The Cold Of May Day Monday

Author: Robert Anthony Welch
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191510467
Size: 18.24 MB
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The Cold Of May Day Monday from the Author: Robert Anthony Welch. The Cold of May Day Monday offers an indvidual view of the history of Irish literature from its very earliest phases up to the present day, more or less, with discussions of major writers such as Friel, Heaney, Derek Mahon, McGahern, and John Banville. Robert Welch traces the roots of Irish literature in myth and legend and explores ancient and pre-Celtic deposits and remembrances; saga literature, as well as devotional writing; the bardic heritage and the cycles of tales of early Ireland; the importance and survival of folklore; and the later phases of Irish literature, from the seventeenth century onwards. Welch frames his study around themes and clusters rather than chronology, seeking to retain coherence by means of a sustained attention to the thematic strains. Substantial attention is paid to the figure of the Hag in Irish literary culture. The often deeply troubled relations between Ireland and England inevitably call for treatment as well, most notably in chapters examining the Great Famine and its consequences for literature and cultural expression. Yeats is one of the key figures, as are O'Casey and Synge, but the focus is on their literary output, not their political experiences (though these are not overlooked).Robert Welch offers a readable account of a fascinating literary history, providing insights into the connections between Irish legend and literature, and accounts of the some of the best Irish writers of the twentieth century.

The Ritual Of May Day In Western Europe

Author: Abby Peterson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317017358
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The Ritual Of May Day In Western Europe from the Author: Abby Peterson. Eric Hobsbawm claimed that the international May Day, which dates back to a proclamation in 1889 by the Second International, 'is perhaps the most ambitious of labour rituals'. The first international May Day demonstrations in 1890 were widely celebrated across Europe and became the one day each year when organized labour could present its goals to the public, an eight-hour workday being the first concrete demand, shortly followed by those for improved working conditions, universal suffrage, peace among nations, and international solidarity. The May Day ritual celebration was the self-assertion and self-definition of the new labour class through class organization. Thus, it was trade unions and social democratic and socialist parties throughout Europe which took the initiative and have sustained May Day as a labour ritual to this day. Part I of this theoretically-informed volume explores how May Day demonstrations have evolved and taken different trajectories in different political contexts. Part II focuses on May Day rituals today. By comparing demonstration level data of over 2000 questionnaires from six countries, including Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, the reader is able to gain a thorough understanding of how participants are bestowing meaning on May Day rituals. By concluding with reflections on the future of the May Day ritual in Western Europe, this ground-breaking book provides a detailed analysis of its evolution as a protest event.

In Cold Blood

Author: Truman Capote
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9781588361653
Size: 55.28 MB
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In Cold Blood from the Author: Truman Capote. National Bestseller On November 15, 1959, in the small town of Holcomb, Kansas, four members of the Clutter family were savagely murdered by blasts from a shotgun held a few inches from their faces. There was no apparent motive for the crime, and there were almost no clues. As Truman Capote reconstructs the murder and the investigation that led to the capture, trial, and execution of the killers, he generates both mesmerizing suspense and astonishing empathy. In Cold Blood is a work that transcends its moment, yielding poignant insights into the nature of American violence.

El Sueno De Oro The Dream Of Gold

Author: Phillip Micheal Coffee
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412047056
Size: 49.36 MB
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El Sueno De Oro The Dream Of Gold from the Author: Phillip Micheal Coffee. El SueƱo de Oro is a day-by-day account of an expedition for gold in Alaska from August of 1897 to August of 1899. The "log" was created by the leader of the expedition, William Mills Coffee, then of Santa Cruz, California. The log entries create a flowing story of the El SueƱo expedition from San Francisco to the Bering Sea and up the Yukon River in Alaska. The El SueƱo party searched for gold by dog sled, boat and on foot during the harsh winters of Alaska, where the temperatures were recorded as low as -80 degrees. During the two years there were mutinies, deaths, marriages, amputations, shipwrecks and various accounts of the Alaskan wilderness. The book is an historical account of one man's search for gold, very well documented with photos, maps of probable gold locations and claims, and financial records of the expedition. The Master Carpenter Certificates of the two ships involved with the expedition, "Bessie K" and "El SueƱo", are included.

