Biotechnology Special Microbial Processes

Author: Hans-J?rgen Rehm
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
ISBN: 9783527260935
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Biotechnology Special Microbial Processes from the Author: Hans-J?rgen Rehm. The 25 chapters in this volume describe various fermentations and biotechnological processes which did not fit readily into preceding volumes. Among the topics are many that document the opening of new fields: coal in biotechnology, poly-?-hydroxy- butyric acid, biotechnological photosynthesis, accumulation and leaching of metals, microbial processing of tobacco, flax and leather, and future perspectives of biotechnology in space. Written by specialists from leading industrial countries who make their knowledge and expertise available to the reader, the contributions are highly applications oriented, thus following the basic principle of this series. They form at the same time a handy reference for everyone already working in the field. Together with the other volumes in the series they help to get a clearer understanding of the entire field of biotechnology.

Biotechnology Special Processes

Author: Hans-Jürgen Rehm
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Biotechnology Special Processes from the Author: Hans-Jürgen Rehm. Microbial fundamentals. Fundamental of biochemical engineering. Biomass, microorganisms for special applications,microbial products I, energy from renewable resources. microbial products II. Food and seed production with microorganisms. Microbial transformations. Special microbial processes. Enzymes in biotechnology. Gene technology. Microbial degradations.

Bioreactor System Design

Author: Juan A. Asenjo
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824790028
Size: 43.48 MB
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Bioreactor System Design from the Author: Juan A. Asenjo. Describes the state-of-the-art techniques and methods involved in the design, operation, preparation and containment of bioreactor systems, taking into account the interrelated effects of variables associated with both upstream and downstream stages of the design process. The importance of the initial steps in the development of a bioprocess, such as strain and media selection, that have an overwhelming influence on all further operations, is emphasized.;This work is intended for biochemical, chemical and bioprocess engineers; biotechnologists; industrial biochemists; micro- and molecular biologists; food scientists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


Author: Keshav Trehan
Publisher: New Age International
ISBN: 9788122401295
Size: 21.75 MB
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Biotechnology from the Author: Keshav Trehan. Biotechnology, Besides A Traditional Discipline, Is Developing Fast Because Of Realization Of Its Importance In Industry, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Concerns, Public Health, Geological Explorations, Bioenergetics And As A Mean To Exploit New Sources Of Energy Useful For Various Purposes. Consequently, Nations Are Striving Hard To Merge The Biotechnological Operation Into National Development, Building Hardcore Economies And In Seeking Strategies For International Cooperation And Ties. The Present Text Has Been Designed To Outline The Basic And Fundamental Aspects Of Biotechnology To Be Understood In Its Right Perspective. It Envisages To Put Forward A Clear Understanding Of What Is Biotechnology And Its Widening Horizons. The Book Could Be Used As A Fundamental Text By Various Honours And Post-Graduate Students Of Life Sciences Including Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry And Also By Newly Developed Interdisciplinary Programme And Departments Of Biotechnology And Bioengineering. Finally This Book Should Prove To Be Helpful To A Nonprofessional And Amateur To Develop Scientific Cult And Temper In The Background Of Popular Science And Social Needs.

Biotechnology Of Algae

Author: Virginia Stone
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 0788105876
Size: 45.76 MB
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Biotechnology Of Algae from the Author: Virginia Stone. A selected bibliography of research and product development using genetic engineering and molecular biology techniques and species of fresh water and marine algae. Chapters: culture, gene expression and sequencing studies, products and product development, and bioremediation using algae. The 167 citations represent research that was selected for its creativity, innovation, and timeliness. Extended abstract with each citation.

