Coexisting Differences

Author: Hwi-yŏn Chin
ISBN: 9781565913332
Size: 48.60 MB
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Coexisting Differences from the Author: Hwi-yŏn Chin. The ten artists featured in this book are addressing, in individual voices, their experiences in Korea, as well as more universal subjects like education and social convention. The first group can be categorized as first- generation feminist artists examining women’s lives within the context of Korea’s history. The second group is dealing with the ambiguity of boundaries in social convention and art. The third group includes artists who reflect political and artistic realities including religion, crafts and design.

K Art

Author: Korean Culture and Information Service South Korea
Publisher: 길잡이미디어
ISBN: 8973755803
Size: 16.32 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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K Art from the Author: Korean Culture and Information Service South Korea. This book seeks to help readers overseas gain a comprehensive understanding of Korean contemporary art by examining its various features and movements. Featured are the artists who have come to represent Korea since the modern concept of art was accepted, especially those active since the major expansion of Korean art overseas in the 2000s. The book also discusses the works of artists preceding that time, and finally the various spaces for Korean contemporary art, including exhibition halls, biennales, and art markets. Korean Contemporary Art, an Emerging Powerhouse of the Art World The Place of K-Art in the World K-Art, Crossing Boundaries Success of Korean Artists in Foreign Auctions Leading Figures in the K-Art Scene Hanguk-hwa, Korean Paintings Western Paintings Sculpture and Installation Art Photography Star Artists Attracting Global Attention History of K-Art The Characteristics of Traditional Korean Art The Origins of Contemporary Art (1910s?1950s) The Advent of Abstract Art (1960s?1970s) The Search for Koreanness (1980s) The Age of Postmodernism and Pluralism (1990s?present) K-Art in the Public Space Art Museums, Galleries and Alternative Spaces Art Markets: Where the Public and Experts Meet Big Art Shows: Gwangju Biennale, Busan Biennale, and Mediacity Seoul Epilogue The Potential and Direction of Korean Contemporary Art

Weaving Time 2015

Author: Kyunghee Pyun
ISBN: 1329540387
Size: 51.28 MB
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Weaving Time 2015 from the Author: Kyunghee Pyun.

Modern And Contemporary Art In Korea

Author: Yŏng-na Kim
Publisher: Hollym Intl
Size: 25.56 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Modern And Contemporary Art In Korea from the Author: Yŏng-na Kim. Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea deals with issues of tradition, modernity, and identity in modern and contemporary Korean art in Korea. On a deeper level, this is one of the only books of its kind in English that exposes readers to specific artists and their works, an especially useful resource for those who wish to know more than just surface level facts about Korean art.

Generations And Geographies In The Visual Arts Feminist Readings

Author: Griselda Pollock
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134768494
Size: 38.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Generations And Geographies In The Visual Arts Feminist Readings from the Author: Griselda Pollock. In Generations and Geographies in the Visual Achallenge of Arts: Feminist Readings the challenge of contemporary feminist theory encounters the provocation of the visual arts made by women in the twentieth century. The major issue is difference: sexual, cultural and social. The book points to the singularity of each artist's creative negotiation of time and historical and political circumstance. Griselda Pollock calls attention to the significance of place, location and cultural diversity, connecting issues of sexuality to those of nationality, imperialism, migration, diaspora and genocide.

Elsewhere Within Here

Author: Trinh T. Minh-ha
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136942793
Size: 68.79 MB
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Elsewhere Within Here from the Author: Trinh T. Minh-ha. Winner of the 2012 Critics Choice Book Award of the American Educational Studies Association (AESA) World-renowned filmmaker and feminist, postcolonial thinker Trinh T. Minh-ha is one of the most powerful and articulate voices in both independent filmmaking and cultural politics. Elsewhere, Within Here is an engaging look at travel across national borders--as a foreigner, a tourist, an immigrant, a refugee—in a pre- and post-9/11 world. Who is welcome where? What does it mean to feel out of place in the country you call home? When does the stranger appear in these times of dark metamorphoses? These are some of the issues addressed by the author as she examines the cultural meaning and complexities of travel, immigration, home and exile. The boundary, seen both as a material and immaterial event, is where endings pass into beginnings. Building upon themes present in her earlier work on hybridity and displacement in the median passage, and illuminating the ways in which "every voyage can be said to involve a re-siting of boundaries," Trinh T. Minh-ha leads her readers through an investigation of what it means to be an insider and an outsider in this "epoch of global fear." Elsewhere, Within Here is essential reading for those interested in contemporary feminist thought and postcolonial studies.

Buddhist Architecture Of Korea

Author: Sung-woo Kim
Publisher: Hollym International
Size: 55.37 MB
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Buddhist Architecture Of Korea from the Author: Sung-woo Kim. The easiest way to learn about Korea's Buddhist culture is to visit the temples where the traditional practice of asceticism is still carried on today. People no longer live in other examples of traditional architecture, such as palaces and Confucian schools and academies; but in temples the monks and nuns eat, sleep and live in the traditional way, wearing traditional robes. Of all the countries in East Asia that share Buddhist culture, only in Korea is the traditional practice of asceticism strongly maintained. This book aims to discuss the part architecture plays in this traditional temple culture. While temple life and the practice of asceticism are integral to each other, this books attempts to isolate the architecture as a physical entity. Though several books taking a similar approach have been published in Korea, this one has been written with foreign readers in mind.

Chaotic Harmony

Author: Karen Sinsheimer
Publisher: Museum of Fine Arts Houston
ISBN: 9780300157536
Size: 15.20 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Chaotic Harmony from the Author: Karen Sinsheimer. "Presents the latest developments in Korean photography with a survey of works by forty leading contemporary photographers, two essays, artists' biographies, and a chronology"--Provided by publisher.

Contemporary Asian Art And Exhibitions

Author: Caroline Turner
Publisher: ANU Press
ISBN: 1925022005
Size: 38.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contemporary Asian Art And Exhibitions from the Author: Caroline Turner. “… a diverse and stimulating group of essays that together represents a significant contribution to thinking about the nascent field of contemporary Asian art studies … Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making … brings together essays by significant academics, curators and artist working in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom that reflect on contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region, and Australia’s cultural interconnections with Asia. It will be a welcome addition to the body of literature related to these emergent areas of art historical study. ” — Dr Claire Roberts, Senior Lecturer in Art History, University of Adelaide This volume draws together essays by leading art experts observing the dramatic developments in Asian art and exhibitions in the last two decades. The authors explore new regional and global connections and new ways of understanding contemporary Asian art in the twenty-first century. The essays coalesce around four key themes: world-making; intra-Asian regional connections; art’s affective capacity in cross-cultural engagement; and Australia’s cultural connections with Asia. In exploring these themes, the essays adopt a diversity of approaches and encompass art history, art theory, visual culture and museum studies, as well as curatorial and artistic practice. With introductory and concluding essays by editors Michelle Antoinette and Caroline Turner this volume features contributions from key writers on the region and on contemporary art: Patrick D Flores, John Clark, Chaitanya Sambrani, Pat Hoffie, Charles Merewether, Marsha Meskimmon, Francis Maravillas, Oscar Ho, Alison Carroll and Jacqueline Lo. Richly illustrated with artworks by leading contemporary Asian artists, Contemporary Asian Art and Exhibitions: Connectivities and World-making will be essential reading for those interested in recent developments in contemporary Asian art, including students and scholars of art history, Asian studies, museum studies, visual and cultural studies.