Author: Joyce Y. Wong
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439872511
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Biomaterials from the Author: Joyce Y. Wong. Most current applications of biomaterials involve structural functions, even in those organs and systems that are not primarily structural in their nature, or very simple chemical or electrical functions. Complex chemical functions, such as those of the liver, and complex electrical or electrochemical functions, such as those of the brain and sense organs, cannot be carried out by biomaterials at this time. With these basic concepts in mind, Biomaterials: Principles and Practices focuses on biomaterials consisting of different materials such as metallic, ceramic, polymeric, and composite. It highlights the impact of recent advances in the area of nano- and microtechnology on biomaterial design. Discusses the biocompatibility of metallic implants and corrosion in an in vivo environment Provides a general overview of the relatively bioinert, bioactive or surface-reactive ceramics, and biodegradable or resorbable bioceramics Reviews the basic chemical and physical properties of synthetic polymers, the sterilization of the polymeric biomaterials, the importance of the surface treatment for improving biocompatibility, and the application of the chemogradient surface for the study on cell-to-polymer interactions Covers the fundamentals of composite materials and their applications in biomaterials Highlights commercially significant and successful biomedical biodegradable polymers Examines failure modes of different types of implants based on material, location, and function in the body The book discusses the role of biomaterials as governed by the interaction between the material and the body, specifically, the effect of the body environment on the material and the effect of the material on the body.

An Introduction To Biomaterials Second Edition

Author: Jeffrey O. Hollinger
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 143981256X
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An Introduction To Biomaterials Second Edition from the Author: Jeffrey O. Hollinger. A practical road map to the key families of biomaterials and their potential applications in clinical therapeutics, Introduction to Biomaterials, Second Edition follows the entire path of development from theory to lab to practical application. It highlights new biocompatibility issues, metrics, and statistics as well as new legislation for intellectual property. Divided into four sections (Biology, Biomechanics, Biomaterials Interactions; Biomaterials Testing, Statistics, Regulatory Considerations, Intellectual Property; Biomaterials Compositions; and Biomaterials Applications), this dramatically revised edition includes both new and revised chapters on cells, tissues, and signaling molecules in wound healing cascades, as well as two revised chapters on standardized materials testing with in vitro and in vivo paradigms consistent with regulatory guidelines. Emphasizing biocompatibility at the biomaterial-host interface, it investigates cell-cell interactions, cell-signaling and the inflammatory and complement cascades, specific interactions of protein-adsorbed materials, and other inherent biological constraints including solid-liquid interfaces, diffusion, and protein types. Unique in its inclusion of the practicalities of biomaterials as an industry, the book also covers the basic principles of statistics, new U.S. FDA information on the biomaterials-biology issues relevant to patent applications, and considerations of intellectual property and patent disclosure. With nine completely new chapters and 24 chapters extensively updated and revised with new accomplishments and contemporary data, this comprehensive introduction discusses 13 important classes of biomaterials, their fundamental and applied research, practical applications, performance properties, synthesis and testing, potential future applications, and commonly matched clinical applications. The authors include extensive references, to create a comprehensive, yet manageable didactic work that is an invaluable desk references and instructional text for undergraduates and working professionals alike.


Author: J. Park
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1468434233
Size: 56.34 MB
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Biomaterials from the Author: J. Park. This book is written for students who want a working knowledge in the field of implant materials. Obviously, the interdisciplinary nature of this subject has been a major obstacle in writing a book of this nature. In writing this book, I have attempted to cover both biological and nonbiological (man-made) materials for obvious reasons. Hence, this book can be divided into three parts-man-made materials, biological materials, and implant materials. The fundamental structure-property relationship is dealt with in the beginning, followed by the biological materials. Implant materials or biomaterials as such are not greatly different from other man-made materials. Therefore, their acceptability in the body is emphasized. In addition, the reasons for a particular implant design and its material selection have been given special attention. An effort is made to convert all the units into SI units although one or 10 two exceptions are made such as A (= 10- m). Also some abbreviations such as vlo (volume %) and wlo (weight %) are used for brevity. To cover the wide range of subjects dealt with in this book, I have used countless original and review articles as well as my own research proposals. A conscientious effort has been made to give credit to the original sources. Credit is given in the captions ofthe illustrations. For the occasional oversight of some tables and figures which could not be traced, the author offers his apologies.


Author: Jozef A. Helsen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642125324
Size: 64.90 MB
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Biomaterials from the Author: Jozef A. Helsen. Replacement of a failing hip joint or other defective organs in the human body by artificial ‘spare parts’ has significantly improved our quality of life. These spare parts have to meet a wide spectrum of mechanical, chemical and design requirements. In this book, the properties and selection of materials for such `spare parts’ are deduced from case studies at the start of each chapter. Hard tissue replacements (joints, long bones, dental), soft tissue (heart valves) and tissue engineering are included. The chapters also detail the three generic classes of materials: alloys (including shape memory alloys), ceramics & glasses and polymers. Separate chapters are devoted to the toxicity of implants, the metals zirconium(-zirconium oxide), tantalum, niobium and metallic glasses, soluble metals and Rapid Prototyping techniques for the fabrication of custom made prostheses. The book concludes by a chapter on water as water is always ‘there’ and conditions the interaction between body and implant. Water is the very matrix of life on earth. A peculiarity of the book is its ‘perspective view’, meaning that the authors looked behind the present biomaterials’ décor and included historical backgrounds (real and mythological), future developments, and the relation to nature (plants and geology).

