Conjugal Union

Author: Patrick Lee
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107059925
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Conjugal Union from the Author: Patrick Lee. "During a recent day-time television talk show a young woman was informed that her husband had offered her best friend 500 dollars to have sex with him. Needless to say, the young woman (the wife) became very angry and she (along with the talk-show host and most of the audience present) viewed this act as an egregious betrayal"--

Conjugal Union

Author: Robert F. Reid-Pharr
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195355901
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Conjugal Union from the Author: Robert F. Reid-Pharr. In Conjugal Union, Robert F. Reid-Pharr argues that during the antebellum period a community of free black northeastern intellectuals sought to establish the stability of a Black American subjectivity by figuring the black body as the necessary antecedent to any intelligible Black American public presence. Reid-Pharr goes on to argue that the fact of the black body's constant and often spectacular display demonstrates an incredible uncertainty as to that body's status. Thus antebellum black intellectuals were always anxious about how a stable relationship between the black community might be maintained. Paying particular attention to Black American novels written before the Civil War, the author shows how the household was utilized by these writers to normalize this relationship of body to community such that a person could enter a household as a white and leave it as a black.

Leaving And Clinging

Author: Paul Peachey
Publisher: University Press of Amer
ISBN: 9780761821595
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Leaving And Clinging from the Author: Paul Peachey. Until the 1960s our sexual and familial world was bi-polar. People were generally either men or women, and marriage was the normal relation between them. To be sure, deviations occurred, but these were defined by the two poles of gender and marriage. Today's adolescents and young adults confront a rather different social context. With the surfacing of homosexuality and bisexuality, the line separating the sexes has become fuzzy. For these and other reasons, marriage is not only undergoing change, but finds itself in competition with other models of sexual discourse. Leaving and Clinging attempts to define the fundamental importance of marriage today.

Conjugal Love And Procreation

Author: Kevin Schemenauer
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739147080
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Conjugal Love And Procreation from the Author: Kevin Schemenauer. Dietrich von Hildebrand contributed to the Catholic tradition's increased recognition of conjugal love in marriage in the early twentieth century, and, as Kevin Schemenauer argues in Conjugal Love and Procreation, von Hildebrand's work remains relevant to contemporary Catholic thought as well. While some argue that this German Catholic philosopher and theologian neglected the role of procreation in marriage, this book shows that von Hildebrand's writings on reverence and superabundant finality contribute to a contemporary understanding of the significance of procreation within marriage. Schemenauer analyzes von Hildebrand's integration of conjugal love and procreation, showing him to be an insightful and parallel voice to the that of John Paul II. His thorough exploration of von Hildebrand's writings reveals not only how conjugal love and openness to new life are essential to marriage, but also how essential the role of procreation is to the conception of conjugal love.

Covenant Polity In Biblical Israel

Author: Daniel J. Elazar
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9781412820516
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Covenant Polity In Biblical Israel from the Author: Daniel J. Elazar. In this first volume of a trilogy, Daniel J. Elazar addresses political uses of the idea of covenant, the tradition that has adhered to that idea, and the political arrangements that flow from it, Among the topics covered are covenant as a political concept, the Bible as a political commentary, the post-biblical tradition, medieval covenant theory, and Jewish political culture.