Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Ruth Seamands
ISBN: 9780964438705
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Ruth Seamands. CAST A LONG a saga of three generations of a Southern Illinois family, reaching from the coal mines of "Bloody" Williamson County to the dusty roads of India. Spanning a century, this story depicts the lives of three women, & the men & children they love. Amidst hardship & separation, in laughter & sorrow, these rugged people have a reverence of God, their faith enduring through the years. Julia-the beautiful young orphan forced to bear a child out of wedlock. Pearl-widowed with a small daughter at twenty. Ruth-faced with cobras & other crises across the sea. In CAST A LONG SHADOW, Ruth Seamands spreads a feast of love, better even than the cornbread & southern fried chicken her forebears made, for this feast continues to the present day in the lives of her family. Ruth left her Southern Illinois home to serve with her husband, J.T., in India for twenty years. In 1959, they settled in Wilmore, Kentucky, where he became a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary & Ruth pursued her writing. Among her books are MISSIONARY MAMA, HOUSE BY THE BO TREE, LAND OF THE SNAKE CHARMER, SANDY, PEARLS IN THE RAIN & ENGINEERED FOR GLORY. Order from Seamands Publishing, 407 Talbott Dr., Wilmore, KY 40390. 606-858-3920.

Valley Of Guns Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Wayne D. Overholser
ISBN: 9780843936551
Size: 67.57 MB
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Valley Of Guns Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Wayne D. Overholser. Two action-packed Westerns for one low price--a $7.98 value for only $4.99. In Valley of Guns, an outlaw who wants to settle down plans one last holdup--with explosive results. In Cast a Long Shadow, a man is caught in the cross fire between a land-grant company's hired guns and hundreds of poor pioneers.

Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Jim Annison
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 132601823X
Size: 17.86 MB
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Jim Annison. It has been fifteen years since Adam Carnell's wife died, killed by one of the ghosts that haunted Mosscroft House. It has been five years since he returned there to face his demons. Now living in Bristol with his new wife, Jenny, Adam is finally beginning to put the past behind him until a long forgotten evil puts that which he loves most in danger. Only then does he realise past events can cast a long shadow over the present.

Cast A Long Shadow

Author: Sanghamitra Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 194651506X
Size: 18.78 MB
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Cast A Long Shadow from the Author: Sanghamitra Sharma. A bulldozer tears up the old Maheshwari bungalow in Versova and reveals a grisly secret – the skeleton of a young girl. DNA confirms that the body belongs to a young girl who has been missing for twenty-five years. This discovery sets off ugly reverberations for the Maheshwaris in the media and brings not only the police but also Kavita Tandon and Darius Mody of M&T Investigations to their doorstep! The detective duo discover old loves, resentments and secrets that come tumbling out of everyone’s cupboard. A ruthless father who is used to getting his own way – two brothers, one love – wives who discover that the past is not always so well-buried – a lawyer who carries shame within – friends who would rather protect themselves and the family than tell the truth. Kavita and Darius have their task cut out as they deal with hostility, anger and lies to finally get to the truth.

A Long Shadow

Author: Michael B. Ballard
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 0820319414
Size: 57.59 MB
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A Long Shadow from the Author: Michael B. Ballard. A Long Shadow is a fascinating narrative account of the fall of the Confederacy told from the perspective of Jefferson Davis, his official entourage, and his family as they tried to hold the government together while staying one step ahead of their Union Army pursuers. The "martyred" Davis is one of the most enduring symbols of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy. Michael B. Ballard maintains that this image began to take form during the last days of Davis's presidency as the doomed leader rose nobly to adversity, handling sensitive political and military issues and devastating setbacks with dignity and faith. It was Davis's willingness to sacrifice everything, combined with his postwar imprisonment, Ballard contends, that cemented his status in the hearts and minds of southerners.

The Long Shadow Of The British Empire

Author: J. Milner-Thornton
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137013087
Size: 41.97 MB
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The Long Shadow Of The British Empire from the Author: J. Milner-Thornton. This book explores the lived experiences of formerly colonized people in the privacy of their homes, communities, workplaces, and classrooms, and the associations created from these social interactions. It examines the centrality of gender and social identity in the formation of non-western people in the British Empire.

The Long Shadow Of Temperament

Author: Jerome Kagan
Publisher: Belknap Press
Size: 60.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Long Shadow Of Temperament from the Author: Jerome Kagan. We have seen these children--the shy and the sociable, the cautious and the daring--and wondered what makes one avoid new experience and another avidly pursue it. At the crux of the issue surrounding the contribution of nature to development is the study that Jerome Kagan and his colleagues have been conducting for more than two decades. In The Long Shadow of Temperament, Kagan and Nancy Snidman summarize the results of this unique inquiry into human temperaments, one of the best-known longitudinal studies in developmental psychology. These results reveal how deeply certain fundamental temperamental biases can be preserved over development. Identifying two extreme temperamental types--inhibited and uninhibited in childhood, and high-reactive and low-reactive in very young babies--Kagan and his colleagues returned to these children as adolescents. Surprisingly, one of the temperaments revealed in infancy predicted a cautious, fearful personality in early childhood and a dour mood in adolescence. The other bias predicted a bold childhood personality and an exuberant, sanguine mood in adolescence. These personalities were matched by different biological properties. In a masterly summary of their wide-ranging exploration, Kagan and Snidman conclude that these two temperaments are the result of inherited biologies probably rooted in the differential excitability of particular brain structures. Though the authors appreciate that temperamental tendencies can be modified by experience, this compelling work--an empirical and conceptual tour-de-force--shows how long the shadow of temperament is cast over psychological development.

Nelson Thornes Framework English Access Skills In Fiction 2

Author: Wendy Wren
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
ISBN: 9780748793426
Size: 25.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nelson Thornes Framework English Access Skills In Fiction 2 from the Author: Wendy Wren. The aim of Nelson Thornes Framework English Access is to raise standards in writing for lower attainers. Access Skills in Fiction and Non-Fiction offers the rigour and support necessary to raise the attainment of students struggling through Years 7 - 10.

Right From The Heart

Author: Bryant Wright
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1400317738
Size: 49.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Right From The Heart from the Author: Bryant Wright. For people on-the-go who want a daily dose of God’s truth for their life. You want to spend meaningful time each day with the Lord, but about 10 minutes into your day the demands of life distract and pull at you, and threaten to overshadow your plans for quiet time. Pastor Bryant Wright lends helpful guidance for staying focused on God’s Word and applying it to your daily living. His to-the-point messages set the tone for living as Jesus lived, no matter your circumstances. Setting aside just a few minutes each day with the Lord can change your heart. The condition of your heart can change your day. And the outcome of your day can change the course of your life for His eternal glory.