Current Research In Egyptology 14 2013

Author: Kelly Accetta
Publisher: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 1782976876
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Current Research In Egyptology 14 2013 from the Author: Kelly Accetta. The fourteenth Current Research in Egyptology conference, held at the University of Cambridge in March 2013 brought together speakers and attendees from six continents and hosted more than 50 presentations covering multiple aspects of Egyptology and its related fields. The aim of the conference was to cross cultural and disciplinary boundaries. The papers presented in these proceedings reflect this aim by presenting current research that draws on insights derived from anthropology, archaeology, archaeobotany, ethnography, organic chemistry, geography, linguistics, and law, amongst others.

Current Research In Egyptology

Author: Christelle Alvarez
Publisher: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 1785703668
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Current Research In Egyptology from the Author: Christelle Alvarez. The sixteenth Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) conference was held from the 15–18 April 2015 at the University of Oxford and once again provided a platform for postgraduates and early career Egyptologists, as well as independent researchers, to present their research. These proceedings for CREXVI represent the wide-range of themes that were offered by delegates during the conference. Papers focus on the theme of travel in ancient Egypt from a wide range of perspectives such as concrete or abstract travels, travel in space and time, travel inside, to, or from Egypt, travel in literature, travel of beliefs and ideas or travel of objects.

Current Research In Egyptology 2014

Author: Massimiliano S. Pinarello
Publisher: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 1785700472
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Current Research In Egyptology 2014 from the Author: Massimiliano S. Pinarello. Presents the latest research in Egyptology on the theme of Ancient Egypt in a Global World This selection of 23 papers from the 15th annual Current Research in Egyptology symposium addreses the interregional and interdisciplinary theme of ïAncient Egypt in a Global WorldÍ. This theme works on a number of levels highlighting the current global nature of Egyptological research and it places ancient Egypt in the wider ancient world. The first section presents the results of recent excavations, including in the western Valley of the Kings and analysis of the structures, construction techniques, food production and consumption remains at Tell Timai (Thmuis) in the Delta. Part II focuses on the cross-cultural theme with papers including discussions on the presence in India of terracotta figurines from Roman Egypt; the ancient Egyptian influence of Aegean lion-headed divinities; Libyan influence in New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period Egyptian administration and the identifcation of ancient Egyptian finds from the British countryside reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme. The third part of the book includes current research undertaken across the world of Egyptology, including analysis of late Roman crocodile mummies though non-invasive radiographic imaging techniques and the study of infant jar-burials in ancient Egypt and Sudan to identify differences in regional socio-economic contexts and the interaction between people and local resources. The editors of this volume are all PhD candidates at University College and KingÍs College London

Current Research In Egyptology 17

Author: Julia Chyla
Publisher: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 1785706012
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Current Research In Egyptology 17 from the Author: Julia Chyla. This volume reflects the most recent state of research on ancient Egypt presented and discussed at the international conference Current Research on Egyptology XVII, May 2016. Nine papers are arranged chronologically covering the wide time span from the Predynastic till the Graeco-Roman Period, with the remaining five considering more general thematic, theoretical and cross-cultural topics. Papers re-examine the archives from early exacavations of pre-Dynastic tombs in the light of modern research; discuss various types of object from different periods; consider the roles of travelling artists and regional artistic schools styles and the mobility of ancient high-skilled craftsmen. Thematic, theoretical, and cross-cultural papers consider the relation of gods, cosmic sacredness and fertility beliefs; take a comparative approach to cultural identity extracted from narrative poetry of Greek and Egyptian origin; the inclusion of Egyptian musical elements incorporated into Greek traditions and the analysis of artifacts from the Egyptian collection of Zagreb, illustrating the range of information that essentially unprovenenced objects may have for future research.

The Archaeology Of Urbanism In Ancient Egypt

Author: Nadine Moeller
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107079756
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The Archaeology Of Urbanism In Ancient Egypt from the Author: Nadine Moeller. This book presents the latest archaeological evidence that makes a case for Egypt as an early urban society. It traces the emergence of urban features during the Predynastic Period up to the disintegration of the powerful Middle Kingdom state (ca. 3500-1650 BC).

