The Sustainment Battle Staff Military Decision Making Process Mdmp Guide

Author: John M. Menter
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1438970218
Size: 24.89 MB
Format: PDF
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The Sustainment Battle Staff Military Decision Making Process Mdmp Guide from the Author: John M. Menter. Since 2004, the US Army has started a revolution of reorganization and doctrine development throughout its Combat, Combat Support and especially Combat Service Support "logistics" organizations, known as "Transformation." In the logistics or "Sustainment" arena, the Army's concept towards supporting other units has changed from the old "out-stockpile" the enemy concept towards a system used by modern civilian distributors - "Just-In-Time" sustainment, leaving planning and synchronizing throughput of commodities and support to the customer with little margin of error. To successfully accomplish this, Sustainment planners must thoroughly understand the Military Decision Making Process or "MDMP" for short. Conducting a Sustainment oriented MDMP is essential in integrating the Sustainment War Fighting Functional Area into the unit's plan and for ensuring a synchronized and supportable course of action. Successful integration is a result of having the right personnel, available tools, correct MDMP methodology, and synchronized timeline throughout the process. If this guide can assist logistics' planners in accomplishing this process, then it has accomplished its intent and mission.

Business Statistics

Author: J. K. Sharma
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 8131798666
Size: 38.33 MB
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Business Statistics from the Author: J. K. Sharma. The second edition of Business Statistics, continues to retain the clear, crisp pedagogy of the first edition. It now adds new features and an even stronger emphasis on practical, applied statistics that will enhance the text's ability in developing decision-making ability of the reader. In this edition, efforts have been made to assist readers in converting data into useful information that can be used by decision-makers in making more thoughtful, information-based decisions.

Business Statistics Problems Solutions

Author: J.K. Sharma
Publisher: Vikas Publishing House
ISBN: 932597617X
Size: 71.83 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Business Statistics Problems Solutions from the Author: J.K. Sharma. Precise and to the point, this book elucidates the key concepts and methods of business statistics. It aims to supplement textbooks on business statistics and upgrade student's knowledge and skill in the subject and also helps them understand applications of statistical methods in real-life problems. This book meets the requirement of students pursuing BBA, B.Com. (Hons), MBA, M.Com. etc. Key Features • Complete conformity to the latest trend of questions appearing in universities and professional examination. • Variety of solved examples to provide integrated view of theory and applications of statistical methods. • Chapters include: more than 500 solved problems & more than 450 unsolved questions for practice • Answers and sufficient hints to unsolved problems to enable students learn at their own pace.

Working In High Risk Environments

Author: Douglas Paton
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 039808694X
Size: 57.36 MB
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Working In High Risk Environments from the Author: Douglas Paton. The impact of events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina were felt across the spectrum of organizations. Such events provide vivid illustrations of the exceptional circumstances that emergency and protective service agencies and businesses alike can encounter. The goal of this book is to broaden the perspectives on the populations that need to be included when thinking about high risk groups and from whom insights into resilience and how it is enacted can be sought. The first chapter discusses high risk environments, sustained resilience and stress risk management. Chapter 2 explores family first responders and resilient mothers of special needs children, including case examples. Chapter 3 examines the resilience of Antarctic expeditioners, relationship dynamics, social support, and organizational climate. Information sharing, trust, empowerment and staying cool under pressure is also discussed. Chapter 4 covers business resilience, preventing loss versus facilitating survival, and the role of continuity planning. In Chapter 5, scientific advice for critical decision making, natural hazards and emergency management, uncertainty, team decision making, advice taking, and shared mental models is presented. Chapter 6 covers COP Shot, and the seeds of resiliency. Chapter 7 defines resiliency in high risk groups, and provides a qualitative analysis of law enforcement and elite military personnel. The Johns Hopkins Perspective is explored, focusing on the results and methods of structural modeling. Chapter 8 describes the psychological stress factors in modern military operations, mental hardiness, and leader influence. Chapter 9 pursues the ecological theory of resilience and adaptive capacity in emergency services. Ultimately, the book meets a need on how to respond effectively in a high risk environment, and the information contained will assist agencies and businesses to develop their capacity to adapt to unpredictable and challenging circumstances.

