Colin Gunton And The Failure Of Augustine

Author: Bradley G. Green
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 0227680057
Size: 55.51 MB
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Colin Gunton And The Failure Of Augustine from the Author: Bradley G. Green. According to Gunton, Augustine's particular construal of the doctrine of God led to fundamental errors and problems in grasping the relationship between creation and redemption, and in rightfully construing a truly Christian ontology. Bradley G. Green's close reading of Augustine challenges Gunton's understanding.

Jesus Christ Eternal God

Author: Stephen H. Webb
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190208554
Size: 78.38 MB
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Jesus Christ Eternal God from the Author: Stephen H. Webb. In this groundbreaking study, Stephen H. Webb offers a new theological understanding of the material and spiritual: that, far from being contradictory, they unite in the very stuff of the eternal Jesus Christ. Accepting matter as a perfection (or predicate) of the divine requires a rethinking of the immateriality of God, the doctrine of creation out of nothing, the Chalcedonian formula of the person of Christ, and the analogical nature of religious language. It also requires a careful reconsideration of Augustine's appropriation of the Neo-Platonic understanding of divine incorporeality as well as Origen's rejection of anthropomorphism. Webb locates his position in contrast to evolutionary theories of emergent materialism and the popular idea that the world is God's body. He draws on a little known theological position known as the ''heavenly flesh'' Christology, investigates the many misunderstandings of its origins and relation to the Monophysite movement, and supplements it with retrievals of Duns Scotus, Caspar Scwenckfeld and Eastern Orthodox reflections on the transfiguration. Also included in Webb's study are discussions of classical figures like Barth and Aquinas as well as more recent theological proposals from Bruce McCormack, David Hart, and Colin Gunton. Perhaps most provocatively, the book argues that Mormonism provides the most challenging, urgent, and potentially rewarding source for metaphysical renewal today. Webb's concept of Christian materialism challenges traditional Christian common sense, and aims to show the way to a more metaphysically sound orthodoxy.

Worship In The Spirit

Author: James H. S. Steven
Publisher: Paternoster
Size: 22.33 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Worship In The Spirit from the Author: James H. S. Steven. Since its beginnings in the early 1960s the Charismatic Movement has been at its most visible and influential in the sphere of public worship. This book is the first major study of charismatic worship as it is encountered in Church of England parishes. Having traced the historical development of the Charismatic Movement in the Church of England, the book explores the public worship of six selected case study churches. These churches represent the breadth of charismatic Anglicanism (from Anglo-Catholic to evangelical). Special attention is given to: Charisma and liturgical order Congregational singing 'Prayer ministry'. The concluding section offers a theological evaluation, and investigates Charismatic worship from a Trinitarian perspective. An empirical-theological study of contemporary charismatic worship in the Church of England.

The Promise Of Trinitarian Theology

Author: Colin E. Gunton
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780567081001
Size: 72.73 MB
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The Promise Of Trinitarian Theology from the Author: Colin E. Gunton. A reissue of a brilliant and accessible introduction to Trinitarian thought. Colin Gunton argues that the theology of the Trinity has profound implications for all dimensions of human life. Central to his work is his argument that the doctrine should offer ways of articulating the being of God and of the world so that we may be better able to live before God and with each other.

The Triune Creator

Author: Colin E. Gunton
ISBN: 9780748607921
Size: 63.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Triune Creator from the Author: Colin E. Gunton.

Trinity Time And Church

Author: Robert W. Jenson
Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing Company
Size: 60.52 MB
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Trinity Time And Church from the Author: Robert W. Jenson. With the recent publication of his two-volume "Systematic Theology", Robert W. Jenson has established himself as a significant voice in contemporary Christian theology. In "Trinity, Time, and Church", leading scholars critically engage the major themes of Jenson's thought. These essays offer an introduction to his work and provide an overview of the contours of meaningful Christian theology today.

Theology Through The Theologians

Author: Colin E. Gunton
Publisher: T&T Clark
Size: 40.68 MB
Format: PDF
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Theology Through The Theologians from the Author: Colin E. Gunton. A new paperback edition of an important work by the late Colin E. Gunton. This book begins by treating the nature of Christian theology and the doctrine of God, leading to discussions on Christology, pneumatology, atonement, creation and the church. Professor Gunton's study will be invaluable for all scholars and students of systematic theology and Christian doctrine—and of modern theology in general.