Whitaker S Books In Print 1994 British

Author: J. Whitaker & Sons, Limited
Publisher: Rr Bowker Llc
ISBN: 9780850212419
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Whitaker S Books In Print 1994 British from the Author: J. Whitaker & Sons, Limited. Use this one-of-a-kind bibliographic guide to identify & order any of the more than 600,000 titles available from some 23,000 publishers & distributors in the U.K. Books are listed in one alphabetical sequence of authors, titles, & subjects. A Publishers ISBN Prefix Listing, a Directory of Publishers, & a Book Trade Bibliography are also included.

British Settler Emigration In Print 1832 1877

Author: Jude Piesse
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198752962
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British Settler Emigration In Print 1832 1877 from the Author: Jude Piesse. British Settler Emigration in Print, 1832-1877 examines the literature of Victorian settler emigration. During the Victorian period, an unprecedented number of emigrants left Britain to settle in America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It argues that popular Victorian periodicals played a key and overlooked role in imagining and moderating this dramatic historical experience. Part 1 focuses on settler emigration genres that featured withinmainstream, middle-class periodicals, including emigrant voyage texts, emigration themed Christmas stories, and serialized novels about settlement. These genres are domestic and reassuring, and thus of a differentcharacter from the adventure stories often associated with Victorian empire. The second part of the book examines a feminist and radical periodical emigration literature that often challenged dominant settler ideologies. British Settler Emigration in Print also presents fresh readings of canonical texts by authors including Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope, which are situated alongside the emigration genres.

Book Print In New Zealand

Author: Douglas Ross Harvey
Publisher: Victoria University Press
ISBN: 9780864733313
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Book Print In New Zealand from the Author: Douglas Ross Harvey. A guide to print culture in Aotearoa, the impact of the book and other forms of print on New Zealand. This collection of essays by many contributors looks at the effect of print on Maori and their oral traditions, printing, publishing, bookselling, libraries, buying and collecting, readers and reading, awards, and the print culture of many other language groups in New Zealand.

Dante S Fame In England

Author: Jackson Campbell Boswell
Publisher: University of Delaware Press
ISBN: 9780874136050
Size: 48.32 MB
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Dante S Fame In England from the Author: Jackson Campbell Boswell. This volume is a compilation of all references to Dante in books published in England from the beginning of the printing industry through 1640. The variety and number of writers is remarkable. This study will doubtless force a reevaluation of Dante's fame and influence in other times and climes.

A History Of British Publishing

Author: John Feather
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134415419
Size: 78.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A History Of British Publishing from the Author: John Feather. Thoroughly revised, restructured and updated, A History of British Publishing covers six centuries of publishing in Britain from before the invention of the printing press, to the electronic era of today. John Feather places Britain and her industries in an international marketplace and examines just how ‘British’, British publishing really is. Considering not only the publishing industry itself, but also the areas affecting, and affected by it, Feather traces the history of publishing books in Britain and examines: education politics technology law religion custom class finance, production and distribution the onslaught of global corporations. Specifically designed for publishing and book history courses, this is the only book to give an overall history of British publishing, and will be an invaluable resource for all students of this fascinating subject.

British Literature And Print Culture

Author: Sandro Jung
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1843843439
Size: 69.85 MB
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British Literature And Print Culture from the Author: Sandro Jung. The complexity of print culture in Britain between the seventeenth and nineteenth century is investigated in these wide-ranging articles.

The British Book Trade And Spanish American Independence

Author: Eugenia Roldán Vera
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351893653
Size: 47.53 MB
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The British Book Trade And Spanish American Independence from the Author: Eugenia Roldán Vera. The British Book Trade and Spanish American Independence is a pioneering study of the export of books from Britain to early-independent Spanish America, which considers all phases of production, distribution, reading, and re-writing of British books in the region, and explores the role that these works played in the formation of national identities in the new countries. Analysing in particular the publishing house of Rudolph Ackermann, which dominated the export of British books in Spanish to the former colonies in the 1820s, it discusses the ways in which the printed form of these publications affected the knowledge conveyed by them. After a survey of the peculiar characteristics of print culture in early-independent Spanish America and the trends in the import of European books in the region, the author examines the operation of Ackermann's publishing enterprise. She shows how the collaborative nature of this enterprise, involving a number of Spanish American diplomats as sponsors and Spanish exiles as writers and translators, shaped the characteristics of its publications, and how the notion of 'useful knowledge' conveyed by them was deployed in the service of both commercial and educational concerns. The hitherto unexplored mechanisms of book import, distribution, wholesale and retailing in Spanish America in the 1820s are also analysed as is the way in which the significance of the knowledge transmitted by those books shifted in the course of their production and distribution. The author examines how the question-and-answer form of Ackermann's textbooks constrained both publishers and writers and oriented their readers' relation with the texts. She then looks at the various ways in which foreign knowledge was appropriated in the construction of individual, social, national, and continental identities; this is done through the study of a number of individual reading experiences and through the analysis of the editions and adaptations of Ackermann's textbooks during the nineteenth century.