Digger Makes A Friend

Author: Griffin Roesser
Publisher: Rosen Classroom
ISBN: 9781404257740
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Digger Makes A Friend from the Author: Griffin Roesser. 1 copy

Iii Wars Trilogy

Author: John E. Thompson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1452015406
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Iii Wars Trilogy from the Author: John E. Thompson. It was the last image however, taking shape just before the entrance to his treasure room, that shook Third's very soul and filled him with more terror and dread he had ever felt before. An imposing human warrior stood barring Third's entrance into his destiny of power and fame. The man stood resolute in his battle ready stance, and Third felt as though he was seeing death incarnate. The warrior held a metallic rod in one gauntleted hand and a shield at the defensive ready in the other. A single stonework battle tower was emblazoned upon the circular shield. Somehow, Third knew that he would forever remember this warrior's determined face. Third tried to focus his mind to remove the vision, but it remained. He tried to slow his drifting approach toward the warrior, but he couldn't. Some force was compelling them to each other. With calculating eyes the warrior sensed his presence and raised his battle rod to strike. An aqua-blue hue enveloped the metal rod as it shimmered, transformed, and lengthened into a long sword. Flames burst to life over the entire surface of the gleaming blade as the terrifying warrior raised it high overhead. With his shield held in perfect defense he lunged forward and slashed the blazing sword downward into Third's mind.

The Prairie Bird

Author: Charles Augustus Murray
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The Prairie Bird from the Author: Charles Augustus Murray. Example in this ebook CHAPTER I. IN WHICH THE READER WILL FIND A SKETCH OF A VILLAGE IN THE WEST, AND WILL BE INTRODUCED TO SOME OF THE DRAMATIS PERSONÆ. There is, perhaps, no country in the world more favoured, in respect to natural advantages, than the state of Ohio in North America: the soil is of inexhaustible fertility; the climate temperate; the rivers, flowing into Lake Erie to the north, and through the Ohio into the Mississippi to the south–west, are navigable for many hundreds of miles; the forests abound with the finest timber, and even the bowels of the earth pay, in various kinds of mineral, abundant contribution to the general wealth: the southern frontier of the state is bounded by the noble river from which she derives her name, and which obtained from the early French traders and missionaries the well–deserved appellation of “La Belle Rivière.” Towns and cities are now multiplying upon its banks; the axe has laid low vast tracts of its forest; the plough has passed over many thousand acres of the prairies which it fertilised; and crowds of steam–boats, laden with goods, manufactures, and passengers, from every part of the world, urge their busy way through its waters. Far different was the appearance and condition of that region at the period when the events detailed in the following narrative occurred. The reader must bear in mind that, at the close of the last century, the vast tracts of forest and prairie now forming the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, were all included in what was then called the North–west Territory; it was still inhabited by numerous bands of Indian tribes, of which the most powerful were the Lenapé, or Delawares, the Shawanons, the Miamies, and the Wyandotes, or Hurons. Here and there, at favourable positions on the navigable rivers, were trading–posts, defended by small forts, to which the Indians brought their skins of bear, deer, bison, and beaver; receiving in exchange powder, rifles, paint, hatchets, knives, blankets, and other articles, which, although unknown to their forefathers, had become to them, through their intercourse with the whites, numbered among the necessaries of life. But the above–mentioned animals, especially the two last, were already scarce in this region; and the more enterprising of the hunters, Indian as well as white men, made annual excursions to the wild and boundless hunting–ground, westward of the Mississippi. At the close of the eighteenth century, the villages and settlements on the north bank of the Ohio, being scarce and far apart, were built rather for the purpose of trading with the Indians than for agriculture or civilised industry; and their inhabitants were as bold and hardy, sometimes as wild and lawless, as the red men, with whom they were beginning to dispute the soil. Numerous quarrels arose between these western settlers and their Indian neighbours; blood was frequently shed, and fierce retaliation ensued, which ended in open hostility. The half–disciplined militia, aided sometimes by regular troops, invaded and burnt the Indian villages; while the red men, seldom able to cope with their enemy in the open field, cut off detached parties, massacred unprotected families; and so swift and indiscriminate was their revenge, that settlements, at some distance from the scene of war, were often aroused at midnight by the unexpected alarm of the war–whoop and the fire–brand. There were occasions, however, when the Indians boldly attacked and defeated the troops sent against them; but General Wayne, having taken the command of the western forces (about four years before the commencement of our tale), routed them at the battle of the Miamies with great slaughter; after which many of them went off to the Missain plains, and those who remained no more ventured to appear in the field against the United States. To be continue in this ebook

