Countering Naxalism With Development

Author: Santosh Mehrotra
Publisher: SAGE Publishing India
ISBN: 9351504336
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Countering Naxalism With Development from the Author: Santosh Mehrotra. This book, for the first time, presents an authentic assessment and presentation of the human development and security challenges faced by districts of the country that have a high concentration of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Countering Naxalism with Development: Challenges of Social Justice and State Security is a compilation of background papers by a group of profoundly knowledgeable and experienced persons commonly known as the Expert Group. The various chapters of the book discuss how the law and order issues of the situation are inextricably intertwined with the development problems faced by the marginalised social groups of some 200 districts in the country affected by Naxalism.

Development And Human Rights

Author: Joel E. Oestreich
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019063734X
Size: 22.19 MB
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Development And Human Rights from the Author: Joel E. Oestreich. Development and Human Rights examines how United Nations agencies are following a "rights based approach to development" in India. It asks two questions: how (if at all) does the implementation of a rights based approach differ from traditional development work? And what strategies dodevelopment agencies follow to overcome local opposition to this politically controversial strategy? Integrating human rights into the development process means that development agencies can be vitally important instruments in rights protection and promotion, which has been overlooked in almost allexisting literature on human rights. This book, then, presents the first full-length study of how these agencies evaluate the rights situation in a single country, and the first study to look at both the good and the bad in a rights based approach. It begins with a description of what a rights based approach is, and an examination ofthe human rights challenges faced in India. It then focuses on the work of five agencies: UNICEF, the UN Development Programme, the World Bank, the UN Fund for Population Activities, and UN Women. Chapters then summarize how the UN navigates this difficult political terrain, and how effectivelythese policies are being implemented. It also considers how rights based approaches fit in the traditional discourse on human rights, and what it says about the ability of these agencies to initiate meaningful change on state behavior in the rights arena.

Eliminating Human Poverty

Author: Santosh Mehrotra
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1848136552
Size: 68.90 MB
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Eliminating Human Poverty from the Author: Santosh Mehrotra. This book focuses on the provision of basic social services - in particular, access to education, health and water supplies - as the central building blocks of any human development strategy. The authors concentrate on how these basic social services can be financed and delivered more effectively to achieve the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goals. Their analysis, which departs from the dominant macro-economic paradigm, deploys the results of broad-ranging research they led at UNICEF and UNDP, investigating the record on basic social services of some 30 developing countries. In seeking to learn from these new data, they develop an analytical argument around two potential synergies: at the macro level, between poverty reduction, human development and economic growth, and at the micro level, between interventions to provide basic social services. Policymakers, they argue, can integrate macro-economic and social policy. Fiscal, monetary, and other macro-economic policies can be compatible with social sector requirements. They make the case that policymakers have more flexibility than is usually presented by orthodox writers and international financial institutions, and that if policymakers engaged in alternative macro-economic and growth-oriented policies, this could lead to the expansion of human capabilities and the fulfillment of human rights. This book explores some of these policy options. The book also argues that more than just additional aid is needed. Specific strategic shifts in the areas of aid policy, decentralized governance, health and education policy and the private-public mix in service provision are a prerequisite to achieve the goals of human development. The combination of governance reforms and fiscal and macro-economic policies outlined in this book can eliminate human poverty in the span of a generation.

The Naxal Threat

Author: V R Raghavan
Publisher: Vij Books India Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 9381411948
Size: 17.67 MB
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The Naxal Threat from the Author: V R Raghavan. Naxalism or Left Wing extremism is a major internal security threat faced by India. Though Naxalism predates independence, it was limited to small pockets of areas but now has spread to underdeveloped areas from Bihar to Tamil Nadu. It is a well organized underground movement with an ideological base in rural areas spread over in the interior of many states. The Naxal movement is a complex socio- politico- economic phenomenon. Their violent methods against the government officials, law and order agencies and business community are causes, needing immediate and serious attention. This volume is a compilation of five papers presented at a workshop organized by CSA in August 2010.

