Crescent Moon Over The Rational

Author: Stephen H. Watson
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804772991
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Crescent Moon Over The Rational from the Author: Stephen H. Watson. Why, and in what manner, did artist Paul Klee have such a significant impact on twentieth-century thinkers? His art and his writing inspired leading philosophers to produce key texts in twentieth-century aesthetics, texts that influenced subsequent art history and criticism. Heidegger, Adorno, Benjamin, Merleau-Ponty, Lyotard, Sartre, Foucault, Blanchot, Derrida, and Marion are among the philosophers who have engaged with Klee's art and writings. Their views are often thought to be distant from each other, but Watson puts them in conversation. His point is not to vindicate any final interpretation of Klee but to allow his interpreters' different accounts to interact, to shed light on their and on Klee's work, and, in turn, to delineate both a history and a theoretical problematic in their midst. Crescent Moon over the Rational reveals an evolving theoretical constellation of interpretations and their questions (theoretical, artistic, and political) that address and continually renew Klee's rich legacies.

Red Star Crescent Moon

Author: Robert A. Rosenstone
ISBN: 0985569832
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Red Star Crescent Moon from the Author: Robert A. Rosenstone. This book mixes contemporary and the historical worlds in a bold tale of clashing cultures. The love story between a Muslim and a Jew, documentary film director Aisha and historian Benjamin, is set in modern Spain against the vibrant and colorful background of a film festival, the location shoot of a Hollywood epic, the seductive intentions of a movie megastar, and the violent actions of terrorists who wish to reclaim that country for Islam. Telling its story in multiple voices, Red Star, Crescent Moon confronts major cultural and political dilemmas of our time, creating a world of characters caught in webs of historical misunderstandings which leads to violence. "For those of us who have followed Robert Rosenstone's writing career, Red Star, Crescent Moon hits a new peak: a novel with deep historical roots that is also filled with action, romance, and intricate plotting." -Louis Breger, author, Freud: Darkness in the Midst of Light "Red Star, Crescent Moon: is not just about the kaleidoscope of history and politics and pop culture: it's about what being human means in the face of terror." -Leslie Brody, author Red Star Sister "Like all great love stories, Red Star, Crescent Moon takes place at the dangerous intersection of passion and all that threatens to destroy it." -James Goodman, author Stories of Scottsboro

Two Faces

Author: Helen Sang Hee Kwak
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493130234
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Two Faces from the Author: Helen Sang Hee Kwak. In Two Face, Sang Hee Kwak, Korean poet-novelist, opens her heart to the sufferings of people all over the world, not in polemic, but in fierce poetric imagery depicting the pain of an Arab baby seeking the teat of its dead mother, of Indian throwaway people left to die in the streets of Calcutta with “eyes open like caves,” of naked children on an Indonesian tsunami-ravaged shore. Yet, despite these horrors of nature, war, and indifference, Sang Hee rather lights a candle than cursing the dark, seeking “to live and die in innocence. Gathering all in [herself] “like a green tree in all seasons.” This is a book which takes the reader on an epic journey down to and through the nether depths but eventually rising out of them into the pure air of hope, peace, and harmony. —Stanley H. Barkan, Poet/Editor, Cross-Cultural Communications

The Crescent Moon

Author: Adrienne Jansen
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The Crescent Moon from the Author: Adrienne Jansen. THE CRESCENT MOON : THE ASIAN FACE OF ISLAM IN NEW ZEALAND opens new doors into the lives of the largest group of Muslims in New Zealand and in the world as a whole: those of Asian descent. Photographer Ans Westra and writer Adrienne Jansen - armed with a camera and a tape recorder - take a trip through the country, catching up with people in their everyday lives. They meet a very diverse group, ethnically, culturally, and theologically. There are lawyers and farmers, computer trainers and butchers, fourth generation New Zealanders and new migrants. They talk with disarming honesty about the media, about 9/11, about identity, about their faith - but mostly they just talk about who they are and their life in New Zealand today.