Die Zoroastrische Zeitvorstellung

Author: Kianoosh Rezania
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz
Size: 49.77 MB
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Die Zoroastrische Zeitvorstellung from the Author: Kianoosh Rezania. Kianoosh Rezania unternimmt in seiner Studie "Die zoroastrische Zeitvorstellung" eine detaillierte Charakterisierung der Zeitkonzeptionen des Zoroastrismus. Dabei geht er uber die Untersuchung der Konzeption von Zeit in alt- und jungavestischen sowie mittelpersischen zoroastrischen Texten der historischen Entwicklung des Zoroastrismus nach. Themen wie die Schopfung der Zeit, das Verhaltnis von Zeit und Bewegung, der Ablauf der Zeit, die Zusammenhange von Zeit und Schicksal sowie Zeitordnungssysteme finden hier besondere Beachtung. Berucksichtigt wird zudem die Nebenuberlieferung uber das zoroastrische Zeitverstandnis, insbesondere die christlichen Berichte aus der Sasanidenzeit und die arabischen Zeugnisse aus der islamischen Zeit. Auf der Grundlage dieser Quellen stellt Rezania eine neue Interpretation des Zurwan-Mythos und seiner kosmogonischen Konzeption der Ewigkeit vor. In einem abschliessenden Teil wendet er sich dem seit mehr als 200 Jahren in der Forschung diskutierten Zurvanismus und dem Verhaltnis der beiden kosmogonischen Konzeptionen des Zurwan-Mythos und des Pahlavi-Schopfungmythos zu. Die aus der Analyse gewonnenen Ergebnisse erlauben es ihm, die Frage zu erhellen, ob Zurwan-Mythos und Pahlavi-Mythos zwei rivalisierende synchrone oder aber zwei asynchron miteinander in Einklang stehende kosmogonische Konzeptionen sind.

The Zoroastrian Flame

Author: Alan Williams
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857728865
Size: 61.59 MB
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The Zoroastrian Flame from the Author: Alan Williams. Zoroastrianism has always commanded interest way beyond the circles of its actual adherents. Its unbroken history, remarkable texts and distinctive beliefs span three millennia, making it one of the world’s most venerable faiths. For many centuries, from the birth of the religion late in the second millennium BC to its influence on the Achaemenids and later adoption in the third century AD as the state religion of the Sasanian Empire, it enjoyed imperial patronage and profoundly shaped the culture of antiquity. The Magi of the New Testament most probably were Zoroastrian priests from the Iranian world, while the enigmatic figure of Zarathushtra (or Zoroaster) himself has exerted continual fascination in the West, influencing creative artists as diverse as Voltaire, Nietzsche, Mozart and Yeats. This authoritative volume brings together internationally recognised scholars to explore Zoroastrianism in all its rich complexity. Examining key themes such as history and modernity, tradition and scripture, art and architecture and minority status and religious identity, it places the modern Zoroastrians of Iran, and the Parsis of India, in their proper contexts. The book extends and complements the coverage of its companion volume, The Everlasting Flame.

The Letter Of Mara Bar Sarapion In Context

Author: Annette Merz
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004233016
Size: 44.66 MB
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The Letter Of Mara Bar Sarapion In Context from the Author: Annette Merz. In The Letter of Mara bar Sarapion in Context Merz and Tieleman present an interdisciplinary collection of studies examining an intriguing yet neglected Syriac letter and its historical context.

Shoshannat Yaakov

Author: Shai Secunda
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004235442
Size: 59.56 MB
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Shoshannat Yaakov from the Author: Shai Secunda. This work includes studies by leading scholars on Ancient Jewish and Iranian studies and essays that combine both fields in the new discipline of Irano-Talmudica.

