A Corpus Of Roman Pottery From Lincoln

Author: Margaret Darling
Publisher: Oxbow Books
ISBN: 1782970541
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A Corpus Of Roman Pottery From Lincoln from the Author: Margaret Darling. This is the first major analysis of the Roman pottery from excavations in Lincoln (comprising more than 150,000 sherds). The pottery is presented in seven major ware groups. Fine wares include a modest range of imports and are dominated by Nene Valley products. Oxidised wares are mostly local products with a few imports as are the shell- and calcite-tempered wares and reduced wares. The final three are the standard specialised wares: mortaria, mostly of German and Mancetter-Hartshill manufacture; amphorae (80% Spanish Dressel 20) and samian, mostly from Les Martres/Lezoux and 75% undecorated! The discussion explores the chronological range of the entire ceramic assemblage across the three discrete parts of the Roman fortress and later colonia.

The Archaeology Of Wigford And The Brayford Pool

Author: Margaret J. Darling
Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited
ISBN: 9781842170212
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The Archaeology Of Wigford And The Brayford Pool from the Author: Margaret J. Darling. The suburb of Wigford lies near the heart of the historic city of Lincoln. Before excavations began in 1972, nothing was known of the prehistory of the area and so the arrival of the Roman army represented the first historic event. This volume publishes the results of the excavation of several sites, made possible by a series of urban development schemes. Each of the excavations differed in the extent and depth of the stratigraphy uncovered and each belonged to a different period, from the Iron Age to post-medieval.

The City By The Pool

Author: Michael J. Jones
Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited
ISBN: 9781842171073
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The City By The Pool from the Author: Michael J. Jones. CD Rom in rear pocket.

The Archaeology Of The Upper City And Adjacent Suburbs

Author: Kate Steane
Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited
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The Archaeology Of The Upper City And Adjacent Suburbs from the Author: Kate Steane. This volume contains reports on sites excavated in the upper walled city at Lincoln and adjacent suburbs between 1972 and 1987. The project included large-scale excavations which yielded some stunning finds and revealed considerable information about several periods of the city's history. Each site is described in turn, incorporating stratigraphic, artefactual and environmental information, and the common threads are brought together in a general discussion. The excavators found remains of the defences of the Roman fortress, Roman houses, and the legionary headquarters, whose site was subsequently converted into a civic precinct. There were traces of occupation in the Early Saxon period, while the area outside the west gate has produced more pottery of the Mid-Saxon period (c.650-c.850) than any other in the city. Although there was renewed activity from the 10th century, full urbanisation of the upper city may not have happened until the late 11th century. There were already several churches before the Cathedral was begun in 1072, and the sequence of that at St Paul in the Bail is set out in detail. Several smaller excavations provided evidence for industrial activities such as malting, quarrying, and bell casting. Structural and artefactual evidence for the post-medieval period also give a flavour of the local life-style in the 16th-18th centuries. This work forms a companion volume to those on Wigford and the Brayford Pool (LAS 2) and The Lower Walled City (LAS 4).

Salt Life And Industry

Author: Matthew Williams
ISBN: 9781407302614
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Salt Life And Industry from the Author: Matthew Williams. This report describes the results of a developer-funded excavation undertaken in 2001 and 2002 in Middlewich, Cheshire, north-eastern England, prior to the development of the site for housing. Middlewich is located 33km east of Chester, on the Cheshire plain and to the south of the confluence of the Rivers Dane and Croco. The Croco was straightened when the Trent and Mersey canal was constructed in the 1770s. The modern town is also bounded to the west by the River Wheelock. Contents: Chapter 1 - Introduction by Malcolm Reid and Matthew Williams; Chapter 2 - The Excavation by Malcolm Reid and Matthew Williams; Chapter 3 - Coins by David Shotter; Chapter 4 - Brooches by Imogen Wellington; Chapter 5 - Other Copper Alloy Objects and an Iron Chain by Gillian Dunn; Chapter 6 - Lead Artefacts and Lead Manufacturing Waste by Jane Cowgill; Chapter 7 - Slag and Related Material by Jane Cowgill; Chapter 8 - Glass by Sally Worrell; Chapter 9 - Coarse Pottery by Ruth Leary; Chapter 10 - Samian Pottery by Margaret Ward; Chapter 11 - Briquetage by Matthew Williams; Chapter 12 - Wooden Artefacts by Michael Bamforth; Chapter 13 - Leather Objects by Quita Mould; Chapter 14 - Animal Bone by Sarah Viner; Chapter 15 - Archaeobotanical Remains by Gaylnne Carter; Chapter 16 - General Conclusions by Malcolm Reid.