Catalogue Of The Public Documents Of Congress And Of All Departments Of The Government Of The United States

Author: United States. Documents
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Catalogue Of The Public Documents Of Congress And Of All Departments Of The Government Of The United States from the Author: United States. Documents. This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1901 edition. Excerpt: ...Mrs. Abigail Wilson. Henry Wiltse. Mrs. Catherine Wise. Mrs. Mary A. Wittenmyer. Mrs. Annie Witter. George Wonder. Benjamin F. Woodmansy. Mrs. Mary Woodward. Mrs. Delia Elizabeth Worden. Mrs. Olivia T. Work. Sallie Worswick. John A. Wotring. Mrs. Mary B. Wright. Mrs. Ellen Wright, William H. H. Yahne. John Yates. Mrs. Susan D. Yost. Mrs. Lillian M. Young. Edward R. Young. James C. I Zearing. James R. Zink, Mrs. Jane E. Iqulque, Chile. Ireland. Snowden, Andrew J. Somerlat, Mrs. Maria South, Mrs. Olive H. Spangler, Mrs. Sarah Spaulding, Della E. Speier, Mrs. Mary Sprague. Mrs. Mary Stack. Mrs. Ellen Stanley. Edward Stanton, Jerome A. Starr, Edward Stedman, Mrs. Susan Steele. Mary Luella Stephens. Charles L. Stephens. Isaac Stevens. Simeon Stevenson. Mrs. Hannah Letcher Stone, George B. Street. Ogden Streeter, Charles H. Stuart, Almon Sullivan. Edson Sullivan. Mrs. Mary Ann Sullivan. Mrs. Mazie V. Sweatt. Washington Tate, Mrs. Anna M. Taylor, Charles E. Taylor. Eunice Taylor, Mrs. Mary A. Taylor. Mary E. Taylor, William Tefl't. Thomas S. Thoburn. Henry A. Thomas. John P. Thomas. Mrs. Margaret Thomas. Mrs. Mary A. Thompson, Mrs. Adda F. Thompson. David N. Tibbetts. Lafayette Tilton. Charles W. Titus. Minnie B. Tompkins. William Torrey. William 0. Townsend. Justus Townsend. Mrs. Marga-ret H. Troland. Mrs. Augusta Trumbull. Mrs. Frances P. Tschoepe. Moritz Tuck. Benjamin F. Tucker. Henry H. Tyrrell, Zolman Inventions. Inventors. See Patents. P.'ri-: .'r OI-'I-'I('I-3. '. 80-87, July 6, 1897--Ju11e 27, 1899., Iron and steel. Inventors--Continued. 8" 'eekly, l volume a quarterly indexes and di ts of decisions of commissioner of patents and of courts, and weeklv and quarterly indexes to tents-es and their inventions, designs, ...

A Catalogue Of The Law Collection At New York University

Author: Julius J. Marke
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 1886363919
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A Catalogue Of The Law Collection At New York University from the Author: Julius J. Marke. Marke, Julius J., Editor. A Catalogue of the Law Collection at New York University With Selected Annotations. New York: The Law Center of New York University, 1953. xxxi, 1372 pp. Reprinted 1999 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 99-19939. ISBN 1-886363-91-9. Cloth. $195. * Reprint of the massive, well-annotated catalogue compiled by the librarian of the School of Law at New York University. Classifies approximately 15,000 works excluding foreign law, by Sources of the Law, History of Law and its Institutions, Public and Private Law, Comparative Law, Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law, Political and Economic Theory, Trials, Biography, Law and Literature, Periodicals and Serials and Reference Material. With a thorough subject and author index. This reference volume will be of continuous value to the legal scholar and bibliographer, due not only to the works included but to the authoritative annotations, often citing more than one source. Besterman, A World Bibliography of Bibliographies 3461.

