Come Buy Come Buy

Author: Krista Lysack
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0821442929
Size: 73.16 MB
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Come Buy Come Buy from the Author: Krista Lysack. From the 1860s through the early twentieth century, Great Britain saw the rise of the department store and the institutionalization of a gendered sphere of consumption. Come Buy, Come Buy considers representations of the female shopper in British women’s writing and demonstrates how women’s shopping practices are materialized as forms of narrative, poetic, and cultural inscription, showing how women writers emphasize consumerism as productive of pleasure rather than the condition of seduction or loss. Krista Lysack examines works by Christina Rossetti, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, George Eliot, and Michael Field, as well as the suffragette newspaper Votes for Women, in order to challenge the dominant construction of Victorian femininity as characterized by self-renunciation and the regulation of appetite. Come Buy, Come Buy considers not only literary works, but also a variety of archival sources (shopping guides, women’s fashion magazines, household management guides, newspapers, and advertisements) and cultural practices (department store shopping, shoplifting and kleptomania, domestic economy, and suffragette shopkeeping). With this wealth of sources, Lysack traces a genealogy of the woman shopper from dissident domestic spender to aesthetic connoisseur, from curious shop-gazer to political radical.

Come Buy Without Money

Author: Apostle J. Vernon Duncan
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781456778538
Size: 71.99 MB
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Come Buy Without Money from the Author: Apostle J. Vernon Duncan. This book is a companion volume to the well-known earlier work of the author, "Kingdom Wealth: The Power to Get It" (available from,, and other online sources). It is pragmatic and applicable to everyday living, especially appealing to those who consider themselves citizens of the Kingdom of God and radical enough to search for treasures under the biblical sands. In Isaiah 55:1, God the Father makes an ecstatic and passionate call to the thirsty, the desperate and the daring to come to His waters and buy without money. It is indeed an invitation to a business relationship, for the expression "waters", in this context, carries a commerce connotation, akin to the waterfront, the docks or port, the site of the most voluminous trade in any progressive economy. We are challenged to come and cast our bread on the waters and see it return in multiple dimensions within a few days (Ecclesiastes 11:1). This efficient and reliable Kingdom economic model is far superior to Wall Street's debt-based system or any other earth-based investment sheme; it is recession-proof, employing currencies much higher than money. Study this book and prove its immense value yourself. Get ready for true wealth.

Goblin Market

Author: Christina Rossetti
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486132005
Size: 22.99 MB
Format: PDF
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Goblin Market from the Author: Christina Rossetti. This lovely hardcover gift edition of Christina Rossetti's most famous poem will enchant readers of all ages. It features four color and 20 black-and-white images as well as a reproduction of a rare Rackham watercolor.

The Social Stage

Author: George Melville Baker
Size: 50.82 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Social Stage from the Author: George Melville Baker.


Author: Isaac Brandon
Size: 11.96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Kais from the Author: Isaac Brandon.

The Shadow World Book Club

Author: Liv Spencer
Publisher: ECW Press
ISBN: 1770904859
Size: 69.83 MB
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The Shadow World Book Club from the Author: Liv Spencer. A curated selection of the poems, plays and works of fiction that Cassandra Clare quotes from in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. Liv Spencer highlights the specific text used in each volume of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, with selections from Hamlet, A Tale of Two Cities, Tennyson, Dante and many more. This is the free companion reader to Navigating the Shadow World: The Unofficial Guide to Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments by Liv Spencer.

The Pre Raphaelites From Rossetti To Ruskin

Author: Dinah Roe
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141962593
Size: 48.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Pre Raphaelites From Rossetti To Ruskin from the Author: Dinah Roe. The Pre-Raphaelite Movement began in 1848, and experienced its heyday in the 1860s and 1870s. Influenced by the then little-known Keats and Blake, as well as Wordsworth, Shelley and Coleridge, Pre-Raphaelite poetry 'etherialized sensation' (in the words of Antony Harrison), and popularized the notion ofl'art pour l'art - art for art's sake. Where Victorian realist novels explored the grit and grime of the Industrial Revolution, Pre-Raphaelite poems concentrated on more abstract themes of romantic love, artistic inspiration and sexuality. Later they attracted Aesthetes and Decadents like Oscar Wilde, Aubrey Beardsley and Ernest Dowson, not to mention Gerard Manley Hopkins and W.B. Yeats.

Goblin Market And Other Poems

Author: Christina Rossetti
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486113264
Size: 76.84 MB
Format: PDF
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Goblin Market And Other Poems from the Author: Christina Rossetti. Features 32 works — among them "The Convent Threshold," "Up-hill," "Cousin Kate," "Winter: My Secret," "Maude Clare," and celebrated title poem.