Chemistry In Microtime

Author: George Porter
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 1783262702
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Chemistry In Microtime from the Author: George Porter. This volume contains a selection of the pioneering papers by Nobel Laureate George Porter. It outlines his work on fast reactions, occurring in times from milliseconds to femtoseconds, in photochemistry, photosynthesis and solar energy, and includes the papers which led to the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1967 for his work on flash photolysis. Lord Porter, President of the Royal Society from 1985 to 1990, is Chairman of the Centre for Photomolecular Sciences, Imperial College, and Emeritus Professor of Chemistry of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. This book is divided into 11 chapters, each covering an area of Lord Porter's work. Each chapter will contain an introduction by Lord Porter, a selection of his most important papers in that field and a list of his other relevant papers. Contents:Flash PhotolysisAdiabatic Flash Photolysis. Combustion and Carbon FormationAtom RecombinationThe Triplet StateAromatic Free RadicalsTrapped RadicalsMolecular Dynamics in SolutionPhotochemistry of Quinones and KetonesModels for In-Vitro PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis In VivoFemtosecond Kinetic Studies of Photosystem 2 Readership: Scientists, in particular physical chemists and biologists.

Advanced Biomaterials In Biomedical Engineering And Drug Delivery Systems

Author: Naoya Ogata
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 4431658831
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Advanced Biomaterials In Biomedical Engineering And Drug Delivery Systems from the Author: Naoya Ogata. First of all, I would like to share the great pleasure of the successful five-day symposium with every participant in the 5th Iketani Conference which was held in Kagoshima from April1S (Tuesday) to 22 (Saturday), 1995. Outstanding speakers enthusiastically presented their up-to-the-minute results. Relatively little time was allotted for each presentation to ensure asdnuch time┬Ě as possible for intensive discussions on the particular topics that had just been p~esented: I was delighted to see that the lectures were of high quality, and the discu,ssionswere lively, exciting, and productive in a congenial atmosphere. We also had 92 papers in the poster ┬Ěsession, in which young (and relatively young) scientists made every effort to present the novel results of their research in advanced biomaterials and drug delivery systems (DDS). I believe some of the research is most promising and will become noteworthy in the twenty-first century. It was a privilege for me to deliver a lecture at the special session of the symposium. In my introductory remarks, I pointed out five key terms in multifaceted biomaterials research: materials design, concept or methodology, devices, properties demanded, and fundamentals. I am confident that innovative progress in device manufacturing for end-use, e.g., artificial organs, vascular grafts, and DDS, can be brought about only through properly designed advanced materials that exhibit the desired functionality at the interface with any living body.

Allan Breck

Author: George Robert Gleig
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Allan Breck from the Author: George Robert Gleig.