Commitment In Dialogue

Author: Douglas N. Walton
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791425855
Size: 75.90 MB
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Commitment In Dialogue from the Author: Douglas N. Walton. This book develops a logical analysis of dialogue in which two or more parties attempt to advance their own interests. It includes a classification of the major types of dialogues and a discussion of several important informal fallacies. The authors define the concept of commitment in a way that makes it useful in evaluating arguments. In traditional logic, a proposition is either true or false, and that is the end of it. In this new framework, an arguer can be held to his or her commitments in some cases, but in other cases, he or she can retract them without violating any rule of the dialogue. Commitment in Dialogue studies the conditions under which commitments should be held or may be retracted within an argument. An extensive case study of a discussion in medical ethics is used to bring together two traditions or schools of thought that had not been integrated previously the rigorous Lorenzen school of formal logic, and the more permissive Hamblin-style dialogue. It introduces these methods of evaluation and offers guidelines for analyzing the text of discourse. The book could be used in both intermediate and advanced courses in informal logic, argumentation, and critical thinking, but it is accessible to the reader with no background in these fields as well. Each chapter is summarized, and additional problems to be solved are presented."

Small Wars Manual

Author: U. s. Marine Corps
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1616402792
Size: 22.36 MB
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Small Wars Manual from the Author: U. s. Marine Corps. The United States Marine Corps is the largest such force on the planet, and yet it is the smallest, most elite section of the U.S. military, one with a long and storied history. This classic 1940 official government report, created by the Corps, laid the groundwork for the "small wars" fought by the United States in the post-World War II era, and has been used to strategize the American occupation of Iraq in the early 21st century. What is a small war? What is the nature of operations for such a conflict? What kind of staffing does a small war require? What logistical and training issues need to be taken into account? What is the importance of neutral zones? How do tactics differ in a small war? How should an occupying force disarm a civilian population? and moreMilitary buffs, wargamers, and anyone seeking to understand fundamental military strategy will find this a fascinating and informative document.

Service Systems Management And Engineering

Author: Ching M. Chang
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470423323
Size: 50.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Service Systems Management And Engineering from the Author: Ching M. Chang. The ultimate instructional guide to achieving success in the service sector Already responsible for employing the bulk of the U.S. workforce, service-providing industries continue to increase their economic dominance. Because of this fact, these companies are looking for talented new service systems engineers to take on strategic and operational challenges. This instructional guide supplies essential tools for career seekers in the service field, including techniques on how to apply scientific, engineering, and business management principles effectively to integrate technology into the workplace. This book provides: Broad-based concepts, skills, and capabilities in twelve categories, which form the "Three-Decker Leadership Architecture," including creative thinking and innovations in services, knowledge management, and globalization Materials supplemented and enhanced by a large number of case studies and examples Skills for successful service engineering and management to create strategic differentiation and operational excellence for service organizations Focused training on becoming a systems engineer, a critically needed position that, according to a 2009 Moneyline article on the best jobs in America, ranks at the top of the list Service Systems Management and Engineering is not only a valuable addition to a college classroom, but also an extremely handy reference for industry leaders looking to explore the possibilities presented by the expanding service economy, allowing them to better target strategies for greater achievement.

Treating Ptsd In Battered Women

Author: Edward S. Kubany
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 1608826473
Size: 48.19 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Treating Ptsd In Battered Women from the Author: Edward S. Kubany. Based on a new treatment model for post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, this manual offers an effective and comprehensive therapy targeting symptoms of PTSD in battered women. Pioneered by Dr. Kubany, this innovative intervention is called cognitive trauma therapy, or CTT. CTT includes modules on trauma history exploration, negative self-talk monitoring, stress management, PTSD education, exposure to trauma reminders, overcoming learned helplessness, challenging supposed to beliefs, building assertiveness, managing mistrust, identifying potential abusers, managing contacts with former partners, managing anger, decision-making, self-advocacy, and a very important module on overcoming trauma-related guilt. CTT is a highly structured intervention, deliverable to clients unlike any other therapy. Most procedures are described in such great detail, they can be literally read or paraphrased by therapists--thereby facilitating ease of learning and delivery and making this manual a valuable resource for community health providers and other individuals who counsel battered women, but who may not have advanced higher education.

Sequential Analysis

Author: Abraham Wald
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486783235
Size: 25.27 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Sequential Analysis from the Author: Abraham Wald. The first to solve the general problem of sequential tests of statistical hypotheses, the author of this text explains his revolutionary theory of the sequential probability ratio test and its applications. 1947 edition.