Carnarvon And Apollo

Author: Paul Dench
Publisher: Rosenberg Pub Pty Limited
ISBN: 9781877058974
Size: 30.84 MB
Format: PDF
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Carnarvon And Apollo from the Author: Paul Dench. July 21, 1969-One small step for a man, one giant leap for a town... In 1969, the small isolated outback town of Carnarvon in the north of Western Australia was known for its bananas, prawns and sheep stations. It was also the home of the largest NASA Space Tracking Station outside mainland USA. The movie The Dish introduced audiences to a part of Australia's role in the Space Race; but this book is the true story of a town, the people, the challenges, the missions, the tensions and the creativity that took Carnarvon - a town with no television, and only a manual telephone exchange - to the forefront of the greatest technological achievement and television event of the 20th century. This is how high-tech met the outback and its 'can-do' spirit - how a little Australian town helped put man on the Moon.

Yearbook On Space Policy 2010 2011

Author: Peter Hulsroj
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3709113636
Size: 68.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Yearbook On Space Policy 2010 2011 from the Author: Peter Hulsroj. The Yearbook on Space Policy is the reference publication analysing space policy developments. Each year it presents issues and trends in space policy and the space sector as a whole. Its scope is global and its perspective is European. The Yearbook also links space policy with other policy areas. It highlights specific events and issues, and provides useful insights, data and information on space activities. The Yearbook on Space Policy is edited by the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) based in Vienna, Austria. It combines in-house research and contributions of members of the European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN), coordinated by ESPI. The Yearbook is designed for government decision-makers and agencies, industry professionals, as well as the service sectors, researchers and scientists and the interested public.

No Dream Is Too High

Author: Buzz Aldrin
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426216505
Size: 62.43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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No Dream Is Too High from the Author: Buzz Aldrin. Beloved American hero Buzz Aldrin reflects on the wisdom, guiding principles, and irreverent anecdotes he's gathered through his event-filled life—both in outer space and on earth—in this inspiring guide-to-life for the next generation. Everywhere he goes, crowds gather to meet Buzz Aldrin. He is a world-class hero, a larger-than-life figurehead, best known of a generation of astronauts whose achievements surged in just a few years from first man in space to first men on the moon. Now he pauses to reflect and share what he has learned, from the vantage point not only of outer space but also of time: still a non-stop traveler and impassioned advocate for space exploration, Aldrin will be 86 in 2016. No Dream Is Too High whittles down Buzz Aldrin's event-filled life into a short list of principles he values, each illustrated by fascinating anecdotes and memories, such as: · Second comes right after first. NASA protocol should have meant he was first on the moon, but rules changed just before the mission. How he learned to be proud of being the second man on the moon. · Look for opportunities, not obstacles. Buzz was rejected the first time he applied to be an astronaut. Failure is an opportunity to learn to do better. · Always maintain your spirit of adventure. For his 80th birthday, Buzz went diving in the Galapagos and hitched a ride on a whale shark. He stays fit, energetic, and fascinated with life. No Dream Is Too High is a beautiful memento, a thought-provoking set of ideas, and a new opportunity for Buzz Aldrin to connect with the masses of people who recognize his unique place in human history.