Gold Diggers And Deadbeat Dads

Author: Valerie Rind
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0990692221
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Gold Diggers And Deadbeat Dads from the Author: Valerie Rind. Few people other than close friends and family knew that I suffered a financial disaster after loaning money to my husband's startup business. Plus, I uncovered a shocking secret he kept for a decade. I felt stupid, ashamed, and embarrassed. Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads includes riveting, true stories of real people who, like me, faced financial hardships thanks to someone else’s wrongdoing. • Did you co-sign a car loan for an underemployed boyfriend who left you with lousy credit? • Did you discover after the wedding that your fiancée hid piles of debt? • Does your sister take advantage of your elderly parent? • Will you inherit nothing if your second husband fails to update his will? • Did your partner waste your household savings on gambling or drugs? Meet characters like the Singing Co-Signers, Credit "Cads," and Sugar Babies. Hear from victims infected with Sexually Transmitted Debt® and Empty Accountitis. Get common-sense tips to prevent financial calamities and deal with the aftermath. Dozens of anecdotes from ordinary people will keep you spellbound, while also giving you hope for recovery if you’ve had your assets kicked by friends or family members.

The Final God

Author: D."Deuke" Eukel
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491843209
Size: 71.93 MB
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The Final God from the Author: D."Deuke" Eukel. When magazine journalist, Jonathan Tame arrives on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico; after an alleged, “devastating hurricane” has struck the Island; it doesn’t take long for the nearly burned-out writer to re-awaken his investigative training. There is a ton of money being poured into emergency coffers, but only a small portion has been allocated for repairs. Following the money trail, he discovers that a powerful entity is attempting to control the U.S. government, and other world leaders. The cash flow seems to be related to some secret project that is intended to disarm all of them. And further; that ancient archaeological artifacts, discovered years before, and said to have immeasurable power, may be the core reason behind the whole thing. In his pursuit of the truth, he finds that he is not alone; other investigators are moving in the same direction -- it's when their paths intersect that all of hell is stirred up.

Dead Letter

Author: Warren Murphy
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480499560
Size: 64.75 MB
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Dead Letter from the Author: Warren Murphy. In Dead Letter, Digger’s boss’s daughter is the next name on a college chain letter that has led to a string of murders—and her daddy is afraid she will be next.

Moon And The Grave Digger

Author: William E. Thedford
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1616631651
Size: 55.19 MB
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Moon And The Grave Digger from the Author: William E. Thedford. The new bank President from Georgia is quickly accepted by the locals; however, his reputation plummets when he is suspected of mistreating his sweet wife. Moon, owner of the town's Shell Service station, is an accomplished pianist who takes pride in his hometown. He performs regularly on the state political circuit and even accompanied Opry legend Hargis 'Pig' Robbins on a European tour. Moon prefers local gigs, because of his love for the quaint place. Lloyd, the local grave-digger, mild and slow to anger, observed most all 'goins on' in ole Springo. However, when he gets turned down for a bank loan, he joins with Moon in an attempt to bring down the deceitful Banker Hawthorn. The only way... To take the law into their hands! Could this involve bank robbery?

Jasper Mountain

Author: Kathy Steffen
Publisher: Medallion Media Group
ISBN: 1605429457
Size: 50.26 MB
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Jasper Mountain from the Author: Kathy Steffen. Jack Buchanan, a worker at the Jasper Mining Company, is sure of his place in the outside world, but has lost his faith in the tragedy of a fire. Foreign-born and raised, Milena Shabanov flees from a home she loves to the strange and barbaric America. A Romani blessed with “the sight,” she is content in the company of visions and spirit oracles, but finds herself isolated in a brutal mining town that has little use for women. Surrounded by inhumane working conditions at the mine, senseless death, and overwhelming greed, miners begin disappearing. Tempers flare and Jack must decide where he stands: with the officers and mining president; with Victor Creely, to whom Jack owes his life; or with the miners, whose lives are worth less to the company than pack animals. Milena, sensing deep despair and death in a mining town infested with restless spirits, searches for answers to the workers’ disappearances. But she cannot trust anyone, especially not Jack Buchanan, a man haunted by his own past.