Les Livres De L Avesta

Author: Pierre Lecoq
Publisher: Editions du Cerf
ISBN: 2204113840
Size: 18.62 MB
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Les Livres De L Avesta from the Author: Pierre Lecoq. Le mazdéisme (religion d'Ahura Mazdâ) ou zoroastrisme (religion de Zoroastre) est l'une des plus antiques croyances de l'Orient. Elle a été professée par les anciens Iraniens et est exposée dans les livres de l'Avesta ainsi que dans les textes pehlevis (moyen-perses), plus tardifs. Cette religion a eu une influence considérable, au point d'intriguer les philosophes grecs et d'influencer les systèmes religieux voisins. Mais les vicissitudes de l'histoire ont fait que ces grands textes de l'humanité sont peu à peu tombés dans l'oubli. De cette splendeur passée, il ne reste que les modestes communautés zoroastriennes d'Iran et les Parsis de Bombay. Pour le grand public d'Occident, seuls survivent, dans la mémoire collective, les rois mages, dont l'un était iranien. Il est pourtant indispensable de sauver cette théologie de l'oubli. Au-delà du monothéisme exigeant du judaïsme, du christianisme et de l'islam, au-delà du polythéisme foisonnant des Grecs, des Romains et des Hindous, le mazdéisme offre une solution originale au problème lancinant du bien et du mal. Le dualisme tente de résoudre d'une manière originale ce problème récurrent chez les théologiens et les philosophes. La présente traduction est précédée d'une introduction à la religion mazdéenne. Avec les notes explicatives des textes et un index détaillé, on dispose ainsi d'un instrument de travail, dont on peut espérer qu'il stimulera les études d'histoire des religions et qu'il sortira des ténèbres l'une des plus brillantes contributions des Iraniens à la civilisation universelle.

The Wiley Blackwell Companion To Zoroastrianism

Author: Michael Stausberg
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444331353
Size: 68.14 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Wiley Blackwell Companion To Zoroastrianism from the Author: Michael Stausberg. This is the first ever comprehensive English-language survey of Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest living religions Evenly divided into five thematic sections beginning with an introduction to Zoroaster/Zarathustra and concluding with the intersections of Zoroastrianism and other religions Reflects the global nature of Zoroastrian studies with contributions from 34 international authorities from 10 countries Presents Zoroastrianism as a cluster of dynamic historical and contextualized phenomena, reflecting the current trend to move away from textual essentialism in the study of religion

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Publisher: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 0875862101
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Thus Spake Zarathustra from the Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. "Zarathustra" was Nietzsche's masterpiece, the first comprehensive statement of his mature philosophy, and the introduction of his influential and well-known (and misunderstood) ideas including the "overman" or "superman" and the "will to power." It is also the source of Nietzsche's famous (and much misconstrued) statement that "God is dead." This classic was due for an update and overhaul. A considerable part of Nietzsche's genius is his ability to make his language dance, and this is what becomes extraordinarily difficult to translate. Aphorist and punster Thomas Wayne puts the play back into this work.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra Selections Also Sprach Zarathustra Auswahl

Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486120627
Size: 12.75 MB
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Thus Spoke Zarathustra Selections Also Sprach Zarathustra Auswahl from the Author: Friedrich Nietzsche. This dual-language edition features one third of Nietzsche's work, keeping the most famous concepts intact and encompassing a variety of moods and modes as well as the author's full linguistic scope.

Iranian Loanwords In Syriac

Author: Claudia A. Ciancaglini
Publisher: Reichert Verlag
Size: 42.21 MB
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Iranian Loanwords In Syriac from the Author: Claudia A. Ciancaglini. The book investigates the deep linguistic contact between Iranians and Arameans from the formation of the Achaemenid empire onwards, and focuses especially on the linguistic relationship between Middle Persian and Classical Syriac during the Sasanian empire, a subject on which a modern systematic study was still missing. The first part of the book is a detailed study of the historical and linguistic conditions which favoured the entry of a great number of Iranian words into Syriac and the linguistic consequences of such borrowings. The second part contains, in dictionary form, hundreds of entries in which each single Iranian loanword is considered, together with its etymon, alternative forms, and derivatives. Each entry also includes a list of occurrences and the relevant bibliography. A complete index of words closes the volume. The study of the prolonged contact between such prestigious languages as Syriac and Middle Persian, that are only attested in written records, enriches our knowledge of the typologies of language interference and bilingualism in ancient society. More specifically, it allows to recover a considerable amount of otherwise unattested Middle Persian vocabulary and provides new insights into the linguistic systems of both Syriac and Middle Persian.