Rumba Afro Cuban Conga Drum Improvisation Volume 2

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1610658582
Size: 41.20 MB
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Rumba Afro Cuban Conga Drum Improvisation Volume 2 from the Author: CLIFF BROOKS. This book is designed to take your soloing ability from 0 to 90 MPH on the quinto, conga drum, bongo or timbales while mastering the clave rhythm at the same time. It is rich with authentic phrasing. Volume 2 has much to offer for beginners and veterans alike. the book will widened your soloing horizons, and is something you will continually refer back to for ideas and inspiration. You will enjoy learning many of these unique and interesting flavorsThis teaching method brings together two different learning approaches for Afro-Cuban Drumming. the first approach is to learn by way of reading written notation; the second is to learn solely by listening and feeling. Three types of Afro-Cuban syncopated expressions are transcribed in this book: Quinto Ride, Quinto Phrase, and Quinto Solo. the helpful companion CDs allows one to hear these expressions ensuring proper comprehension of the concepts taught in this lesson.

Gig Savers Afro Cuban Rhythms Vol 2

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1609745728
Size: 75.48 MB
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Gig Savers Afro Cuban Rhythms Vol 2 from the Author: TREVOR SALLOUM. Afro-Cuban Rhythms, Volume 2 is a collection of traditional rhythms ideal for a percussion ensemble or for the individual who wants to learn the authentic parts to each rhythm. All rhythms are easily adapted to conga drums and Afro-Cuban hand percussion. This series is presented in a brief, clear, and affordable manner. Volume 2 includes the rhythms of Bembé, Makuta, Yuka, Palo, Arará, Abakuá (Havana), Abakuá (Matanzas), Gaga, Vudu and Iyesá. These volumes are designed for intermediate to advanced levels and assume the reader has some basic understanding of percussion notation. This book is written by Mel Bay best selling author Trevor Salloum.

Cuba Libre Version 2

Author: James Phillips
ISBN: 1445263211
Size: 45.44 MB
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Cuba Libre Version 2 from the Author: James Phillips. Two young Cubans fall in love whilst working in a cigar factory in the murdering, corrupt Batista and US Mafia run Cuba of the 1950's. Gradually they are forced with their families to join The Freedom Fighters in The Sierra Madres mountains to fight for survival and freedom in Cuba. Incredibly they fight and overthrow the corrupt Cuban and US Mafia Cuban Government and build a new Cuba for all people.They become doctors in the new Cuba and raise a family at peace.

Who S Who In Cuban Baseball 1878 1961

Author: Jorge S. Figueredo
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786482641
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Who S Who In Cuban Baseball 1878 1961 from the Author: Jorge S. Figueredo. True professional baseball has not been played in Cuba since banned by the communist regime after the 1961 season, but there is a legacy of more than 70 years of continuous excellence by countless Cubans who played in the organized leagues of the island from 1878 to 1961. Scores of North Americans, white and black, and Latin Americans also played in Cuba during that time. Biographical and season-by-season statistical information for the many hundreds of Cuban, North American and Latin American players who took part in the Cuban leagues from 1878 to 1961 has been compiled in this work. The time period is divided into three eras. The first is from 1878 to 1899, the primitive years of the Cuban league; the second, 1900 to 1933, when the league opened its doors to welcome foreign players; and the third, from 1934 to 1961, the golden age that made Cuba then the second power in organized baseball. Birth and death dates for each player (if they could be determined) are provided. The statistical information for players includes the number of games played, at bats, hits, doubles, triples, home runs, and season average. The statistical information for pitchers includes the number of games pitched, complete games, win-loss record, and winning percentage.

Early U S Blackball Teams In Cuba

Author: Severo Nieto
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786419288
Size: 35.12 MB
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Early U S Blackball Teams In Cuba from the Author: Severo Nieto. "In the early 20th century, winners of the "colored" championship in the U.S. traveled to Cuba to compete against the top Cuban League teams, amateur clubs, and All-Star squads. Here are presented box scores, statistics, rosters, and summaries of the game

The Cuban Family

Author: Rosemarie Skaine
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786416777
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The Cuban Family from the Author: Rosemarie Skaine. This work explores how relationships of blood, marriage, sex, and residence work in each type of Cuban family, particularly as it is affected by Cuba's struggle to transform its economy. It also examines historical perspectives on the contemporary Cuban family, ethnicity and race, marriage, the extended family, family rights, the emigrating family, United States' citizenship issues, religion and the Cuban-American family. Tables list such details as population numbers, age, life expectancy, growth, birth, and death rates, immigration and mortality rates, HIV rates and literacy. The book also includes narratives of childhood memories from pre-revolutionary Cuba to the late 20th century, providing fresh insights into the cultural value attached to the family.

Visions Of Power In Cuba

Author: Lillian Guerra
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 0807837369
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Visions Of Power In Cuba from the Author: Lillian Guerra. In the tumultuous first decade of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro and other leaders saturated the media with altruistic images of themselves in a campaign to win the hearts of Cuba's six million citizens. In Visions of Power in Cuba, Lillian Guerra argues that these visual representations explained rapidly occurring events and encouraged radical change and mutual self-sacrifice. Mass rallies and labor mobilizations of unprecedented scale produced tangible evidence of what Fidel Castro called "unanimous support" for a revolution whose "moral power" defied U.S. control. Yet participation in state-orchestrated spectacles quickly became a requirement for political inclusion in a new Cuba that policed most forms of dissent. Devoted revolutionaries who resisted disastrous economic policies, exposed post-1959 racism, and challenged gender norms set by Cuba's one-party state increasingly found themselves marginalized, silenced, or jailed. Using previously unexplored sources, Guerra focuses on the lived experiences of citizens, including peasants, intellectuals, former prostitutes, black activists, and filmmakers, as they struggled to author their own scripts of revolution by resisting repression, defying state-imposed boundaries, and working for anti-imperial redemption in a truly free Cuba.

Cuban Cookbook Classic Cuban Cuisine

Author: James Newton
Publisher: Springwood emedia
ISBN: 1476449198
Size: 31.48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Cuban Cookbook Classic Cuban Cuisine from the Author: James Newton. A cookbook that shares a wide variety of Cuban Cuisine recipes, from appetizers, traditional main meals to deserts and cakes. All the spice and flavours of the Caribbean brought together with Spanish and African influences.

A History Of The Cuban Revolution

Author: Aviva Chomsky
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118942299
Size: 20.87 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A History Of The Cuban Revolution from the Author: Aviva Chomsky. A fully-revised and updated new edition of a concise and insightful socio-historical analysis of the Cuban revolution, and the course it took over five and a half decades. Now available in a fully-revised second edition, including new material to add to the book’s coverage of Cuba over the past decade under Raul Castro All of the existing chapters have been updated to reflect recent scholarship Balances social and historical insight into the revolution with economic and political analysis extending into the twenty-first century Juxtaposes U.S. and Cuban perspectives on the historical impact of the revolution, engaging and debunking the myths and preconceptions surrounding one of the most formative political events of the twentieth century Incorporates more student-friendly features such as a timeline and glossary