Averting The Apocalypse

Author: Arthur Bonner
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 082238163X
Size: 29.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Averting The Apocalypse from the Author: Arthur Bonner. There are two Indias: the caste and class elite who hold all power and make up 10 to 15 percent of the population, and everyone else. Averting the Apocalypse is about everyone else. Arthur Bonner, a former New York Times reporter with long experience as a foreign correspondent in Asia, conducted interviews over many months while traveling almost 20,000 miles within India seeking out the underclass and social activists who together are beginning to mobilize for social change at the bottom of Indian society. Working in areas torn by violence, Bonner offers a terrifyingly accurate portrait of a society bloodied by decades of unequal social structure and the absence of a civil society and political mechanism capable of responding to the exploitation of the poor and weak. Bonner finds that India’s inability or refusal to address its debilitating social structure may be the precursor to an apocalyptic social upheaval unless heed is paid to the social movements that his first-hand investigation reveals.

Lok Sabha Debates

Author: India. Parliament. Lok Sabha
Size: 47.43 MB
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Lok Sabha Debates from the Author: India. Parliament. Lok Sabha.

10 Years Clat Ailet 2008 17 Topic Wise Solved Papers

Author: Disha Experts
Publisher: Disha Publications
ISBN: 9387421082
Size: 67.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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10 Years Clat Ailet 2008 17 Topic Wise Solved Papers from the Author: Disha Experts. The book consists of topic-wise questions from the past 10 years' (2008 to 2017) question paper in 5 sections- English Including Comprehension, Elementary Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge & Legal Aptitude. The coverage of the papers has includes CLAT, NLU and AILET from 2008 to 2017 as they actually reflect the pattern of the Law exams. In all there are 20 Question papers from 2008 to 2017 which have been provided topic-wise along with detailed solutions. Practicing these questions, aspirants will come to know about the pattern and toughness of the questions asked in the examination. In the end, this book will make the aspirants competent enough to crack the uncertainty of success in the Entrance Examination. The strength of the book lies in the originality of its question papers and Errorless Solutions. The solution of each and every question is provided in detail (step-by-step) so as to provide 100% concept clarity to the students.

Countering Terrorism

Author: Updesh Kumar
Publisher: SAGE Publishing India
ISBN: 813211714X
Size: 11.36 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Countering Terrorism from the Author: Updesh Kumar. Countering Terrorism: Psychosocial Strategies contextualizes the issues related to terrorism and places the discourse within the ambit of sociocultural theories. The book goes beyond the obvious and commonsensical notions and discusses the relevant issues from interdisciplinary perspectives, informed by theoretical stances of not only psychological sciences, but other social sciences like political science, criminology, military, and sociology as well. The volume contains 18 chapters by expert authors with diverse cultural backgrounds and provides a wide ranging canvas for multifaceted understanding of the terror phenomenon. The opening section, 'Understanding Terrorism: Psychosocial Issues', places emphasis on developing a well-heeled construct with strong theoretical foundations and empirical understanding of the psycho-socio-cultural dynamics involved in perpetration of terror acts. The second section, 'Countering Terrorism: Psychosocial Avenues', flows from the understanding thus attained and expounds counter-terror strategies and preventive measures that go beyond the obvious short-term goals and envisage the creation of a peaceful world.

Indo Pacific Region

Author: Rajiv K Bhatia
Publisher: Vij Books India Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 9382652531
Size: 34.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Indo Pacific Region from the Author: Rajiv K Bhatia. The geographic constructs and the geo-political imaginations have dictated the formation of informal dialogue mechanisms and multilateral structures. During Cold War, the power bloc politics have subsumed these geographical definitions and have transcended national sovereign boundaries. In the contemporary discourse, new formulations like Asia-Pacific, East Asia and Indian Ocean have defined new politico-security thinking. The concept of Indo-Pacific is an over-arching geopolitical imagination which addresses new challenges in political, economic and maritime domains. This book addresses this new concept and debates its viability.