The Blood Of Avalon The Secret History Of The Grail Dynasty From King Arthur To Prince William

Author: Adrian Gilbert
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
ISBN: 1780286287
Size: 31.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Blood Of Avalon The Secret History Of The Grail Dynasty From King Arthur To Prince William from the Author: Adrian Gilbert. In this extraordinary book, Adrian Gilbert reveals the location of not just the true 'Avalon' or 'Glastonbury' but of many other sites crucial to the legend of the Holy Grail and King Arthur. He shows how the core teachings of Christianity were kept secret by a dynasty of Welsh kings and saints and later (after the Norman invasions) by their surviving descendants. For centuries this remnant of the Brittano-Welsh nobility, still living in 'Avalon', kept alive a hope: they prayed that one day a new Arthur, one with the holy blood of the family of Mary flowing in his veins, would sit once more on the throne of Britain. Extraordinary as it may seem, this hope may soon be realised - for through the late Diana, Princess of Wales, our own Prince William, whose middle name is indeed Arthur, is so descended.

Avalon Revisited

Author: O.M. Grey
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC
ISBN: 1626010072
Size: 62.11 MB
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Avalon Revisited from the Author: O.M. Grey. Arthur Tudor has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery. Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalon, an aspiring vampire slayer who sparks fire into Arthur's shriveled heart. Together they try to solve the mystery of several horrendous murders on the dark streets of London. Cultures clash and pressures rise in this very steamy tale. "...a delightful combination of historical fiction, romance and steampunk..." "From its opening scene until the final page, this intriguing novel engages the reader’s interest…witty dialogue, historical authenticity, and mystery result in a highly entertaining novel" ~Bitten by Books “Fans of Gail Carriger will LOVE Avalon Revisited...Pick it up- it’s a great read!” ~ Old Towne Books & Tea


Author: Dion Fortune
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578631575
Size: 77.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Glastonbury from the Author: Dion Fortune. A description of Glastonbury that remains one of the most evocative and poignant accounts of this wild yet holy place; a power center polarizing with distant Jerusalem and linking and harmonizing the Christian way with the primeval and pagan past of England.


Author: Chelsea Fine
Publisher: Acacia Publishing
ISBN: 9781935089490
Size: 78.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Anew from the Author: Chelsea Fine. After losing her memory and waking up alone in a forest, Scarlet finds herself drawn to two brothers who believe she is cursed.

The Mists Of Avalon

Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345448162
Size: 64.70 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Mists Of Avalon from the Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley. In Marion Zimmer Bradley's masterpiece, we see the tumult and adventures of Camelot's court through the eyes of the women who bolstered the king's rise and schemed for his fall. From their childhoods through the ultimate fulfillment of their destinies, we follow these women and the diverse cast of characters that surrounds them as the great Arthurian epic unfolds stunningly before us. As Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar struggle for control over the fate of Arthur's kingdom, as the Knights of the Round Table take on their infamous quest, as Merlin and Viviane wield their magics for the future of Old Britain, the Isle of Avalon slips further into the impenetrable mists of memory, until the fissure between old and new worlds' and old and new religions' claims its most famous victim.

The Mists Of Avalon

Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575113863
Size: 79.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Mists Of Avalon from the Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley. Morgaine, gifted with the Sight and fated with her brother-lover's doom, recounts the glorious tragedy of Camelot's brief flowering - not as a tale of knightly deeds, but as a woman's rounded view of society in the crucible of change. Through the lives of pious Guinevere, ambitious Morgouse, austere Viviane and her successor as Lady of the Lake, Morgaine herself, this rich and haunting epic reveals a greater threat to the idyll than the Saxons. For the spread of patriarchal Roman ways and a narrow Christianity seem likely to alienate the Old People, and drive the ancient worship of the Mother forever into the mists...

Avalon Web Of Magic Book 2

Author: Rachel Roberts
Publisher: Seven Seas
ISBN: 9781933164670
Size: 51.11 MB
Format: PDF
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Avalon Web Of Magic Book 2 from the Author: Rachel Roberts. Emily and Adriane each have one thing Kara lacks—a magic gem. But when Kara finally finds a magic stone of her own—a diamond unicorn horn—it brings more trouble than the girls can handle. Pesky dragonflies start showing up everywhere and new Fairimentals appear, warning of danger. Worst of all, a band of terrifying monsters is stalking Kara. Overcoming these perils may bring the teens one step closer to Avalon, the source of all magic. But it may also cost one of them her life. All That Glitters is the second book in Avalon: Web of Magic, a twelve-book fantasy series by Rachel Roberts for middle grade readers. Through their magical journey, the teenage heroines discover who they really are . . . and run into plenty of good guys, bad guys, and cute guys.

The Labyrinth Of The Grail

Author: William F. Mann
Publisher: Laughing Owl Pub Incorporated
Size: 59.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Labyrinth Of The Grail from the Author: William F. Mann. Canadian urban designer Mann puts his personal investigations of art history and mythology into a narrative that stretches from the crucifixion to the 20th century and from the Holy Land to Nova Scotia. He draws from studies of Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, Grail legends, the Kabala, classical mythology, and sacred geometry. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Blood Sex Malory

Author: David Clark
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1843842815
Size: 41.84 MB
Format: PDF
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Blood Sex Malory from the Author: David Clark. Arthurian Literature has established its position as the home for a great diversity of new research into Arthurian matters. It delivers fascinating material across genres, periods, and theoretical issues. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT