Valley Of Guns

Author: Wayne D. Overholser
Publisher: Center Point Pub
ISBN: 9781585475810
Size: 63.98 MB
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Valley Of Guns from the Author: Wayne D. Overholser. Scott Travis was an outlaw who'd been on the move too long. All he wanted was to settle down. Determined to stake a claim, he rode into Piute, Nebraska, where he planned one last, easy holdup. But Piute was a powder keg just waiting to explode. Before Travis knew what hit him, he was in the middle of a deadly range war. In order to survive, he'd need a rancher's grit, a thief's cunning, and a gambler's luck - or the only land he'd ever own would be on Boot Hill.

Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Sanghamitra Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 194651506X
Size: 24.31 MB
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Sanghamitra Sharma. A bulldozer tears up the old Maheshwari bungalow in Versova and reveals a grisly secret – the skeleton of a young girl. DNA confirms that the body belongs to a young girl who has been missing for twenty-five years. This discovery sets off ugly reverberations for the Maheshwaris in the media and brings not only the police but also Kavita Tandon and Darius Mody of M&T Investigations to their doorstep! The detective duo discover old loves, resentments and secrets that come tumbling out of everyone’s cupboard. A ruthless father who is used to getting his own way – two brothers, one love – wives who discover that the past is not always so well-buried – a lawyer who carries shame within – friends who would rather protect themselves and the family than tell the truth. Kavita and Darius have their task cut out as they deal with hostility, anger and lies to finally get to the truth.

Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Ruth Seamands
ISBN: 9780964438705
Size: 25.15 MB
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Ruth Seamands. CAST A LONG a saga of three generations of a Southern Illinois family, reaching from the coal mines of "Bloody" Williamson County to the dusty roads of India. Spanning a century, this story depicts the lives of three women, & the men & children they love. Amidst hardship & separation, in laughter & sorrow, these rugged people have a reverence of God, their faith enduring through the years. Julia-the beautiful young orphan forced to bear a child out of wedlock. Pearl-widowed with a small daughter at twenty. Ruth-faced with cobras & other crises across the sea. In CAST A LONG SHADOW, Ruth Seamands spreads a feast of love, better even than the cornbread & southern fried chicken her forebears made, for this feast continues to the present day in the lives of her family. Ruth left her Southern Illinois home to serve with her husband, J.T., in India for twenty years. In 1959, they settled in Wilmore, Kentucky, where he became a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary & Ruth pursued her writing. Among her books are MISSIONARY MAMA, HOUSE BY THE BO TREE, LAND OF THE SNAKE CHARMER, SANDY, PEARLS IN THE RAIN & ENGINEERED FOR GLORY. Order from Seamands Publishing, 407 Talbott Dr., Wilmore, KY 40390. 606-858-3920.

Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Mary E. Pearce
Publisher: Little Brown GBR
ISBN: 9780316858090
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Mary E. Pearce. CAST A LONG SHADOW - July, 1873 - a scorching summer's day, seemingly perfect for the wedding of Ellen Wainwright and Richard Lancy. But instead the ceremony is interrupted by the arrival of a stray dog, howling in apparent protest at the imminent union. For the locals the dog becomes a kind of omen, a portent of troubles ahead... THE TWO FARMS - Deep in the heart of mid-nineteenth century Gloucestershire lie two farms, set on either side of the meandering Timmy Brook. Peele Farm is thriving and prosperous, but Morris Riddler of Godsakes is heading inexorably for bankruptcy through bad luck and strong-headed mismanagement. And John Sutton of Peele is waiting, vulture-like, for the rival farm to fall into his own hands. POLSINNEY HARBOUR - On a July evening in 1869, Maggie Care arrives footsore and weary in the small Cornish fishing village of Polsinney. Desperate to put behind her the memory of a dark and painful tragedy, she finds work and lodgings on the farm of Rachel Tallack, and comfort in the attentions of Rachel's fisherman son, Brice.

Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Jim Annison
ISBN: 1291971602
Size: 21.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Jim Annison. It has been fifteen years since Adam Carnell's wife died, killed by one of the ghosts that haunted Mosscroft House. It has been five years since he returned there to face his demons. Now living in Bristol with his new wife, Jenny, Adam is, finally, beginning to put the past behind him until a long forgotten evil puts that which he loves most in danger. Only then does he realise past events can cast a long shadow over the present.