The Book Of Common Prayer

Author: Church of England
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1613102933
Size: 78.25 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Book Of Common Prayer from the Author: Church of England.

Never Cold Call Again

Author: Frank J. Rumbauskas, Jr.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118040782
Size: 31.24 MB
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Never Cold Call Again from the Author: Frank J. Rumbauskas, Jr.. "Cold calling is the lowest percentage of sales call success. If you invest the same amount of time in reading this book as you do in cold calling, your success percentage and your income will skyrocket."- Jeffrey Gitomer, Author, Little Red Book of Selling "You can never get enough of a good thing! Read this book and USE its contents!"- Anthony Parinello, Author, Selling to Vito and Stop Cold Calling Forever Salespeople everywhere are learning the hard way that cold calling doesn't work anymore. Yet, millions of salespeople are stuck in the past, using twentieth-century sales techniques to try to lure twenty-first century customers. There has to be an easier way to find prospects - and there is. Today's most successful salespeople are using modern technology to bring prospects to them, rather than fishing for prospects over the phone or knocking on doors. Never Cold Call Again offers practical, step-by-step alternatives to traditional cold calling for salespeople, small business owners, and independent professionals who are actively building a client base. The Information Age presents endless opportunities for finding leads without cold calling. In fact, Frank Rumbauskasā€™s system brings prospects to the salesperson, rather than the other way around. Readers will find unbeatable sales advice on effective self-promotion, generating endless leads, how to win prospects using e-mail, prospecting on the Web, networking, developing effective proposals, and much more. Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr. (Phoenix, AZ) provides marketing consultation and coaching services to firms who wish to provide qualified leads to their sales force rather than have them spend productive work time cold calling. He is the author of the self-published hit Cold Calling Is a Waste of Time (0-9765163-0-6).

The Golden Bough

Author: Sir James George Frazer
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The Golden Bough from the Author: Sir James George Frazer.

The Journals Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition The Journal Of Patrick Gass May 14 1804 September 23 1806

Author: Meriwether Lewis
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803229167
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The Journals Of The Lewis And Clark Expedition The Journal Of Patrick Gass May 14 1804 September 23 1806 from the Author: Meriwether Lewis. The Lewis and Clark expedition is both one of the greatest geographical adventures undertaken by Americans and one of the best documented at the time. The University of Nebraska Press edition of the Journals of Lewis and Clark now reaches volume 10 of the projected 13 that will contain the complete record of the expedition. In order that the fullest record possible be kept of the expedition, captains Lewis and Clark required their sergeants to keep journals to compensate for possible loss of the captains' own accounts. The sergeants' accounts extend and corroborate the journals of Lewis and Clark and contribute to the full record of the expedition. Volume 10 contains the journal of expedition member Sergeant Patrick Gass. Gass was promoted to sergeant on the expedition to fill the place of the deceased Charles Floyd. His journal was subsequently published and proved quite popular: it went through six editions in six years. A skilled carpenter, Gass was almost certainly responsible for supervising the building of Forts Mandan and Clatsop; his records of those forts are particularly detailed and useful. Gass was to live until 1870, the last survivor of the expedition and the one who lived to see transcontinental communication fulfill the promise of the expedition. Gary E. Moulton is a professor of history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and recipient of the J. Franklin Jameson Award of the American Historical Association for the editing of these journals.

Cold Monday

Author: Terence Strong
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743429923
Size: 21.66 MB
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Cold Monday from the Author: Terence Strong. Haunted by the brutal killing of his wife, a UN interpreter in Bosnia, ex-SAS operative Ed Coltrane is consumed with hunting down her murderers. Drinking heavily and spending too much time and money on the search, Coltrane's life is going into meltdown. Just as it seems he can fall no further, a former colleague informs him that one of his wife's killers is in London, as a guest of the British government. Certain unofficial figures in the corridors of power would like to see this man disappear, and they'd like Ed Coltrane to accept the contract. Although he has no wish to commit what amounts to a state-sanctioned murder, the desire for revenge is too strong, and Coltrane agrees to pull the trigger. Plunging into the dark heart of modern Europe, Ed Coltrane is about to uncover a covert act of national betrayal that is as shocking as it is unexpected.