offer, considering his misadventures to be a divinely orchestrated episode meant to draw attention to a potential model the island of Dominica provides.

Working In The Dark

Author: Donald Campbell
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317552156
Size: 67.82 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Working In The Dark from the Author: Donald Campbell. Working in the Dark focuses on the authors’ understanding of an individual’s pre-suicide state of mind, based on their work with many suicidal individuals, with special attention to those who attempted suicide while in treatment. The book explores how to listen to a suicidal individual’s history, the nature of their primary relationships and their conscious and unconscious communications. Campbell and Hale address the searing emotional impact on relatives, friends and those involved with a person who tries to kill themself, by offering advice on the management of a suicide attempt and how to follow up in the aftermath. Establishing key concepts such as suicide fantasy and pre-suicidal states in adolescents, the book illustrates the pre-suicide state of mind through clinical vignettes, case studies, reflections from those in recovery and discussions with professionals. Working in the Dark will be of interest to social workers, probation officers, nurses, psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and doctors who work with those who have attempted suicide or are about to do so.

Home Maison Casa

Author: Erica L. Johnson
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
ISBN: 9780838639610
Size: 53.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Home Maison Casa from the Author: Erica L. Johnson. A comparative study of the highly problematic concept of home in works by authors born and raised in colonial contexts and repatriated as young adults to European homelands which they had never before seen. They write at an angle to nationalist or imperialist constructions of home and create terragraphica, or a place from which to write.

Adventure Guide To Dominica And St Lucia

Author: Lynne M. Sullivan
Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 9781588433930
Size: 68.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Adventure Guide To Dominica And St Lucia from the Author: Lynne M. Sullivan. Dominica is unique in that it was never farmed over; it remains jungled-covered and mountainous. St Lucia is more developed, but is breathtaking in its beauty. Comprehensive background information - history, culture, geography and climate - gives the reader a solid knowledge of each destination and its people.


Author: Paul Crask
Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides
ISBN: 9781841622170
Size: 77.78 MB
Format: PDF
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Dominica from the Author: Paul Crask. The complete travel guide exploring every aspect of the Caribbean island of Dominica, with particular appeal to eco-tourists and watersports enthusiasts with plenty of information on cultural aspects of the island.

Your Time Is Done Now

Author: Polly Pattullo
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1583675582
Size: 65.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Your Time Is Done Now from the Author: Polly Pattullo. Your Time Is Done Now tells the story of the Maroons (runaways slaves) of Dominica and their allies through the transcripts of trials held in 1813 and 1814 during the Second Maroon War. Using the evidence to explain how the Maroons waged war against slave society, the book reveals for the first time fascinating details about how Maroons survived in the forests and also about their relationship with the enslaved on the plantations. It also examines the key role of the British governor who succeeded in suppressing the Maroons and how the Colonial Office in London reacted to his punitive conduct. Read the evidence and hear the voices of the oppressed in resistance and defeat.

The Dark Side Of Game Play

Author: Torill Elvira Mortensen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131757446X
Size: 74.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Dark Side Of Game Play from the Author: Torill Elvira Mortensen. Games allow players to experiment and play with subject positions, values and moral choice. In game worlds players can take on the role of antagonists; they allow us to play with behaviour that would be offensive, illegal or immoral if it happened outside of the game sphere. While contemporary games have always handled certain problematic topics, such as war, disasters, human decay, post-apocalyptic futures, cruelty and betrayal, lately even the most playful of genres are introducing situations in which players are presented with difficult ethical and moral dilemmas. This volume is an investigation of "dark play" in video games, or game play with controversial themes as well as controversial play behaviour. It covers such questions as: Why do some games stir up political controversies? How do games invite, or even push players towards dark play through their design? Where are the boundaries for what can be presented in a games? Are these boundaries different from other media such as film and books, and if so why? What is the allure of dark play and why do players engage in these practices?

Night Photography And Light Painting

Author: Lance Keimig
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1317964616
Size: 29.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Night Photography And Light Painting from the Author: Lance Keimig. Lance Keimig, one of the premier experts on night photography, has put together a comprehensive reference that will show you ways to capture images you never thought possible. This new edition of Night Photography presents the practical techniques of shooting at night alongside theory and history, illustrated with clear, concise examples, and charts and stunning images. From urban night photography to photographing the landscape by starlight or moonlight, from painting your subject with light to creating a subject with light, this book provides a complete guide to digital night photography and light painting.

Human Rights And The Dark Side Of Globalisation

Author: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315408252
Size: 37.14 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Human Rights And The Dark Side Of Globalisation from the Author: Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen. This edited volume examines the continued viability of international human rights law in the context of growing transnational law enforcement. With states increasingly making use of global governance modes, core exercises of public authority such as migration control, surveillance, detention and policing, are increasingly conducted extraterritorially, outsourced to foreign governments or delegated to non-state actors. New forms of cooperation raise difficult questions about divided, shared and joint responsibility under international human rights law. At the same time, some governments engage in transnational law enforcement exactly to avoid such responsibilities, creatively seeking to navigate the complex, overlapping and sometimes unclear bodies of international law. As such, this volume argues that this area represents a particular dark side of globalisation, requiring both scholars and practitioners to revisit basic assumptions and legal strategies. The volume will be of great interest to students, scholars and practitioners of international relations, human rights and public international law.