Author: Anne Farrow
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0307414795
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Complicity from the Author: Anne Farrow. Slavery in the South has been documented in volumes ranging from exhaustive histories to bestselling novels. But the North’s profit from–indeed, dependence on–slavery has mostly been a shameful and well-kept secret . . . until now. In this startling and superbly researched new book, three veteran New England journalists demythologize the region of America known for tolerance and liberation, revealing a place where thousands of people were held in bondage and slavery was both an economic dynamo and a necessary way of life. Complicity reveals the cruel truth about the Triangle Trade of molasses, rum, and slaves that lucratively linked the North to the West Indies and Africa; discloses the reality of Northern empires built on profits from rum, cotton, and ivory–and run, in some cases, by abolitionists; and exposes the thousand-acre plantations that existed in towns such as Salem, Connecticut. Here, too, are eye-opening accounts of the individuals who profited directly from slavery far from the Mason-Dixon line–including Nathaniel Gordon of Maine, the only slave trader sentenced to die in the United States, who even as an inmate of New York’s infamous Tombs prison was supported by a shockingly large percentage of the city; Patty Cannon, whose brutal gang kidnapped free blacks from Northern states and sold them into slavery; and the Philadelphia doctor Samuel Morton, eminent in the nineteenth-century field of “race science,” which purported to prove the inferiority of African-born black people. Culled from long-ignored documents and reports–and bolstered by rarely seen photos, publications, maps, and period drawings–Complicity is a fascinating and sobering work that actually does what so many books pretend to do: shed light on America’s past. Expanded from the celebrated Hartford Courant special report that the Connecticut Department of Education sent to every middle school and high school in the state (the original work is required readings in many college classrooms,) this new book is sure to become a must-read reference everywhere. From the Hardcover edition.

Complicity And The Law Of State Responsibility

Author: Helmut Philipp Aust
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139499629
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Complicity And The Law Of State Responsibility from the Author: Helmut Philipp Aust. This systematic analysis of State complicity in international law focuses on the rules of State responsibility. Combining a theoretical perspective on complicity based on the concept of the international rule of law with a thorough analysis of international practice, Helmut Philipp Aust establishes what forms of support for wrongful conduct entail responsibility of complicit States and sheds light on the consequences of complicity in terms of reparation and implementation. Furthermore, he highlights how international law provides for varying degrees of responsibility in cases of complicity, depending on whether peremptory norms have been violated or special subject areas such as the law of collective security are involved. The book shows that the concept of State complicity is firmly grounded in international law, and that the international rule of law may serve as a conceptual paradigm for today's international legal order.


Author: Iain Banks
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748109889
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Complicity from the Author: Iain Banks. COMPLICITY n. 1. the fact of being an accomplice, esp. in a criminal act A few spliffs, a spot of mild S&M, phone through the copy for tomorrow's front page, catch up with the latest from your mystery source - could be big, could be very big - in fact, just a regular day at the office for free-wheeling, substance-abusing Cameron Colley, a fully paid-up Gonzo hack on an Edinburgh newspaper. The source is pretty thin, but Cameron senses a scoop and checks out a series of bizarre deaths from a few years ago - only to find that the police are checking out a series of bizarre deaths that are happening right now. And Cameron just might know more about it than he'd care to admit ... Involvement; connection; liability - Complicity is a stunting exploration of the morality of greed, corruption and violence, venturing fearlessly into the darker recesses of human purpose.


Author: Christopher Kutz
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521039703
Size: 76.81 MB
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Complicity from the Author: Christopher Kutz. This book examines the relationship between collective responsibility and individual guilt.

Being White Being Good

Author: Barbara Applebaum
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739144930
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Being White Being Good from the Author: Barbara Applebaum. Contemporary scholars who study race and racism have emphasized that white complicity plays a role in perpetuating systemic racial injustice. Being White, Being Good seeks to explain what scholars mean by white complicity, to explore the ethical and epistemological assumptions that white complicity entails, and to offer recommendations for how white complicity can be taught. The book highlights how well-intentioned white people who might even consider themselves as paragons of antiracism might be unwittingly sustaining an unjust system that they say they want to dismantle. What could it mean for white people 'to be good' when they can reproduce and maintain racist system even when, and especially when, they believe themselves to be good? In order to answer this question, Barbara Applebaum advocates a shift in our understanding of the subject, of language, and of moral responsibility. Based on these shifts a new notion of moral responsibility is articulated that is not focused on guilt and that can help white students understand and acknowledge their white complicity. Being White, Being Good introduces an approach to social justice pedagogy called 'white complicity pedagogy.' The practical and pedagogical implications of this approach are fleshed out by emphasizing the role of uncertainty, vulnerability, and vigilance. White students who acknowledge their complicity have an increased potential to develop alliance identities and to engage in genuine cross-racial dialogue. White complicity pedagogy promises to facilitate the type of listening on the part of white students so that they come open and willing to learn, and 'not just to say no.' Applebaum also conjectures that systemically marginalized students would be more likely and willing to invest energy and time, and be more willing to engage with the systemically privileged, when the latter acknowledge rather than deny their complicity. It is a central claim of the book that acknowledging complicity encourages a willingness to listen to, rather than dismiss, the struggles and experiences of the systemically marginalized.

Confession And Complicity In Narrative

Author: Dennis A. Foster
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521341912
Size: 64.72 MB
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Confession And Complicity In Narrative from the Author: Dennis A. Foster. What is the precise relationship between the writer of a text and the reader? This 1987 text tackles this question.

Complicity In The Holocaust

Author: Robert P. Ericksen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110701591X
Size: 24.45 MB
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Complicity In The Holocaust from the Author: Robert P. Ericksen. In one of the darker aspects of Nazi Germany, churches and universities - generally respected institutions - grew to accept and support Nazi ideology. Complicity in the Holocaust describes how the state's intellectual and spiritual leaders enthusiastically partnered with Hitler's regime, becoming active participants in the persecution of Jews, effectively giving Germans permission to participate in the Nazi regime. Ericksen also examines Germany's deeply flawed yet successful postwar policy of denazification in these institutions.

Complicity In International Law

Author: Miles Jackson
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198736932
Size: 23.57 MB
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Complicity In International Law from the Author: Miles Jackson. Analysing the nature of complicity in international criminal law, this book provides an account of the growing attention being paid to the issue. Exploring the responsibilities of individuals, states, and non-state actors in their obligations, the changing status of complicity in international law is demonstrated.

From Complicity To Encounter

Author: Jane Collier
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9781563382604
Size: 45.23 MB
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From Complicity To Encounter from the Author: Jane Collier. Presents a thoughtful and disturbing critique of Western culture obsessed by the "culture of economism," in which economic causes or factors become the main source of cultural meanings and values, thus perpetrating inequality, injustice, and divisions.

On Complicity And Compromise

Author: Chiara Lepora
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199677905
Size: 33.43 MB
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On Complicity And Compromise from the Author: Chiara Lepora. Drawing on philosophy, law and political science, and on a wealth of practical experience delivering emergency medical services in conflict-ridden settings, Lepora and Goodin untangle the complexities surrounding compromise and complicity.