Microbial Processes And Products

Author: José-Luis Barredo
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1592598471
Size: 50.34 MB
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Microbial Processes And Products from the Author: José-Luis Barredo. The development of recombinant DNA techniques over the last 20 years has greatly expanded the opportunities for using microorganisms to produce a broad range of valuable substances. In Microbial Processes and Products, outstanding leaders in using microorganisms as cell factories describe in detail their best laboratory procedures for many processes and products mediated by microorganisms. An overview chapter describes how to develop strain improvement programs and strategies to optimize fermentation processes. Taking advantage of the most recent developments in such processes, the authors offer step-by-step experimental methods for the optimal design of microbial metabolite production, including semisynthetic derivatives of cephalosporins, erythromycin, antitumor compounds, plasmids for gene therapy and DNA vaccination, L-lysine, vitamins B2 and B12, the sweet-tasting protein thaumatin, the carotenoids b-carotene and astaxanthin, the polysaccharide gellan, and bacteria-producing bacteria for sausage fermentation. Additionally, the use of phenylacetyl-CoA catabolon for enzymatic synthesis of penicillins, aromatic biotransformations, synthesis of new bioplastics, biosensor design, or synthesis of drug vehicles, and the development of a phosphate encoding gene as a reporter and to monitor gene expression are illustrated. The diverse chemicals and biochemicals produced can be used in human health, nutrition, and environmental protection. Additional chapters offer techniques for analysis of antimicrobial metabolites and carotenoids, volatile sulfur compounds, metabolic pathway fluxes, gene expression arrays, proteome analysis, bacterial modulation of the innate immune response, bioleaching activity, and heavy metal remediation. Finally, three overview chapters on transport of biological material, deposit of biological material for patent purposes, and protection of biotechnological inventions are shown. The protocols follow the successful Methods in Biotechnology series format, each offering step-by-step laboratory instructions, an introduction outlining the principle behind the technique, lists of the necessary equipment and reagents, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. A companion volume, Microbial Enzymes and Biotransformations, describes in detail cutting-edge techniques for the screening, evolution, production, immobilization, and use of enzymes. Wide-ranging and practical, Microbial Processes and Products offers laboratory and industrial scientists a wealth of readily reproducible techniques for the successful microbial generation of biochemical products to serve the needs of human health, nutrition, and environmental protection.

Biotechnology Of Yeasts And Filamentous Fungi

Author: Andriy A. Sibirny
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 331958829X
Size: 50.81 MB
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Biotechnology Of Yeasts And Filamentous Fungi from the Author: Andriy A. Sibirny. This book provides a comprehensive overview on biotechnological applications of unicellular and multicellular fungi in a variety of industrial branches. Targeted genetic and metabolic engineering of fungi allows production of native and transgenic enzymes and proteins in industrial scales. Those most prominently find application in biorefineries for the production of value-added chemicals and biofuels, in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in biomedicine. Each chapter is dedicated to applications and potential beneficial use of particular strains of yeasts and filamentous fungi and their produced biomolecules. The book targets researchers from both academia and industry and graduate students working in microbial biotechnology.

Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies

Author: V. Sivasubramanian
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351978845
Size: 53.18 MB
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Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies from the Author: V. Sivasubramanian. Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies explains the role of green engineering and social responsibility in the development of chemicals, processes, products, and systems. Examining the relationship between economy, ecology, and equality—key factors in developing a sustainable society—this book covers several aspects of environmental sustainability, explores ways to use resources and processes more responsibly, and describes the tools required to overcome various challenges. It outlines the biotechnological applications, techniques, and processes needed to secure sustainable development and ensure long-lasting future success. Insightful and highly comprehensive, this body of work addresses: Wastewater treatment technologies Nanomaterials in environmental applications Green synthesis of ecofriendly nanoparticles The role of phytoremediation in maintaining environmental sustainability Algal biosorption of heavy metals Mass production of microalgae for industrial applications Integrated biological system for the treatment of sulfate rich wastewater Anaerobic digestion of pharmaceutical effluent Treatment of textile dye using bioaccumulation techniques Production of biosurfactants and their applications in bioremediation Biodegradable polymers Microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology Biodiesel from nonedible oil using a packed bed membrane reactor Production of ecofriendly biodiesel from marine sources Pretreatment techniques for the enhancement of biogas production A review of source apportionment of air pollutants by receptor models and more Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies provides excellent reference material that aids and supports sustainability, and offers practical guidance for professors, research scholars, industrialists, biotechnologists, and workers in the applied field of environmental engineering.

Biosorbents For Metal Ions

Author: D A John Wase
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203483049
Size: 59.73 MB
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Biosorbents For Metal Ions from the Author: D A John Wase. Metals can be dispersed, both naturally and by man's activities, into any of the Earth's elements - soil, water or air. Biological techniques for removing metal pollutants from soil, air or water are now attracting great interest, both because they are seen as more environmentally friendly than chemical treatments, and because, in some cases at least, they can be considerably cheaper. This text looks chiefly at the ways in which metal ions can be removed from the aquatic environment and looks at the various techniques available, including the use of fungi, algae, peat, compost and bacteria.

Health Impacts Of Large Releases Of Radionuclides

Author: CIBA Foundation Symposium
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470515279
Size: 62.67 MB
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Health Impacts Of Large Releases Of Radionuclides from the Author: CIBA Foundation Symposium. This up-to-the-minute account examines how radionuclides affect human health. It explores how radionuclides travel through various food chains and how they are transported throughout the terrestrial and aquatic environments.