Illness And Image

Author: Sander L. Gilman
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 1412855381
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Illness And Image from the Author: Sander L. Gilman. The humanities in higher education are too often labeled as impractical and are not usually valued in today’s marketplace. Yet in professional fields, such as the health sciences, interest in what the humanities can offer has increased. Advocates claim the humanities offer health care professionals greater insight into how to work with those who need their help. Illness and Image introduces undergraduates and professionals to the medical humanities, using a series of case studies, beginning with debates about male circumcision from the ancient world to the present, to the meanings of authenticity in the face transplantation arena. The case studies address the interpretation of mental illness as a disability and the “new” category of mental illness, “self-harm.” Sander L. Gilman shows how medicine projects such categories’ existence into the historical past to show that they are not bound in time and space and, therefore, are “real.” Illness and Image provides students and researchers with models and possible questions regarding categories often assumed to be either trans-historical or objective, making it useful as a textbook.

The Oxford Handbook Of Roman Law And Society

Author: Clifford Ando
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191044431
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The Oxford Handbook Of Roman Law And Society from the Author: Clifford Ando. The Handbook is intended to survey the landscape of contemporary research and chart principal directions of future inquiry. Its aim is to bring to bear upon Roman legal study the full range of intellectual resources of contemporary legal history, from comparison to popular constitutionalism, from international private law to law and society. This unique contribution of the volumesets it apart from others in the field. Furthermore, the volume brings the study of Roman law into closer alignment, and thus into dialogue, with historical, sociological, and anthropological research in law in other periods. The volume is therefore directed not simply to ancient historians and legal historians already focused on the ancient world, but to historians of all periods interested in law and its complex and multifaceted relationship to society.

Judaism Christianity And Islam

Author: Sander L. Gilman
Publisher: Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 9888208276
Size: 67.40 MB
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Judaism Christianity And Islam from the Author: Sander L. Gilman. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism share several common features, including their historical origins in the prophet Abraham, their belief in a single divine being, and their modern global expanse. Yet it is the seeming closeness of these “Abrahamic” religions that draws attention to the real or imagined differences between them. This volume examines Abrahamic cultures as minority groups in societies which may be majority Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, or self-consciously secular. The focus is on the relationships between these religious identities in global Diaspora, where all of them are confronted with claims about national and individual difference. The case studies range from colonial Hong Kong and Victorian London to today’s San Francisco and rural India. Each study shows how complex such relationships can be and how important it is to situate them in the cultural, ethnic, and historical context of their world. The chapters explore ritual practice, conversion, colonization, immigration, and cultural representations of the differences between the Abrahamic religions. An important theme is how the complex patterns of interaction among these religions embrace collaboration as well as conflict—even in the modern Middle East. This work by authors from several academic disciplines on a topic of crucial importance will be of interest to scholars of history, theology, sociology, and cultural studies, as well as to the general reader interested in how minority groups have interacted and coexisted. “This is a groundbreaking collection of original, learned, and cutting-edge essays on various aspects of the three major monotheistic religions in modern times. The subjects of the essays range across the globe, from Hong Kong and South Asia to Victorian Britain and Weimar Germany, and teach us to see each tradition, and all three traditions together, in new and original ways. A distinctive contribution.” —Steven T. Katz, Boston University “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is remarkable for bringing together accessible scholarly essays, each with keen insight, exploring the diverse ‘Abrahamic’ cultures and their complex interactions. As the human landscape of Europe continues to evolve, this superb series of engagements with the past and present is an indispensable guide.” —Michael Berkowitz, University College London “Gilman remains an unparalleled expert at identifying cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research. The essays in this superb volume provide urgently needed comparative and theoretical examinations of the constructed natures of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and the complex and challenging relationships they engender.” —Lisa Silverman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The Demotic Graffiti From The Temple Of Isis On Philae Island

Author: Eugene Cruz-Uribe
Publisher: ISD LLC
ISBN: 1937040488
Size: 57.89 MB
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The Demotic Graffiti From The Temple Of Isis On Philae Island from the Author: Eugene Cruz-Uribe. This volume publishes 534 new Demotic graffiti recorded at the temple of Isis on Philae Island, presented with drawings and photographs. New editions of 101 of the graffiti that were published by F. Griffith in his Catalogue of the Demotic Papyri in the Dodecaschoenus (1937) are published here. These reedited texts were mainly chosen because new drawings provided significant new readings from those made by Griffith, or they helped elucidate the scope and meaning of some of the new graffiti by placement. The volume also includes an essay interpreting the role of the graffiti in understanding the political and religious activities at Philae temple during the last centuries of worship of the goddess Isis, mainly by Nubian priests and pilgrims.

Studies In Coptic Culture

Author: Mariam Ayad
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9774167503
Size: 12.76 MB
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Studies In Coptic Culture from the Author: Mariam Ayad. Egypt; religious life and customs; Copts; history; 332 B.C.-640 A.D.