The Long Shadow

Author: Karl Alexander
Publisher: Russell Sage Foundation
ISBN: 1610448235
Size: 79.34 MB
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The Long Shadow from the Author: Karl Alexander. A volume in the American Sociological Association's Rose Series in Sociology West Baltimore stands out in the popular imagination as the quintessential “inner city”—gritty, run-down, and marred by drugs and gang violence. Indeed, with the collapse of manufacturing jobs in the 1970s, the area experienced a rapid onset of poverty and high unemployment, with few public resources available to alleviate economic distress. But in stark contrast to the image of a perpetual “urban underclass” depicted in television by shows like The Wire, sociologists Karl Alexander, Doris Entwisle, and Linda Olson present a more nuanced portrait of Baltimore’s inner city residents that employs important new research on the significance of early-life opportunities available to low-income populations. The Long Shadow focuses on children who grew up in west Baltimore neighborhoods and others like them throughout the city, tracing how their early lives in the inner city have affected their long-term well-being. Although research for this book was conducted in Baltimore, that city’s struggles with deindustrialization, white flight, and concentrated poverty were characteristic of most East Coast and Midwest manufacturing cities. The experience of Baltimore’s children who came of age during this era is mirrored in the experiences of urban children across the nation. For 25 years, the authors of The Long Shadow tracked the life progress of a group of almost 800 predominantly low-income Baltimore school children through the Beginning School Study Youth Panel (BSSYP). The study monitored the children’s transitions to young adulthood with special attention to how opportunities available to them as early as first grade shaped their socioeconomic status as adults. The authors’ fine-grained analysis confirms that the children who lived in more cohesive neighborhoods, had stronger families, and attended better schools tended to maintain a higher economic status later in life. As young adults, they held higher-income jobs and had achieved more personal milestones (such as marriage) than their lower-status counterparts. Differences in race and gender further stratified life opportunities for the Baltimore children. As one of the first studies to closely examine the outcomes of inner-city whites in addition to African Americans, data from the BSSYP shows that by adulthood, white men of lower status family background, despite attaining less education on average, were more likely to be employed than any other group in part due to family connections and long-standing racial biases in Baltimore’s industrial economy. Gender imbalances were also evident: the women, who were more likely to be working in low-wage service and clerical jobs, earned less than men. African American women were doubly disadvantaged insofar as they were less likely to be in a stable relationship than white women, and therefore less likely to benefit from a second income. Combining original interviews with Baltimore families, teachers, and other community members with the empirical data gathered from the authors’ groundbreaking research, The Long Shadow unravels the complex connections between socioeconomic origins and socioeconomic destinations to reveal a startling and much-needed examination of who succeeds and why.

Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Wayne D. Overholser
Publisher: Gunsmoke Westerns
ISBN: 9780754080572
Size: 69.32 MB
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Wayne D. Overholser. A man was either pro-Grant or anti-Grant, a settler or a company agent. You couldn't have it both ways. Matt Keenan tried, he was a spy for a company and dared to throw in his lot with the trigger-tempered nesters in a showdown they couldn't win.

The Long Shadow Of Small Ghosts

Author: Laura Tillman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501104306
Size: 40.15 MB
Format: PDF
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The Long Shadow Of Small Ghosts from the Author: Laura Tillman. “A haunted, haunting examination of mental illness and murder in a more or less ordinary American city…Mature and thoughtful…A Helter Skelter for our time, though without a hint of sensationalism—unsettling in the extreme but written with confidence and deep empathy” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review). On March 11, 2003, in Brownsville, Texas—one of America’s poorest cities—John Allen Rubio and Angela Camacho murdered their three young children. The apartment building in which the brutal crimes took place was already run down, and in their aftermath a consensus developed in the community that it should be destroyed. In 2008, journalist Laura Tillman covered the story for The Brownsville Herald. The questions it raised haunted her and set her on a six-year inquiry into the larger significance of such acts, ones so difficult to imagine or explain that their perpetrators are often dismissed as monsters alien to humanity. Tillman spoke with the lawyers who tried the case, the family’s neighbors and relatives and teachers, even one of the murderers: John Allen Rubio himself, whom she corresponded with for years and ultimately met in person. Her investigation is “a dogged attempt to understand what happened, a review of the psychological, sociological and spiritual explanations for the crime…a meditation on the death penalty and on the city of Brownsville” Star Tribune (Minneapolis). The result is a brilliant exploration of some of our age’s most important social issues and a beautiful, profound meditation on the truly human forces that drive them. “This thought-provoking…book exemplifies provocative long-form journalism that does not settle for easy answers” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).

The Long Shadow Of The British Empire

Author: J. Milner-Thornton
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137013087
Size: 65.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Long Shadow Of The British Empire from the Author: J. Milner-Thornton. This book explores the lived experiences of formerly colonized people in the privacy of their homes, communities, workplaces, and classrooms, and the associations created from these social interactions. It examines the centrality of gender and social identity in the formation of non-western people in the British Empire.