Body States Interpersonal And Relational Perspectives On The Treatment Of Eating Disorders

Author: Jean Petrucelli
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131763537X
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Body States Interpersonal And Relational Perspectives On The Treatment Of Eating Disorders from the Author: Jean Petrucelli. In this edited volume, Jean Petrucelli brings together the work of talented clinicians and researchers steeped in working with eating disordered patients for the past 10 to 35 years. Eating disorders are about body-states and their relational meanings. The split of mindbody functioning is enacted in many arenas in the eating disordered patient’s life. Concretely, a patient believes that disciplining or controlling his or her body is a means to psychic equilibrium and interpersonal effectiveness. The collected papers in Body-States: Interpersonal and Relational Perspectives on the Treatment of Eating Disorders elaborates the essential role of linking symptoms with their emotional and interpersonal meanings in the context of the therapy relationship so that eating disordered patients can find their way out and survive the unbearable. The contributors bridge the gaps in varied protocols for recovery, illustrating that, at its core, trust in the reliability of the humanness of the other is necessary for patients to develop, regain, or have - for the first time - a stable body. They illustrate how embodied experience must be cultivated in the patient/therapist relationship as a felt experience so patients can experience their bodies as their own, to be lived in and enjoyed, rather than as an ‘other’ to be managed. In this collection Petrucelli convincingly demonstrates how interpersonal and relational treatments address eating problems, body image and "problems in living." Body States: Interpersonal and Relational Perspectives on the Treatment of Eating Disorders will be essential reading for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and a wide range of professionals and lay readers who are interested in the topic and treatment of eating disorders.

The Anorexic Mind

Author: Marilyn Lawrence
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 1780494106
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The Anorexic Mind from the Author: Marilyn Lawrence. Eating disorders vary in severity from developmental difficulties in adolescence which may be transitory, to serious and chronic mental illnesses. The Anorexic Mind offers a coherent approach to these difficult and demanding problems, always underlining the point that while many of the manifestations are physical, eating disorders have their origins as well as their solutions, in the mind. While anorexia nervosa may be considered the central syndrome in eating disorders, this book also considers how it links and differs from bulimia nervosa, the more common, related disorder. In the process of the research on anorexia and bulimia, valuable insights have been gained into the very common problem of overeating.The author takes a developmental approach to eating disorders, and is very aware of the continuities between infantile, adolescent and adult experience. Our earliest relationship is a feeding relationship and feeding difficulties early in life are not rare. The view taken in The Anorexic Mind is that feeding difficulties indicate and reflect relationship difficulties whether they occur in infancy, adolescence or adulthood. Most eating disorders apparently begin at adolescence, though if a careful history can be obtained, it is often clear that there have been relationship difficulties at earlier stages of development.If eating disorders are understood as reflections of relationship difficulties, the author believes that they are best treated within a therapeutic relationship. Examples are given of treatment by formal psychotherapy or psychoanalysis where early difficulties become visible and treatable within the transference relationship to the therapist. The most serious cases of anorexia and bulimia nervosa are treated within institutional settings, and many patients have a number of long admissions.Part of the Tavistock Clinic Series.


Author: Jean Petrucelli
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 9781855754355
Size: 80.93 MB
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Longing from the Author: Jean Petrucelli. Throughout this thoughtful collection. the reader ponders a series of questions about desire and longing. How, in the complex and sophisticated world of abundance, can one simply know what one wants and then hold on to it? Once known, the ability to fulfill desire remains problematic, as psychological impediments prevents us from living as fully as we might. If we overcome these, can longing even be satisfied? On making a choice, do we mourn the not chosen? Can a desire be fully actualized or does it change its shape and meaning in the process of desiring itself? This book is designed to highlight various aspects of desire, the light and the dark, the igniting and the extinguishing. The contributors explore the scope of desire as it is discovered, relished, quashed, inhibited, or realized. Throughout there is a dialogue between interpersonal psychoanalytic theory and aspects of culture that are, or have been, taboo, cutting edge, or mundane. Also presented are fresh clinical perspectives on a diverse range of daily problems in living and struggles with desire. This book will appeal to psychoanalysts, academics, students, and a general readership.

Knowing Not Knowing And Sort Of Knowing

Author: Jean Petrucelli
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 1780492782
Size: 39.62 MB
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Knowing Not Knowing And Sort Of Knowing from the Author: Jean Petrucelli. A contemporary, wide-ranging exploration of one of the most provocative topics currently under psychoanalytic investigation: the relationship of dissociation to varieties of knowing and unknowing. The twenty-eight essays collected here invite readers to reflect upon the ways the mind is structured around and through knowing, not-knowing, and sort-of-knowing or uncertainty.The authors explore the ramifications of being up against the limits of what they can know as through their clinical practice, and theoretical considerations, they simultaneously attempt to open up psychic and physical experience. How, they ask, do we tolerate ambiguity and blind spots as we try to know? And how do we make all of this useful to our patients and ourselves?The authors approach these and similar epistemological questions through an impressively wide variety of clinical dilemmas (e.g., the impact of new technologies upon the analytic dyad) and theoretical specialties (e.g., neurobiology). Some of the numerous issues under examination here include important and, in some instances, under-theorized topics in psychoanalysis such as uncanny communication as the next frontier of intersubjectivity, secrets, criminal violence, the relationship of the body to knowing, disclosure of the analyst's joy, dissociative identity disorder, pornography and sex workers.

