Mornings In Jenin

Author: Susan Abulhawa
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1408810816
Size: 12.91 MB
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Mornings In Jenin from the Author: Susan Abulhawa. Palestine, 1948. A mother clutches her six-month-old son as Israeli soldiers march through the village of Ein Hod. In a split second, her son is snatched from her arms and the fate of the Abulheja family is changed forever. Forced into a refugee camp in Jenin and exiled from the ancient village that is their lifeblood, the family struggles to rebuild their world. Their stories unfold through the eyes of the youngest sibling, Amal, the daughter born in the camp who will eventually find herself alone in the United States; the eldest son who loses everything in the struggle for freedom; the stolen son who grows up as an Israeli, becoming an enemy soldier to his own brother. Mornings in Jenin is a devastating novel of love and loss, war and oppression, and heartbreak and hope, spanning five countries and four generations of one of the most intractable conflicts of our lifetime.

Black African Cinema

Author: Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520912366
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Black African Cinema from the Author: Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike. From the proselytizing lantern slides of early Christian missionaries to contemporary films that look at Africa through an African lens, N. Frank Ukadike explores the development of black African cinema. He examines the impact of culture and history, and of technology and co-production, on filmmaking throughout Africa. Every aspect of African contact with and contribution to cinematic practices receives attention: British colonial cinema; the thematic and stylistic diversity of the pioneering "francophone" films; the effects of television on the motion picture industry; and patterns of television documentary filmmaking in "anglophone" regions. Ukadike gives special attention to the growth of independent production in Ghana and Nigeria, the unique Yoruba theater-film tradition, and the militant liberationist tendencies of "lusophone" filmmakers. He offers a lucid discussion of oral tradition as a creative matrix and the relationship between cinema and other forms of popular culture. And, by contrasting "new" African films with those based on the traditional paradigm, he explores the trends emerging from the eighties and nineties. Clearly written and accessible to specialist and general reader alike, Black African Cinema's analysis of key films and issues—the most comprehensive in English—is unique. The book's pan-Africanist vision heralds important new strategies for appraising a cinema that increasingly attracts the attention of film students and Africanists.

Die Bersetzungsgeschichte Der T Rkei

Author: Nihal Kubilay Pinar
ISBN: 9783828833760
Size: 70.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Die Bersetzungsgeschichte Der T Rkei from the Author: Nihal Kubilay Pinar. Das Osmanische Reich stand der deutschen und österreichischen Kultur lange Zeit sehr zurückhaltend und distanziert gegenüber. Europäische Standardwerke osmanischer Geschichte wurden teilweise mit deutlich über hundert Jahren Verspätung ins Türkische übersetzt, viele Werke der deutschen Aufklärung erst in den 1980er-Jahren. Nihal Kubilay Pinar untersucht die literarischen Beziehungen zwischen der Türkei und Österreich vom 19. Jahrhundert bis heute und erforscht die Hintergründe dieser Distanziertheit. Dabei analysiert sie insbesondere die Bedeutungen des Übersetzungsbüros ""Tercüme Bürosu"" sow...

Honour Killing

Author: Ayse Onal
Publisher: Saqi
ISBN: 0863568076
Size: 65.48 MB
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Honour Killing from the Author: Ayse Onal. Honour killing persists around the Middle East, where regimes refrain from tackling primitive traditions for fear of sparking unrest. Ayse Onal interviewed imprisoned men in Turkey convicted of killing their mothers, sisters, and daughters. The result is a revealing and ultimately tragic account of ruined lives - both the victims' and the killers' - in a country where state and religion conspire to hush up the killing of hundreds of women every year. 'Ayse Onal has done an immense service by revealing what it is like to live in an honour-based society and the terrible cost, not just to the women who are beaten and eventually killed, but to the perpetrators and other relatives.' Joan Smith. 'A compelling, disturbing examination of a tradition that stubbornly persists in modern Turkey' Guardian

Against World Literature

Author: Emily Apter
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1784780022
Size: 38.98 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Against World Literature from the Author: Emily Apter. Against World Literature: On the Politics of Untranslatability argues for a rethinking of comparative literature focusing on the problems that emerge when large-scale paradigms of literary studies ignore the politics of the “Untranslatable”—the realm of those words that are continually retranslated, mistranslated, transferred from language to language, or especially resistant to substitution. In the place of “World Literature”—a dominant paradigm in the humanities, one grounded in market-driven notions of readability and universal appeal—Apter proposes a plurality of “world literatures” oriented around philosophical concepts and geopolitical pressure points. The history and theory of the language that constructs World Literature is critically examined with a special focus on Weltliteratur, literary world systems, narrative ecosystems, language borders and checkpoints, theologies of translation, and planetary devolution in a book set to revolutionize the discipline of comparative literature. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Banned Books 387 B C To 1978 A D

Author: Anne Lyon Haight
Publisher: Rr Bowker Llc
ISBN: 9780835210782
Size: 20.96 MB
Format: PDF
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Banned Books 387 B C To 1978 A D from the Author: Anne Lyon Haight. Provides a chronological list of books banned throughout history for religious, political, or moral reasons

The Forbidden Best Sellers Of Pre Revolutionary France

Author: Robert Darnton
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393314427
Size: 33.11 MB
Format: PDF
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The Forbidden Best Sellers Of Pre Revolutionary France from the Author: Robert Darnton. Exploring the cultural and political significance of forbidden books in France, a historian considers the ideological origins of the Revolution and its connections with the Enlightenment by examining what the French read in the eighteenth century--with substantial excerpts included.

The New Magdalen

Author: Wilkie Collins
Publisher: Wilkie Collins
ISBN: 8892569759
Size: 44.59 MB
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The New Magdalen from the Author: Wilkie Collins. William Wilkie Collins (8 January 1824 – 23 September 1889) was an English novelist, playwright, and short story writer. His best-known works are The Woman in White (1859), No Name (1862), Armadale (1866), and The Moonstone (1868), considered the first modern English detective novel. Born into the family of painter William Collins in London, he lived with his family in Italy and France as a child and learned French and Italian. He worked as a clerk for a tea merchant. After his first novel Antonina was published in 1850, he met Charles Dickens, who became a close friend, mentor and collaborator. Some of Collins's works were first published in Dickens' journals All the Year Round and Household Words and the two collaborated on dramatic and fictional works. Collins published his best known works in the 1860s, achieved financial stability and an international reputation. During this time he began suffering from gout took opium for pain and developed an addiction. During the 1870s and '80s the quality of his writing declined along with his health. Collins was critical of the institution of marriage and never married; he split his time between Caroline Graves except for a 2-year separation, and his common law wife Martha Rudd with whom he had 3 children.