The Denouncer

Author: Paul M. Levitt
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1589799682
Size: 10.44 MB
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The Denouncer from the Author: Paul M. Levitt. Denunciation became so commonplace under Stalin that people regarded it as their patriotic duty to spy on others and even expose members of their own family. The original Bolsheviks, for reasons of ideological purity, put great store in transparency. But under Stalin, transparency evolved into a state of constant surveillance. In the late 1930s, a young man named Sasha Parsky kills two soldiers who come to arrest his parents as kulaks. He escapes arrest—though not suspicion. Sasha, now under greater scrutiny, is asked by Boris Filatov, the chief of the local secret police, to take a position as the head of a small boys’ school with the condition that Sasha spy on the previous director, who was dismissed for political reasons. As Sasha’s visits to the exiled man turn into discussions on politics and Sasha begins making changes at the school, it is only a matter of time before anonymous letters denouncing him begin to appear on Filatov’s desk. But even more ominous is the appearance of two men from the past who have the knowledge to do Sasha great harm. Caught between Filatov and the fear of exposure, Sasha risks everything by testing the fidelity of a loved one.

How Russia Really Works

Author: Alena V. Ledeneva
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801470056
Size: 75.84 MB
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How Russia Really Works from the Author: Alena V. Ledeneva. During the Soviet era, blat—the use of personal networks for obtaining goods and services in short supply and for circumventing formal procedures—was necessary to compensate for the inefficiencies of socialism. The collapse of the Soviet Union produced a new generation of informal practices. In How Russia Really Works, Alena V. Ledeneva explores practices in politics, business, media, and the legal sphere in Russia in the 1990s—from the hiring of firms to create negative publicity about one's competitors, to inventing novel schemes of tax evasion and engaging in "alternative" techniques of contract and law enforcement. Ledeneva discovers ingenuity, wit, and vigor in these activities and argues that they simultaneously support and subvert formal institutions. They enable corporations, the media, politicians, and businessmen to operate in the post-Soviet labyrinth of legal and practical constraints but consistently undermine the spirit, if not the letter, of the law. The "know-how" Ledeneva describes in this book continues to operate today and is crucial to understanding contemporary Russia.

Sociology After Bosnia And Kosovo

Author: Keith Doubt
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Size: 40.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sociology After Bosnia And Kosovo from the Author: Keith Doubt. This book provides a sociological account of the events in Bosnia in the 1990s, including ethnic cleansing, mass rape, and the role of political journalists.

A History Of Continental Criminal Procedure

Author: Adhémar Esmein
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 1584770422
Size: 48.57 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A History Of Continental Criminal Procedure from the Author: Adhémar Esmein. Esmein, A[dhemar]. A History of Continental Criminal Procedure with Special Reference to France. Translated by John Simpson; with an editorial preface by William E. Mikell and introductions by Norman M. Trenholme and by William Renwick Riddell. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1913. xlv, 640 pp. Reprinted 2000 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 99-045906. ISBN 1-58477-042-2. Cloth. $100. * Reprint of volume 5, Continental Legal History Series. Esmein, "the foremost legal scholar of France if not of the world" has here analyzed criminal procedure from its Roman origin, through primitive Germanic, and throughout French criminal procedure from the 1200s to the 1800s, as well as 19th century criminal procedure in other countries in this "masterly work...This volume is to be unqualifiedly commended as a standard and sufficient history of continental criminal procedure." J.H.B. Harv. L. Rev. 27:294-295.

Scripture Cannot Be Broken

Author: Jaime Clark-Soles
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9780391041417
Size: 62.76 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Scripture Cannot Be Broken from the Author: Jaime Clark-Soles. Using sociological tools, Clark-Soles explores the ways in which the author of the Fourth Gospel deploys scripture to form his sectarian community. Part of the study devotes attention to both the Qumran and Branch Davidian sects.

Drama In Life

Author: James E. Combs
Publisher: Hastings House Book Publishers
Size: 27.76 MB
Format: PDF
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Drama In Life from the Author: James E. Combs.