Subject Guide To U S Government Reference Sources

Author: Gayle J. Hardy
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 9781563081897
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Subject Guide To U S Government Reference Sources from the Author: Gayle J. Hardy. Revised and updated, this compendium helps readers identify and understand the scope of key government reference sources-traditional books (including publications catalogs and telephone directories); information clearinghouses; and materials in new formats, such as CD-ROMs, datafiles, and Internet sites. The authors focus on free information and depository materials-both readily available through toll-free phone numbers, mail or e-mail requests to agencies, or federal depository library collections. Materials are fully described in annotations that differentiate between similar materials, identify typical citation formats, and note common abbreviations

Research Within The Disciplines

Author: Peggy Keeran
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1442232765
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Research Within The Disciplines from the Author: Peggy Keeran. Research within the Disciplines is designed to help reference librarians – and students studying to become librarians – gain that deeper understanding of disciplinary differences that allows them to comfortably solve information needs rather than merely responding to questions, and practical knowledge about how to work with researchers in a library setting. The book has three chapters that cover the disciplines at the broadest level – humanities, social sciences, and sciences, plus supplemental chapters that focus on associated disciplines (research in history, business, and engineering, research using government sources) and across disciplines (interdisciplinary and critical information literacy). For the second edition of Research within the Disciplines, several chapters have been added that together give a broader and deeper overview of research across all subject areas: research practices of creative and performing artists and of clinical scientists, research in international documents, research strategies for foreign language materials, and visual literacy across the disciplines. Major shifts in technology have been accounted for that have changed how we do research and have expanded the range of resources available to researchers in all disciplines. All of the chapters have been rewritten or heavily revised; this is much more a new book than a new edition.

Informing The Nation

Author: Frederic J. O'Hara
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313272677
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Informing The Nation from the Author: Frederic J. O'Hara. "This handbook is for librarians who do not have easy access to the original sources it includes. While they all can be purchased from government agencies, it is convenient to have them all bound together here. This book is appropriate for its stated audience and is recommended for nondepository libraries interested in providing high-quality access to government publications." Reference Books Bulletin

Getting Out Of The Mud

Author: Martin T. Olliff
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817319557
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Getting Out Of The Mud from the Author: Martin T. Olliff. Martin T. Olliff recounts the history of the Good Roads Movement that arose in progressive-era Alabama, how it used the power of the state to achieve its objectives of improving market roads for farmers and highways for automobilists, and how state and federal highway administrations replaced the Good Roads Movement. Getting Out of the Mud: The Alabama Good Roads Movement and Highway Administration, 1898–1928 explores the history of the Good Roads Movement and investigates the nature of early twentieth-century progressivism in the state. Martin T. Olliff reveals how middle-class reformers secured political, economic, and social power not only by fighting against corporate domination and labor recalcitrance but also by proposing alternative projects like road improvement and identifying the interests of the rising middle class as being the most important to public interest. With the development of national markets in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Americans began to regard the nation as a whole, rather than their state or region, as the most important political entity. Many Alabamians wished to travel beyond their local communities in all seasons without getting stuck in the mud of rudimentary rutted dirt roads. The onset of the automobile age bolstered the need for roadmaking, alerting both automobilists and good roads advocates to the possibility of a new transportation infrastructure. The Good Roads Movement began promoting farm-to-market roads, then highways that linked cities, then those that connected states. Federal matching funds for road construction after 1916 led state and federal governments to supplant the Good Roads Movement, building and administering the highway system that emerged by the late 1920s. Olliff’s study of how Alabamians dealt with strained resources and overcame serious political obstacles in order to construct a road system that would accommodate economic growth in the twentieth century may offer clues to the resurrection of a similar strategy in our modern era. Many problems are unchanged over the hundred years between crises: Alabamians demand good roads and a government that has the capacity to build and maintain such an infrastructure while, at the same time, citizens are voting into office men and women who promise lower taxes and smaller government.

Law Librarianship In The Twenty First Century

Author: Roy Balleste
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810892332
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Law Librarianship In The Twenty First Century from the Author: Roy Balleste. Law Librarianship in the 21st Century, a text for library and information science courses on law librarianship, introduces students to the rapidly evolving world of law librarianship. With no prior knowledge of the law required, students using this book will find practical answers to such questions as: What is law librarianship? How do you become a law librarian? How does law librarianship interrelate with the legal world? Individual chapters provide a concise treatment of such specialized topics as the history of law librarianship, international law, and government documents. Standard topics are dealt with as they apply to the law library, including collection development, public services, technical processing, administration, technology, and consortia. The textbook also includes an explanation of the common acronyms and special terminology needed to work in a law library. This new edition updates the text throughout and adds two new chapters.