The Christian S Secret To A Happy Life

Author: Hannah Whitall Smith
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
ISBN: 1433650002
Size: 36.70 MB
Format: PDF
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The Christian S Secret To A Happy Life from the Author: Hannah Whitall Smith. Every person experiences doubts. What keeps someone together in these times is a firm foundation in God’s faithfulness, rather than allowing their lives to be moved on a roller coaster of emotions. The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life has stood the test of time, and helped millions understand how to have full and complete assurance in God alone. Personal reflection questions help the reader to remember that this is not just a classic to be enjoyed, but also a journey to walked.

The Christian S Secret Of A Happy Life

Author: Hannah Whitall Smith
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 144124011X
Size: 37.88 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Christian S Secret Of A Happy Life from the Author: Hannah Whitall Smith. A complete and unabridged edition of the inspirational classic that has sold more than 10 million copies.

The God Of All Comfort

Author: Hannah Whitall Smith
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9781575679723
Size: 13.12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The God Of All Comfort from the Author: Hannah Whitall Smith. An agnostic, on discussing the subject of religion with the author, told her: "If you Christians want to make us agnostics inclined to look into your religion, you must be more comfortable in the possession of it yourselves. The Christians I meet seem to me to be the most uncomfortable people anywhere around. I, for one, do not care to have that sort of religion." As a result, The God of All Comfort was written. Far from the abundant life promised by Christ, most Christians live in defeat and despair. The object of this book is to reveal the secret of this abundant life and victory over defeat, to bring genuine and enduring joy into the lives of troubled Christians, to show that everything Christ promised is available today to all believers, and to put within reach of every Christian that deep and lasting peace and comfort in the soul that nothing earthly can disturb. Both God's part and man's part are explained. Colorful illustrations and anecdotes and picturesque language illuminate every page, clarifying the vital message of this book.

Christians Secret Of A Happy L

Author: Hannah Whitall 1832-1911 Smith
Publisher: Wentworth Press
ISBN: 9781373633750
Size: 33.79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Christians Secret Of A Happy L from the Author: Hannah Whitall 1832-1911 Smith.

Kept For The Master S Use

Author: Francis Ridley Havergal
Publisher: Whitaker House
ISBN: 1629117455
Size: 46.41 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Kept For The Master S Use from the Author: Francis Ridley Havergal. "Take my life, and let it beConsecrated, Lord, to Thee.Take my moments and my days;Let them flow in ceaseless praise." Many believers are familiar with the hymn "Take My Life and Let It Be" but few know the story or author behind it. In this book, the hymnwriter, Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879), shares the thoughts and experience behind the worship classic. Line by line, Havergal takes the reader through the hymn, explaining thematically what it means to live, day by day, as one submitted to Christ. Despite a lifetime battling chronic pain, Havergal rejoiced in a life consecrated to her Master. Although written more than one hundred years ago, Havergal's words are still relevant because Christ's call for complete devotion, of hands, feet, voice, mind, emotions, and livelihood, is unchanged. Perfect as an inspirational study or for personal devotions, Kept for the Master's Use is an emboldening call to live a life fully consecrated to Jesus Christ.


Author: David C. Needham
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 0307781127
Size: 24.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Birthright from the Author: David C. Needham. David Needham asks "Christian, do you know who you are?" in this remarkable and easy-to-understand rerelease of his book about the Christian's birthright. He offers fresh insight into the theological problem of Christian identity, biblically based teaching, and a challenge for personal enrichment and further Bible study. Birthright achieves an excellent balance between the theological and the practical. The author's sincerity and candid writing style are guaranteed to buoy the spirits of readers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Secret Of Happiness

Author: Billy Graham
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN: 1418519049
Size: 43.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Secret Of Happiness from the Author: Billy Graham. Happiness. It's what we all long for, what all human beings seek in our jobs, our relationships, our activities. We try so hard to be happy, and all too often we end up empty and unsatisfied. Why? Because, says Billy Graham in this classic work, we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. We haven't learned the secret Jesus taught in the Beatitudes – that true, lasting happiness simply isn't to be found by seeking it directly. Happiness is a by-product, a bonus that comes when we seek what is really important. And the things that will bring us the satisfaction we long for are not necessarily what the world considers meaningful. Jesus did not have to have an outward stimulus to make Him happy, Billy Graham points out. "He had learned a secret that allowed Him to live above the circumstances of life and fear of the future. He moved with calmness, certainty, and serenity through the most trying circumstances – even death! What was His secret? He gave it to us in the Beautitudes." Presented with Billy Graham's characteristic vigor and simplicity in this landmark book, it is a secret that can transform your life.

Improbable Planet

Author: Hugh Ross
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 149340539X
Size: 13.28 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Improbable Planet from the Author: Hugh Ross. The Latest Scientific Discoveries Point to an Intentional Creator Most of us remember the basics from science classes about how Earth came to be the only known planet that sustains complex life. But what most people don't know is that the more thoroughly researchers investigate the history of our planet, the more astonishing the story of our existence becomes. The number and complexity of the astronomical, geological, chemical, and biological features recognized as essential to human existence have expanded explosively within the past decade. An understanding of what is required to make possible a large human population and advanced civilizations has raised profound questions about life, our purpose, and our destiny. Are we really just the result of innumerable coincidences? Or is there a more reasonable explanation? This fascinating book helps nonscientists understand the countless miracles that undergird the exquisitely fine-tuned planet we call home--as if Someone had us in mind all along.

God Is Enough

Author: Melvin Easterday Dieter
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1594671559
Size: 48.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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God Is Enough from the Author: Melvin Easterday Dieter. Generation after generation of readers have kept Hannah Whitall Smith's The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life in continuous print since its first publication in 1875. Many of them, however, never became well acquainted with similar gems of spiritual devotion that are found not only in her other published writings but also in the thousands of pages of unpublished letters and journals in which she recorded her spiritual journey. In 1982, through the kindness of her great-granddaughter, Barbara Strachey Halpern, the editors were given free access to the family's treasure lode of books, memorabilia, and manuscripts at her home in Oxford, England. The result was God Is Enough. The warm response generated by its first printing in 1986 and supported by the thousands who welcomed each additional printing thereafter indicates that the practical spiritual insights of this most widely read spiritual counselor of the nineteenth century still speak to us today.