Biomaterials Research Advances

Author: Jason B. Kendall
Publisher: Nova Publishers
ISBN: 9781600218927
Size: 79.44 MB
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Biomaterials Research Advances from the Author: Jason B. Kendall. Biomaterials serve as synthetic or natural materials used to replace parts of living systems or to function contact with living tissue. Biomaterials are intended to interface with biological systems to evaluate, treat, augment or replace any tissue, organ or function of the body. A biomaterial is different from a biological material such as bone that is produced by a biological system. Artificial hips, vascular-stents, artificial pacemakers, and catheters are all made from different biomaterials and comprise different medical devices. This book presents new approaches to biomaterial development including multi-field bone remodelling, novel strategies for conferring antibacterial properties to bone cement, polyacrylonitrile-based biomaterials for enzyme immobilisation and functionalised magnetic nanoparticles for tissue engineering from around the globe.

The Williams Dictionary Of Biomaterials

Author: David Franklyn Williams
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
ISBN: 0853237344
Size: 54.47 MB
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The Williams Dictionary Of Biomaterials from the Author: David Franklyn Williams. There has been a rapid expansion of activity in the area of biomaterials and related medical devices, both in scientific terms and in clinical and commercial applications. The definition of terms has failed to keep pace with the rapidity of these developments and there is considerable confusion over the terminology used in this highly multi- and inter-disciplinary area. This confusion has arisen partly from the use of inappropriate terms which already have well-defined meanings in their parent disciplines, but which are used inexpertly by those working in other disciplines, and partly from the haphazard generation of new terms for the purpose of defining new phenomena or devices. For example, many terms used in pathology with distinct, if not readily understood, meanings are used by materials scientists to describe biocompatibility phenomena with slightly changed or even wholly misrepresented meanings; similarly, terms from materials science and engineering are seriously misused by biologists and clinicians working in this field. The leading proponent of harmonization and clarity in medical device terminology, Professor D. F. Williams has been influential in setting the standard for the accurate definition of some of the terms used. In particular, the definition of biocompatibility, ‘the Williams definition’, agreed at a 1987 conference has been adopted worldwide. Now, in association with O’Donnell and Associates of Brussels, he has prepared The Williams Dictionary to provide a definitive exposition of the meaning of the terminology used in the area of biomaterials and medical devices. It includes definitions and explanations of more than 2,000 terms from many areas, including biomaterials and medical devices, materials science, biological sciences, and clinical medicine and surgery.


Author: Joon B. Park
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1420040030
Size: 37.68 MB
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Biomaterials from the Author: Joon B. Park. Biomaterials: Principles and Applications offers a comprehensive review of all the major biomaterials in this rapidly growing field. In recent years, the role of biomaterials has been influenced considerably by advances in many areas of biotechnology and science, as well as advances in surgical techniques and instruments. Comprising chapters contributed by a panel of international experts, this text provides a familiarity with the uses of materials in medicine and dentistry and the rational basis for these applications. It covers such subjects as biodegradable polymeric materials and their relation to tissue engineering, biologic materials, and biomaterials applications in soft and hard tissues. Nearly one hundred figures and tables further add to the value of this book. Concise, topical, and not overly technical — no other book covers the entire field of biomaterials so succinctly in one volume.

Biomaterials Science

Author: Buddy D. Ratner
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 008087780X
Size: 75.90 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Biomaterials Science from the Author: Buddy D. Ratner. The revised edition of this renowned and bestselling title is the most comprehensive single text on all aspects of biomaterials science. It provides a balanced, insightful approach to both the learning of the science and technology of biomaterials and acts as the key reference for practitioners who are involved in the applications of materials in medicine. Over 29,000 copies sold, this is the most comprehensive coverage of principles and applications of all classes of biomaterials: "the only such text that currently covers this area comprehensively" - Materials Today Edited by four of the best-known figures in the biomaterials field today; fully endorsed and supported by the Society for Biomaterials Fully revised and expanded, key new topics include of tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, and new clinical applications, with new teaching and learning material throughout, case studies and a downloadable image bank

Biomimetic Approaches For Biomaterials Development

Author: Joao F. Mano
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527652299
Size: 66.44 MB
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Biomimetic Approaches For Biomaterials Development from the Author: Joao F. Mano. Biomimetics, in general terms, aims at understanding biological principles and applying them for the development of man-made tools and technologies. This approach is particularly important for the purposeful design of passive as well as functional biomaterials that mimic physicochemical, mechanical and biological properties of natural materials, making them suitable, for example, for biomedical devices or as scaffolds for tissue regeneration. The book comprehensively covers biomimetic approaches to the development of biomaterials, including: an overview of naturally occurring or nature inspired biomaterials; an in-depth treatment of the surface aspects pivotal for the functionality; synthesis and self-assembly methods to prepare devices to be used in mineralized tissues such as bone and teeth; and preparation of biomaterials for the controlled/ sustained release of bioactive agents. The last part reviews the applications of bioinspired materials and principles of design in regenerative medicine such as in-situ grown bone or cartilage as well as the biomimetic techniques for soft tissue engineering. The comprehensive scope of this book makes it a must-have addition to the bookshelf of everyone in the fields of Materials Science/Engineering, Nanotechnologies / Nanosciences, Medical Sciences, Biochemistry, Polymer Chemistry, and Biomedical Engineering.


Author: Sujata V. Bhat
Publisher: Alpha Science International Limited
ISBN: 9781842652077
Size: 23.36 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Biomaterials from the Author: Sujata V. Bhat. "This book is written for those who would like to advance their knowledge of biomaterials. The subject matter of the book is divided into twelve chapters dealing with structure and relationship of biological and man made biomaterials. The application of these materials for various medical devices and recent developments in tissue engineering has also been covered."--BOOK JACKET.