Coconut Chaos

Author: Diana Souhami
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780878753
Size: 25.18 MB
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Coconut Chaos from the Author: Diana Souhami. At dawn on 27 April 1789 Fletcher Christian, master's mate on HMS Bounty, took a coconut to quench his thirst from the supply on the quarterdeck. This seemingly insignificant act resulted in mutiny, chaos and a chain of events that leads right up to the present day. With a story driven by hazardous and extraordinary sea voyages and a cast that includes the Bounty mutineers, an eccentric lesbian aristocrat, Pitcairn Island sex offenders and the narrator's ancient mother, this sparkling and original book weaves together fact and fiction, history and autobiography, humour and danger in inimitable style.


Author: Jared Diamond
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101502006
Size: 15.31 MB
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Collapse from the Author: Jared Diamond. In Jared Diamond’s follow-up to the Pulitzer-Prize winning Guns, Germs and Steel, the author explores how climate change, the population explosion and political discord create the conditions for the collapse of civilization Environmental damage, climate change, globalization, rapid population growth, and unwise political choices were all factors in the demise of societies around the world, but some found solutions and persisted. As in Guns, Germs, and Steel, Diamond traces the fundamental pattern of catastrophe, and weaves an all-encompassing global thesis through a series of fascinating historical-cultural narratives. Collapse moves from the Polynesian cultures on Easter Island to the flourishing American civilizations of the Anasazi and the Maya and finally to the doomed Viking colony on Greenland. Similar problems face us today and have already brought disaster to Rwanda and Haiti, even as China and Australia are trying to cope in innovative ways. Despite our own society’s apparently inexhaustible wealth and unrivaled political power, ominous warning signs have begun to emerge even in ecologically robust areas like Montana. Brilliant, illuminating, and immensely absorbing, Collapse is destined to take its place as one of the essential books of our time, raising the urgent question: How can our world best avoid committing ecological suicide? From the Trade Paperback edition.

Astronomy Across Cultures

Author: Helaine Selin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401141797
Size: 28.31 MB
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Astronomy Across Cultures from the Author: Helaine Selin. Astronomy Across Cultures: A History of Non-Western Astronomy consists of essays dealing with the astronomical knowledge and beliefs of cultures outside the United States and Europe. In addition to articles surveying Islamic, Chinese, Native American, Aboriginal Australian, Polynesian, Egyptian and Tibetan astronomy, among others, the book includes essays on Sky Tales and Why We Tell Them and Astronomy and Prehistory, and Astronomy and Astrology. The essays address the connections between science and culture and relate astronomical practices to the cultures which produced them. Each essay is well illustrated and contains an extensive bibliography. Because the geographic range is global, the book fills a gap in both the history of science and in cultural studies. It should find a place on the bookshelves of advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars, as well as in libraries serving those groups.

The Brokered World

Author: Simon Schaffer
Publisher: Science History Publications/USA
ISBN: 9780881353747
Size: 75.47 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Brokered World from the Author: Simon Schaffer. Collection of essays focusing on the roles of intermediaries such as brokers and spies, messengers and translators, missionaries and entrepreneurs, in linking different parts of the ever more densely entangled systems of knowledge production and circulation at a key moment in the development of global scientific, commercial and political systems. The period 1770-1820 was decisive for the reformation of imperial projects in the wake of military catastrophe and politico-economic crisis, both in the Atlantic and the Asian/Pacific spheres -- economic and political worlds dominated by complex trade systems and violent contest. This conjuncture also saw the overhaul of networks and institutions of natural knowledge, whether commercial, voluntary or organs of state. Both the industrial and the second scientific revolutions have been dated to this moment. New and decisive relations were forged between different cultures' knowledge carriers. The authors consider knowledge movements of the epoch that escape simple models of metropolitan centre and remote colonial periphery. They question the immutable character of mediators and agents in knowledge communication.

The Happy Isles Of Oceania

Author: Paul Theroux
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547525184
Size: 68.76 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Happy Isles Of Oceania from the Author: Paul Theroux. In one of his most exotic and breathtaking journeys, the intrepid traveler Paul Theroux ventures to the South Pacific, exploring fifty-one islands by collapsible kayak. Beginning in New Zealand's rain forests and ultimately coming to shore thousands of miles away in Hawaii, Theroux paddles alone over isolated atolls, through dirty harbors and shark-filled waters, and along treacherous coastlines. This exhilarating tropical epic is full of disarming observations and high adventure.

Tears Of The Cheetah

Author: Dr. Stephen J. O'Brien
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 1250102316
Size: 18.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tears Of The Cheetah from the Author: Dr. Stephen J. O'Brien. The history of life on Earth is dominated by extinction events so numerous that over 99.9% of the species ever to have existed are gone forever. If animals could talk, we would ask them to recall their own ancestries, in particular the secrets as to how they avoided almost inevitable annihilation in the face of daily assaults by predators, climactic cataclysms, deadly infections and innate diseases. In Tears of the Cheetah, medical geneticist and conservationist Stephen J. O'Brien narrates fast-moving science adventure stories that explore the mysteries of survival among the earth's most endangered and beloved wildlife. Here we uncover the secret histories of exotic species such as Indonesian orangutans, humpback whales, and the imperiled cheetah-the world's fastest animal which nonetheless cannot escape its own genetic weaknesses. Among these genetic detective stories we also discover how the Serengeti lions have lived with FIV (the feline version of HIV), where giant pandas really come from, how bold genetic action pulled the Florida panther from the edge of extinction, how the survivors of the medieval Black Death passed on a genetic gift to their descendents, and how mapping the genome of the domestic cat solved a murder case in Canada. With each riveting account of animal resilience and adaptation, a remarkable parallel in human medicine is drawn, adding yet another rationale for species conservation-mining their genomes for cures to our own fatal diseases. Tears of the Cheetah offers a fascinating glimpse of the insight gained when geneticists venutre into the wild.

C Programming Today

Author: Barbara Johnston
ISBN: 9780130853752
Size: 48.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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C Programming Today from the Author: Barbara Johnston. "C++ Programming Today, Second Edition is an easy-to-read, comprehensive introduction to today's C++ language and object-oriented programming. One step at a time, Barbara Johnston guides beginners from the simplest object-oriented techniques all the way to virtual functions and other complex topics." "Students learn C++ fundamentals through more than 115 complete, classroom-tested code examples, many of them new to this edition. Johnston not only explains the code snippets she presents, she also demonstrates how they fit into complete programs." "C++ Programming Today, Second Edition introduces important object-oriented classes and techniques exceptionally early, in Chapter 2. Since students quickly learn how to create objects and call class functions, they can begin building sophisticated and interesting programs earlier than they would in the traditional C++ curriculum." "This book offers extensive practical information for real-world development, based on the author's 20+ years as a working programmer and instructor. Johnston presents valuable style recommendations, mistakes to avoid, debugging and troubleshooting techniques, and commonsense advice. Each chapter contains hands-on exercises designed to promote mastery."--BOOK JACKET.

The War With Mexico

Author: Justin Harvey Smith
Size: 30.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The War With Mexico from the Author: Justin Harvey Smith.