Food For Thought

Author: Nina Savelle-Rocklin
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 9781442246003
Size: 45.75 MB
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Food For Thought from the Author: Nina Savelle-Rocklin. Food for Thought offers fresh psychoanalytic insights into treating clients with eating disorders. In lively and jargon-free language, Nina Savelle-Rocklin breaks down the psychoanalytic approach to give practitioners and general readers alike a deeper understanding of the theory and effective treatment of eating disorders. Those living with eating disorders often use food to express their inner feelings, and Savelle-Rocklin illustrates the importance of the therapeutic relationship in uncovering the nature of these internal emotions, and formulating them into words. Through an intensive and mutual process, clients can begin to understand the language of the eating disorder, identify and work through its underlying conflicts, ultimately eliminating symptoms, relieving distress, and transforming the way they relate to themselves and others. Thoughtful and highly engaging, Food for Thought provides invaluable methods for practitioners treating patients with eating disorders to achieve lasting change and true healing.

Hungers And Compulsions

Author: Jean Petrucelli
Publisher: Jason Aronson
ISBN: 9780765703187
Size: 45.59 MB
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Hungers And Compulsions from the Author: Jean Petrucelli. This book will help therapists understand and treat patients suffering from mild to dangerous forms of eating disorders as well as other compulsions and addictions, such as alcoholism and erotic attachments. The chapters help therapists think creatively about these types of patients, and to see the effects of treatment. The problems that arise in therapy are explored in essays about dissociation, self-regulation, self-destructive behavior, enactment, and other clinical issues.

The Treatment Of Eating Disorders

Author: Carlos M. Grilo
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1462509126
Size: 57.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Treatment Of Eating Disorders from the Author: Carlos M. Grilo. Eminently practical and authoritative, this comprehensive clinical handbook brings together leading international experts on eating disorders to describe the most effective treatments and how to implement them. Coverage encompasses psychosocial, family-based, medical, and nutritional therapies for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge-eating disorder, and other eating disorders and disturbances. Especially noteworthy are "mini-manuals" that present the nuts and bolts of 11 of the treatment approaches, complete with reproducible handouts and forms. The volume also provides an overview of assessment, treatment planning, and medical management issues. Special topics include psychiatric comorbidities, involuntary treatment, support for caregivers, childhood eating disorders, and new directions in treatment research and evaluation.

Nutrition Counseling In The Treatment Of Eating Disorders

Author: Marcia Herrin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113520182X
Size: 71.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Nutrition Counseling In The Treatment Of Eating Disorders from the Author: Marcia Herrin. Marcia Herrin and Maria Larkin have collaborated on the second edition of Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders, infusing research-based approaches and their own clinically-refined tools for managing food and weight-related issues. New to this edition is a section on nutrition counseling interventions derived from cognitive behavioral therapy-enhanced, dialectical behavioral therapy, family-based treatment, and motivational interviewing techniques. Readers will appreciate the state of the art nutrition and weight assessment guidelines, the practical clinical techniques for managing bingeing, purging, excessive exercise, and weight restoration as well as the unique food planning approach developed by the authors. As a comprehensive overview of food and weight-related treatments, this book is an indispensible resource for nutrition counselors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, and primary care providers.

Unknowable Unspeakable And Unsprung

Author: Jean Petrucelli
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1134973160
Size: 36.63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Unknowable Unspeakable And Unsprung from the Author: Jean Petrucelli. Unknowable, Unspeakable, and Unsprung delves into the mysteries of scandalous behavior- behavior that can seem shocking, unfathomable, or self-destructive - that is outrageous and offensive on the one hand, yet fascinating and exciting on the other. In the process, this anthology asks fundamental questions about the self: what the self is allowed to be and do, what must be disallowed, and what remains unknown. Clinicians strive to know their patients’ selves, and their own, as fully as possible, while also facing the inevitable riddles these selves present. Covering topics ranging from trauma, politics, the analyst’s subjectivity, and eating disorders and the body, to self-revelation, secrets, evil, and boundary issues, a distinguished group of authors bring the theory, practice, and application of contemporary psychoanalysis to life. In doing so, they use psychoanalytic perspectives not only to illuminate struggles that afflict patients seeking treatment, but to shed light, more broadly, on contemporary human dilemmas. This collection offers not a unified voice, but rather the sound of many, each in its own way trying to articulate the indescribable, the unwanted, and the off limits. It is a book that raises more questions than can be answered, complicates as much as clarifies, and contains the essential paradox of trying to talk about aspects of clinical and human experience that can never be fully seen or known. Unknowable, Unspeakable, and Unsprung offers invaluable reading to interested mental health professionals as well as to anyone intrigued by the secrets of the self.

Real World Recovery

Author: Rebekah Hennes
ISBN: 0557038901
Size: 51.63 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Real World Recovery from the Author: Rebekah Hennes. An Intuitive Food Program Curriculum for the Treatment of Eating Disorders.