The Constitutional Monarchy In France 1814 48

Author: Pamela M. Pilbeam
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317883551
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The Constitutional Monarchy In France 1814 48 from the Author: Pamela M. Pilbeam. Historians in France assume that the restoration of Monarchy after the defeat of Napoleon was doomed. The first compact recent history of the period in English, this book reveals that although the French experimented with two Monarchies and a Republic (1814 - 48), there was substantial stability. The Institutional framework constructed during the Revolutionary years (1789 - 1814) remained intact, and the ruling elites retained basic control.

The Perilous Crown

Author: Munro Price
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 033053937X
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The Perilous Crown from the Author: Munro Price. Was it inevitable that France should become a republic? In this fascinating account of the period 1814-48, Munro Price attempts to answer this most difficult of questions. Using substantial unpublished research as he did in his celebrated The Fall of the French Monarchy, Price focuses on the amazing political machinations of Madame Adelaide, sister of King Louis Philippe. Though only mentioned rarely in other histories of the time, The French Revolutions shows how her intelligence and behind the scenes wrangling secured her brother the throne, thereby creating France's only long lasting experiment with a constitutional monarchy. Munro Price vividly brings the period alive with all its instability and political intrigue, while at the same time illuminating our understanding of a difficult and tumultuous time. The French Revolutions is an ambitious, exciting and masterful work of history that is sure to delight and inform for many years to come.

A Catalogue Of Books Belonging To The Lower Hall Of The Central Department In The Classes Of History Biography And Travel Including The Histories Of Literature Art Sects Etc Politics Geography Voyages Sketches And Manners And Customs Together With Notes For Readers Under Subject References

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A Catalogue Of Books Belonging To The Lower Hall Of The Central Department In The Classes Of History Biography And Travel Including The Histories Of Literature Art Sects Etc Politics Geography Voyages Sketches And Manners And Customs Together With Notes For Readers Under Subject References from the Author: .

France 1814 1914

Author: Robert Tombs
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317871421
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France 1814 1914 from the Author: Robert Tombs. Here is an incomparably rich portrait of France in the years when the disparate elements that made up the fragmented kingdom of the ancien regime were forged into the modern nation. The survey begins with an exploration of national obsessions and attitudes. It considers the tendency to revolution and war, the preoccupation with the idea of a New Order and the deep strain of national paranoia that was to be intensified by the dramatic debacle of the Franco-Prussian War. Robert Tombs then investigates the structures of power and in Part Three he turns his attention to social identities, from the individual and family to the nation at large. When every aspect of the period has been put under the microscope, Robert Tombs draws them all into the broad political narrative that brings the book to its rousing conclusion. Bursting with life as well as learning, this is, quite simply, a tour de force.

1830 1848 The End Of Metaphysics As A Transformation Of Culture

Author: Herbert De Vriese
Publisher: Peeters Pub & Booksellers
ISBN: 9789042913936
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1830 1848 The End Of Metaphysics As A Transformation Of Culture from the Author: Herbert De Vriese. The question of 'the end of metaphysics' is generally considered as a central issue concerning the nature and significance of philosophy as such, and, accordingly, as belonging to the realm of 'pure' or 'fundamental' philosophy. By contrast, this book investigates to what extent the end of metaphysics might be related to specific influences from outside philosophy. Focusing on the period between 1830 and 1848, it argues that metaphysics was not so much challenged by internal philosophical argument, but rather by a transformation of Western culture in its entirety. Metaphysics was overtaken by the modern spirit of the age. In consequence, this book approaches 'the end of metaphysics' as a problem of the philosophy of culture. Three historians of culture provide an overview and analysis of the 'Age of Revolution' by focusing upon the political revolution in France, the industrial revolution in England and the intellectual revolution in Germany respectively. The proclamations of the end of metaphysics by Auguste Comte, Friedrich Engels and Otto Friedrich Gruppe are shown to mirror this threefold cultural transformation. Against this backdrop, the idea of the end of metaphysics is brought into relief as a historical reality during the years 1830 to 1848. The editors are members of the Centre for Metaphysics and Culture at the University of Antwerp.

Benjamin Constant

Author: James Mitchell Lee
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Benjamin Constant from the Author: James Mitchell Lee.

Napoleon S Legacy

Author: David Laven
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781859732441
Size: 63.64 MB
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Napoleon S Legacy from the Author: David Laven. This ground-breaking, revisionist collection of essays, based on the most recent research, provides a long-needed reassessment of the legacy of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars upon the governments of Restoration Europe. Traditionally the Restoration has been regarded by historians as a period in which European governments returned to the reactionary policies which prevailed before the upheavals of 1789, and which involved an outright rejection of the reforms of the Napoleonic era. In this book, leading historians challenge this interpretation and emphasize the sometimes surprising loyalty shown to Napoleonic policies of modernization by Restoration governments. The problems of dealing with new ideologies, accommodating the interests of old elites, and keeping the benefits of recent reforms were broadly similar across Europe, and provide a connecting theme throughout the volume. However, the nature of governmental response was never uniform. The essays explore these varieties of response, both through detailed case studies and more general surveys, and address issues such as policing and censorship, revolutionary symbolism, elite formation and bureaucratic structures in France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland, making a fascinating contribution to the study of the nature of political change in the modern period.

France Since The Second World War

Author: Tyler Edward Stovall
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780582368828
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France Since The Second World War from the Author: Tyler Edward Stovall. /* LB742, 0-582-36882-0 , Stovall, Tyler, France Since the Second World War */ This book focuses in particular on the French role in a global context, and on relations with the US, Europe and the French Empire. Tyler Stovall explores the French post-war recovery and the thirty years of prosperity that followed. Arranged in a broad chronological framework, the book examines the wars France fought against national independence movements in the 1950s and 1960s, and developments in French culture and the intelligentsia, from the events of 1968 to Euro-Disney. The Mitterand era is scrutinized, with coverage of the rising tide of the extreme right, racial conflict and immigration, and new relations with Europe in the post-Soviet era. For readers interested in French history.