Burma S Mass Lay Meditation Movement

Author: Ingrid Jordt
Publisher: Ohio University Press
ISBN: 0896804577
Size: 38.61 MB
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Burma S Mass Lay Meditation Movement from the Author: Ingrid Jordt. Burma's Mass Lay Meditation Movement: Buddhism and the Cultural Construction of Power describes a transformation in Buddhist practice in contemporary Burma. This revitalization movement has had real consequences for how the oppressive military junta, in power since the early 1960s, governs the country. Drawing on more than ten years of extensive fieldwork in Burma, Ingrid Jordt explains how vipassanā meditation has brought about a change of worldview for millions of individuals, enabling them to think and act independently of the totalitarian regime. She addresses human rights as well as the relationship between politics and religion in a country in which neither the government nor the people clearly separates the two. Jordt explains how the movement has been successful in its challenge to the Burmese military dictatorship where democratically inspired resistance movements have failed. Jordt's unsurpassed access to the centers of political and religious power in Burma becomes the reader's opportunity to witness the political workings of one of the world's most secretive and tyrannically ruled countries. Burma's Mass Lay Meditation Movement is a valuable contribution to Buddhist studies as well as anthropology, religious studies, and political science.

Global And Local Televangelism

Author: P. Thomas
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137264810
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Global And Local Televangelism from the Author: P. Thomas. An exploration of the many faces of televangelism in our world today, including Christian, Islamic and Hindu. The collection analyses the correspondences and major differences between global and local televangelism, focusing on the main individuals involved in televangelism, their practices and the social and cultural impact of their ministries.

Doctrinal Backgrounds Of Vipassana Meditation

Author: R. C. van Oosterwijk
Publisher: Barkhuis
ISBN: 9491431099
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Doctrinal Backgrounds Of Vipassana Meditation from the Author: R. C. van Oosterwijk. Vipassan -meditation (or practice) has become popular in South East Asia and the West. However, these practices aiming at reaching insight are taught in many varieties. The focus of this book is on the doctrinal sources of a number of vipassan -practices. Part one considers a number of methods by modern teachers and scholar-monks about vipassan -meditation, and compares these with the canonical Pali discourses they refer to.In Part two the author analyses which principles related to insight and practices to develop insight have been widely accepted in the Pali discourses. Futhermore, a comparison with some discourses available in English from Chinese versions is offered. This study is written for those who have a practical or theoretical interest in meditation techniques such as mindfulness and vipassan . In particular participants in retreats, who note that many different methods are taught, will find this a useful book."

Speaking Rights To Power

Author: Alison Brysk
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199359261
Size: 44.32 MB
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Speaking Rights To Power from the Author: Alison Brysk. How can "Speaking Rights to Power" construct political will to respond to human rights abuse worldwide? Examining dozens of cases of human rights campaigns and using an innovative analysis of the politics of persuasion, this book shows how communication politics build recognition, solidarity, and social change. Building on twenty years of research on five continents, this comprehensive study ranges from Aung San Suu Kyi to Anna Hazare, from Congo to Colombia, and from the Arab Spring to Pussy Riot. Speaking Rights to Power addresses cutting edge debates on human rights and the ethic of care, cosmopolitanism, charismatic leadership, communicative action and political theater, and the role of social media. It draws on constructivist literature from social movement and international relations theory, and analyzes human rights as a form of global social imagination. Combining a normative contribution with judicious critique, this book shows how human rights rhetoric matters-and how to make it matter more.

Women And The Contested State

Author: Monique Skidmore
Publisher: Univ of Notre Dame Pr
ISBN: 9780268041267
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Women And The Contested State from the Author: Monique Skidmore. Throughout South and Southeast Asia, groups battle over definitions of identity for their state, a struggle complicated by the legacy of colonialism. The contributors to this volume explore the intricate relationships between women's agency and the state-making institutions and armed forces in Kashmir, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Burma/Myanmar. In particular, they examine the complex roles of Islam, Hinduism, and Theravada Buddhism as a way of understanding how women's agency is constituted and constrained during times of conflict with the state and other armed actors, such as guerilla groups and paramilitaries. Book jacket.