Models Of Contextual Theology

Author: Stephen B. Bevans
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Models Of Contextual Theology from the Author: Stephen B. Bevans. Stephen B Bevans's Models of Contextual Theology has become a staple in courses on theological method and as a handbook used by missioners and other Christians concerned with the Christian tradition's understanding of itself in relation to culture. First published in 1992 and now in its seventh printing in English, with translations underway into Spanish, Korean, and Indonesian, Bevans's book is a judicious examination of what the terms "contextual theology" and "to contextualize" mean. In the revised and expanded edition, Bevans adds a "counter-cultural" model to the five presented in the first edition -- the translation, the anthropological, the praxis, the synthetic, and the transcendental model. This means that readers will be introduced to the way in which figures such as Stanley Hauerwas, John Milbank, Lesslie Newbigin, "and (occasionally) Pope John Paul II" need to be taken into account. The author's revisions also incorporate suggestions made by reviewers to enhance the clarity of the original three chapters on the nature of contextual theology and the five models.

God In Context

Author: Sigurd Bergmann
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351932802
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God In Context from the Author: Sigurd Bergmann. In the 1970s theologians in Asia and Africa showed an interest in the way different cultural contexts influenced the interpretation of Christian belief. Manifestations of contextual theologies have since appeared in many parts of the world; animated international discussion about expressions, methods and theories for contextual theology have continued with the spread of contextual theology from the South to the North.. The object of these theologies is to shed new light on the concept of incarnation. How does the incarnated God act in a liberating way? Contextual theology explores awareness of the interrelatedness of God and culture. This book surveys important concepts, positions and problems of contextual theology, dealing with different criteria for the interpretation of 'context' and providing explanations of different theoretical models for contextual theology. Particular topics discussed include: the importance of place for the experience of God; a dynamic, correlative and communicative view of tradition; the approach to knowledge in contextualism and the greater right of the poor to aesthetic knowledge; human ecological formation of theology, and the contributions of pictorial art and architecture to contextual theology. Clearly explaining the importance of contextual theology for all theology, this book offers an invaluable text for students and others exploring theology in context.

Contextual Theology

Author: Paul Duane Matheny
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 022768012X
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Contextual Theology from the Author: Paul Duane Matheny. The epicenter of Christianity has shifted to the Global South. Yet, contextual theology, which seeks to preserve the integrity of the faith, has not been met with generosity among scholars in the United States and Europe. This book intends to forge helpfu

Doing Contextual Theology

Author: Angie Pears
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134115679
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Doing Contextual Theology from the Author: Angie Pears. Christian theology, like all forms of knowledge, thinking and practice, arises from and is influenced by the context in which it is done. In Doing Contextual Theology, Angie Pears demonstrates the radically contextual nature of Christian theology by focusing on five forms of liberation theology: Latin American Liberation Theologies; Black Theologies; Feminist Informed Theologies; Sexual Theologies; Body Theologies. Pears analyses how each of these asserts a clear and persistent link to the Christian tradition through The Bible and Christology and discusses the implications of contextual and local theologies for understanding Christianity as a religion. Moreover, she considers whether fears are justified that a radically contextual reading of Christian theologies leads to a relativist understanding of the religion, or whether these theologies share some form of common identity both despite and because of their contextual nature. Doing Contextual Theology offers students a clear and up-to-date survey of the field of contemporary liberation theology and provides them with a sound understanding of how contextual theology works in practice.

Contextual Theology For The Twenty First Century

Author: Steven Bevans
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 0227679989
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Contextual Theology For The Twenty First Century from the Author: Steven Bevans. A compact collection of essays on contextual theology in which the reader is offered fresh perspectives from the United States, Latin America and Oceania. These voices emphasise the significence of contextual theology for our twenty-first century and poro

Asian Contextual Theology For The Third Millenium

Author: Veli Matt Karkkainen
Publisher: James Clarke & Co
ISBN: 0227173317
Size: 55.31 MB
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Asian Contextual Theology For The Third Millenium from the Author: Veli Matt Karkkainen. In this volume, an attempt is undertaken to highlight the genesis, progress, and transformation of the Asian contextual theology of minjung, introducing its historical point of departure, its development, and its transformation in light of younger Korean and Korean American scholars' endeavors. In this regard, the new Asian contextual theology, which is emerging, strives to integrate both minjung and the wisdom of World Religions into its own framework and direction, assuming the character of a public theology and remaining humble and open before God's mystery, while featuring its association with minjung in a holistic way.

Let S Do Theology

Author: Laurie Green
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826425518
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Let S Do Theology from the Author: Laurie Green. >